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  1. Before Bakker went to prison, did you know that this crook guy was one of his pilots? He "blows the wind of god" on your opinion! Rosholt will always be punchable-est
  2. Probably because he had the most smug, punchable face of all time. Says a lot considering teammates Johny & Johnny are #1B and 1C in the same category.
  3. I gave my criteria across 100-ish words so not sure what more I can provide? Like I said, it’s an opinionated answer that each person will have a different criteria and quantification + qualification to come to their decision.
  4. I do from personal and existential experience. I have a hunch he is an all-around top 6. Gunto my head: Smith, Carl, Cunningham, Terry, Ryan, and Bormet. I have a real tough time picking 2 of 3 between Terry, Tom, and Ryan but I know that this is a completely opinionated ideology and a hundred people will have a hundred different answers. I guess my thought at a quick snapshot is how the coach can combine college recruiting, college technique, business mentality, pipeline, endured success at top college level, senior technique, senior success, and consistently pumping out senior reps + medalists. So I put a lot of weight for a guy like Kolat who can keep a low-end D1 afloat, and at the same time a guy like Ryan who can energize donors like nobody else, and a guy like Terry who can mold good high schoolers into AAs and champs plus world medalists. I think Mark Perry is on the shortlist to be on this list. Taylor will also be there within a decade. I already included Bormet, who I believe will end up as the senior coach one day sooner than later. I also think, and this is nothing more than a thought, that Cox and Snyder will both be great senior coaches one day for the US or another country who would waste their talent at the NCAA level.
  5. And Cunningham is one of the top 5 coaches in the US regardless of title don't @ me
  6. Taylor's entire tourney was nothing short of Awesome with a capital a. He's a fantastic example of why you wrestle hard all 6 minutes and it does not matter whether you are up or down on the scoreboard.
  7. To think that US wrestlers are a pristine, noble group that has not and does not dope is laughable at best.
  8. Is Gadson taking a page out of the Magic Man playbook and packing on thirty pounds to earn that elusive world medal?
  9. That's because we are too busy talking about Nickal ducking him, Cox's accolades being as important as Streebler's jv trophy due to weight class, and PD3 launching Taylor onto his head. There is only so much time in a day to fit in more than those hot topics.
  10. Yeah but the whole point of the move is that NLWC is not just another RTC - it has the look and feel of a de facto OTC-east with w world class coaching staff and roster. To say that someone who is quite possibly the best in the world, and at worst on his worst day would still be 5th in the world (Sad, Sharifov, Mohamnidian, Cox in your assumption) does not scream afterthought. But hey whatever you do you man...
  11. Sorry to disappoint everyone with high school practice results from 15 years ago
  12. Hernandez and Jose Escobedo also. He was 4th in a strong room.
  13. Routinely got beat up in his own high school room. The undefeated Indiana record led to being overhyped but this wasn’t a huge surprise to anyone wrestling at the time.
  14. Definitely trying to start the clock as soon as they can. Absolute worst case scenario is significant delays again in 2021 which leads to missing winter olympics $
  15. Amine > Downey, but it would be a rough first period before PD3’s self-noted Backwoods lungs gave out
  16. Well sure but then imagine if Cox wrestled that match like it was best of 1 instead of best of 3. Look mom I can draw straws too!
  17. On one sequence? Not often. Less often than than I see DT apologists that's for sure. Obviously both competitors moved on, we should as well.
  18. Just for kicks and giggles because the What If Expres is runnig full steam ahead I have wondered the past couple years a certain hypothetical. If 79 was a weight class at worlds 2015 worlds to present, I wonder if Taylor would have fully committed to 86 or if he would have hovered near 74 a la Dake. And if he did stay smaller then I wonder if he would have made any world teams including 2018 when he probably would have been smaller and not at his current level at or near the top of the world at his current 86 weight class. Couldn't beat JB at 74; couldn't beat Dake at 74 or 86, so it's fair to assume the same would be true at 79; couldn't beat Cox at 86. It's an embarrassment of riches to think that a world champion may have only been the 4th best, and certainly not a slight against Taylor but instead a testament to just how great the other three are.
  19. idk i think the Unattached Ass. has a chance to keep it to 50 points
  20. They don't stop matches to wipe down. Honestly when is the last time you saw that happen? I am not being rhetorical when I ask: can you please share video of a senior level match being stopped for a competitor to be wiped down and in turn I will eat crow. Carl can throw all the bricks and chairs in the world but it doesn't change the fact that DT lost fair and square.
  21. Doc said it's a case of quackitus
  22. I love that Dake has fully embraced it and has gone full WWF bad guy. I really do think a lot of what he says and does is a character that he is pulling off very well.
  23. This was based on 2020 OTT criteria http://content.themat.com/forms/2020-OLY-MFS.pdf and I used a screenshot to avoid message board mis-formatting, so apologies in advance if anyone attempts to quote a particular section.
  24. I am asking, very politely, could you please cool off on the bold italicized 36 point font for a while. It was cute the first dozen times but it's wearing out it's schtick quicker than PD3 in a pandemic
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