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  1. JO Gwiz and Gable are gamers so I anticipate seeing them. Zain and Taylor I would say are 50/50, if they go then so goes NLWC. I hope Mark Hall shows up at 79 too
  2. Curious to see if Lee and Nickal show up, and what weight Cox, Ringer, and Zahid go for. Additionally, I'm betting $10 to Blue Dragon's kids club of choice that PD3 goes 92kg and runs from Taylor.
  3. There is an event this weekend? I have not seen anything about it. I follow FiteTV on Twitter and tune in to their match broadscasts. They are self-proclaimed huge advocates of growing the sport so I'm pretty sure I would have heard by now if there is a big event with star power, especially considering there has been very minimal sports for months.
  4. I mean yeah, that's the point of 7s. It's quick, lots of scores with little defense to the average viewer, and you have burners like Isles and Perry that are draws to the average non-fan. It's not necessarily fair, but no one cares about the forwards and if you want an American-specific viewer audience then 7s is the way to go. I say this as a center in union and prop/hooker in 7s. I enjoy the nuances of a good ruck and talking about it later while shooting a boot. Glad you brought up RugbyX. It was awesome! I just hope it can stick.At least 7s in the Olympics and the 7s grand prix format is something for niche sports
  5. Absolutely bigger on a global scale than American football, but rugby sevens is growing exponentially in the US because of the scoring, pace of game, and short game time (two 7 minute halves) but there is still the violence factor without being bogged down like 15s. Carlin Isles and Perry Baker are huge homeruns for the national team and their highlight tapes+backgrounds were big wins and folks should check them out.
  6. Also, they have an inside edge on rugby, which is most likely going to overtake football in our lifetimes as the premier tackling sport of choice
  7. FloTrack is huge and treated with the same regard is FloWrestling until it hits the pinnacle tier. FloWrestling has done a great job of bringing that to the community at large, whereas track and XC have had a massive global audience for decades at the elite level (nationals, trials, worlds, olympics, diamond league, et al)
  8. Sacrificing peak performance by cutting too much weight just so people don't think you are a softie that doesn't cut as much as John Smith would like is such an outdated idea.
  9. Nickal/Zahid would be fun. I think any of Nickal/Ringer/Zahid would have probably made it to day 2 of worlds last year. No one knows where Bo stands though, so this is about as close as we will ever get I have a feeling. Micic down at 125.6 pounders and more cautious in freestyle is different. He probably beats Richards but... Richards showed that he is at least fun to watch at the Rumble on the Rooftop + his last showing at the Farrell. May not win, but his matches always get the crowds going. And I still want to see Taylor take PD3 to the woodshed. I hope USAW lines them up round 1 match 1 whenever the time finally comes.
  10. I watched the video and you're right, I'm an idiot sandwich who doesn't understand the difference between the scoring and mat strategy between folkstyle and freestyle. My bad.
  11. Freestyle and folkstyle are extremely different and Deakin is legit in FS. I would not at all be surprised if Deakin beat Nolf something like 8-4 in freestyle, which is the style that matters the rest of their careers and will get them on a Wheaties box
  12. "Bring your hips to the party" Obviously means having a dance-off at the center of the mat
  13. More of a "what would I pay to see" rather than try to build a card where each wrestler would only compete in one match and not including the matches actually happening Downey/ Taylor for the recent soap opera drama Cox/ Taylor at a catch weight Nickal/ Taylor because it would be highlights Cox/ Snyder Lee/ Fix Micic/ Fix Richards/ Micic Richards/ Sanders should be on every single undercard going forward Hall/ Chamizo Nickal/ Zahid for the non-stop action and big moves Deakin/ Nolf Nolf/ JB and I'm shooting my shot right now: if they ever do meet then Nolf with the upset. Imar/ Green Retherford/ DeSanto because it would be interesting to see ADS get a proper thrashing and the refs not able to save him this time. This was a great suggestion above. Karma is undefeated. McKenna/ Yianni Gwiz/ Steveson Cassar/ Gwiz Kollin Moore/ Walz
  14. 10-3 Taylor? Maybe at the end of the first period...
  15. Because in rugby if you commit an illegal tackle you are thrown in the sin bin, or out of the match, or can even be suspended for the following match. Sevens is going to continue it's rapid upward trajectory so I recommend you all hop on the bandwagon yesterday
  16. Some implications for JB if 79 becomes the new Olympic weight. Thinking he is a 74kg guy perhaps without a fit for olympic years.
  17. shhh don't give Carl any more loophole ideas
  18. To be overly simplistic, I would be shocked at any "regular" school (i.e. non-Tier 1 schools) that says no to any student offering to pay tuition this fall that carried at least a 1.75 GPA at their previous institution.
  19. Send in those questions!
  20. 50 burger straight to Wrestle Like A Girl...yikes!
  21. For what seems like the 20th time in 5 years PD3 is moving on. Eventually he has to look in the mirror and ask himself AMITA? I wonder if Flo changes the match and let’s Taylor hang a 50 burger on him...
  22. I strongly support your first paragraph. It takes a lot to pull this off but the reality is that you need 1,000 donating $1,000 to endow a program according to ODU. Now multiply across 72 schools. $72,000,000 That is to stay afloat and keep the status quo at the D1 level. It can be done with a strong investment manager with strong ties to wrestling+startup residuals, but would require VC that would essentially be a donation unless there is a billion dollar idea and the recipient doesn’t mind giving up $72mm. Maybe Adam Tirrapelle has the hookup?
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