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  1. I live in Killeen aka Ft. Hood, near the Army base. So 3-3.5 hours south of DFW give or take. I grew up in St. Charles, graduated in 2001 from Howell Central.
  2. Being from Missouri but living in Texas since 2003, not many events like this make their way to our area. Super excited for this. Bought tickets today, section 7 behind the Iowa bench/dugout.
  3. No idea but I wish it would come back. Jonathan used to own/run the site. Not sure if he still does. Maybe, hopefully it’s up and running when the season starts.
  4. TJ Hill 1xAA, Shon Fry 2xAA, Alan Waters 2xAA, Daniel Lewis 4xAA. In addition that I could think of.
  5. Would KeyShawn Haines fall into the being recruited over category? Brought in to be a 133/141lber. In comes McKenna via transfer and injuries. Haines wrestles all the way up to 157, never getting to stay his true weight class.
  6. I knew Vinny Zerban and DJ Shannon where from Illinois. I’m not mad either more power to them. Have to do what you need to do in order to get yourself where you want to be.
  7. Dang. That’s a big addition to someone and a big loss for Bono. Any speculation on where he may end up? Which teams need a 165/174 pounder?
  8. I wasn’t implying anything. Jacques aside, recruiting happens. I’m sure you’ve seen it around Warren. You’ve held many positions involving Mo wrestling, I’m sure we all have stories. It just seems to be not as big of a deal as it once was.
  9. Let’s not beat around the bush here. There have been many of kids “move” to go to the high school they wanted to wrestle at. However it happens, it happens. Cauley bros to FZW, Wilbourns and Josh Bennett to FHC, Cain Salas and Micheal Pixley. Shoot current Mizzou wrestler Jacques was a state champ at three different Mo high schools. I’m not educated enough on CBC to add their guys to the list, not sure how it works for them zoning wise or if they are a public or private school. It’s just something that’s become the norm in a sense. Whitfield, I’m pretty sure is a private school who’s made a living off getting kids that live in the boundaries of other high school programs. For whatever reason, seems FHC losses more wrestlers than the other schools. I’m not trying to start trouble, but there is a decent size list of lost wrestlers over the last several years.
  10. I did happen to catch that a couple days ago. Wonder why the change. Maybe we could see OP become a force again. Will be interesting how it shakes out.
  11. Zach is coaching in Mo? Didn’t know that. Like fudge I keep up from afar, in Texas. I knew Dustin Brewer was at Belton now Liberty and they are the top 4A team.
  12. Only if we could turn back time. I posted on Mo wrestling site couple days ago, 5 views in 3 days. There was once a time when a post would have thousands of views and multiple reply’s depending on the topic. When Johnathon shut down for that period, it went downhill and most likely never come close to “the good ole days”.
  13. Colton Hawks from the same class as R Elam and O’Toole was a top 45 recruit according to flow. Could’ve been higher had he not missed his Sr season do to injury. By far the best class for Mizzou. Rated as high as 2 and and low as 4 in the nation.
  14. Absolutely. Mo overall is on the rise. It started with the late 90’s early 2000’s, and keeps getting stronger. Fudge you’ve been around the scene for a long time, yourself and Northco.
  15. Of course coaches like Purler, Mayab and Hagerty all deserve credit, Glasgow and Schertz(Whitfield) as well. Most importantly credit goes to Coach Moore(OP). Not sure if he’s still HC at Holt. Coach Martin, Strohl, Brewer and Cornel Robinson. These gentlemen have taken what they’ve gotten off their coaches and tweaked it to today’s style of wrestling. Their commitment to year round wrestling shouldn’t go unnoticed. It takes dedicated coaches of all lvls to increase the overall depth and strength of the entire state.
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