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  1. bp2xbw

    Iowa’s New Head Coach

    I know a National Championship is all that matters to the Hawk Fans but during the Cael Years at Penn State either Iowa or Ohio State has scored the second and third most points at the NCAA's. That's not bad coaching at Iowa. Maybe the Administration is happy that stands are packed and TnT bring passion and intensity to the program.
  2. bp2xbw

    Who will be the next Bo Nickal?

    Two of the top 3 greatest American freestyle wrestlers were unheralded coming out of high school.(with only 1 State Championship between them.)
  3. Suriano transfer to Rutgers is more beneficial for the State of NJ Wrestling than if he stayed at Penn State or went to Iowa. He can help keep (some) of the elite wrestlers from Bergan Catholic in state. Obviously being in a more competitive room is better for his wrestling but he's where he wants to be.
  4. bp2xbw

    Nick Suriano

    Well Desanto went from Drexel to one of the best rooms in the country. And Suriano went from one of the best rooms in the country to Rutgers. I would expect Desanto to improve. Don't think Suriano is regressing just not progressing. Let' see how the post season plays out before we write off Suriano.
  5. Agreed. I often record matches and fast forward until there is a score then rewind to see the score. Nothing worse than a whole period of hand fighting without a shot attempt.
  6. bp2xbw

    Rutgers @ Indiana

    So Pritz does all the behind the scenes administrative work?
  7. bp2xbw

    Bo’s Gesture of Sportsmanship

    To me it looked like Bo was embarrassed for Moore. This was suppose to be a great match and Bo sticks him pretty easily. It was like Bo said in his mind : it's OK Dude, you're still a great wrestler"
  8. bp2xbw

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    Columbo - How to Dial a Murder-
  9. bp2xbw


    Reputation wise: Iowa = Oakland Raiders : Desanto = Jack Tatum At least they have Spencer Lee for the good cop, bad cop routine.
  10. Most athletic heavy guys play football as their primary sport. They don't devote their full year to wrestling like most of your good lighter guys do. The pool of talented wrestlers at heavy is much less than at 133. This has always been obvious to anyone who follows wrestling.
  11. bp2xbw

    If Spencer is sick why did he wrestle 48 hours ago?

    Yup, you're right. I'm assuming Spencer Lee's goal is another NCAA Championship. He still has to beat everyone in front of him regardless of his seed. If he is 100%, I think he can do that, just not as easy as last year.
  12. bp2xbw

    Ducking: an enlightened perspective

    " Help, he's undefeated"
  13. bp2xbw


    Who cares? The top 6 (at least) are going to qualify for Nationals anyway.
  14. bp2xbw


    I don't get it, What did Lee have to lose? He's now definitely not top seed in B1G, Not that it would matter that much anyway. It's bad for the fans who follow closely. C'Mon Tommy B. throw us a few bones during the regular season.