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  1. I know a National Championship is all that matters to the Hawk Fans  but during the Cael Years at Penn State either Iowa or Ohio State has scored the second and third most points at the NCAA's.  That's not bad coaching at Iowa. Maybe the Administration is happy that stands are packed and TnT bring passion and intensity to the program. 

  2. 11 hours ago, portajohn said:

    Hear what you're saying but at the same time if you look at DeSanto's progression after his transfer to Iowa vs Suriano it's hard not to wonder if he's actually digressing.  IMO Suriano is much more talented than DeSanto.  Just wondering on my keyboard if the Rutgers coaching staff is hurting his potential.

    Well Desanto went from Drexel to one of the best rooms in the country.  And Suriano went from one of the best rooms in the country to Rutgers. I would expect Desanto to improve. Don't think Suriano is regressing just not progressing. Let' see how the post season plays out before we write off Suriano.  

  3. 6 hours ago, Mr. Peepers said:

    Can we all at least agree that Pletcher is boring?  I'm all for defensive matches from time to time, but you've got to be pretty die hard to appreciate 2-1 (trade escapes, escape in OT).  During the RBY match, the one commentator kept carrying on about how great a match it was.  I was thinking "no, this isn't... if I was a non-fan who came across this while channel surfing, I would have turned it off after the first period". 

    Agreed. I often record matches and fast forward until there is a score then rewind to see the score. Nothing worse than a whole period of hand fighting without a shot attempt.

  4. 1 hour ago, Dr. Novak said:

    Clearly Pritzlaff is the head coach.  Pitiful the way Goodall tries to copy his sideline antics.  But I'm certain he'll keeping cashing his head coach checks so long as Rutgers ignores the obvious.

    So Pritz does all the behind the scenes administrative work? 

  5. 23 minutes ago, tigerfan said:

    Don't you think it's possible that D1 coaches know a little more about wrestling than the average dude? They know what I've been saying to be true, that heavies just aren't as good wrestlers as the other weights.  Perhaps it is you that has the mental block?

    Most  athletic heavy guys play football as their primary sport. They don't devote their full year to wrestling like most of your good lighter guys do.  The pool of talented wrestlers at heavy is much less than at 133. This has always been obvious to anyone who follows wrestling.  

  6. 2 hours ago, BigTimeFan said:

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned with all this talk of ducking: aside from ego, there is no meaningful difference between the number one and two seed at 125 this year. Really  

    Look at the guys below Lee and Rivera: Numbers 3,4,5,6 and 7 (wrestlestat) are Mueller, Picc, Bresser, Foley and Arujau. They have three losses between them as of now and NONE are in the Big Ten. Mueller and Picc are undefeated, Bresser has one loss (to Rivera in SV), Foley has one loss (to Picc, 4-1) and Arujau has one loss to his teammate from Cornell. Number eight is Glory who has three losses. Two are to Lee and one to Picc.

    Let’s assume Lee beats Picc again (otherwise his seed most likely goes to no better than three). So seeds 3,4,5,6 come from the group Mueller, Arujau, Bresser, Picc and someone else from the top ten. It all depends on what happens from now to NCAAs. If Lee beats Picc and Mueller remains undefeated then Mueller gets third seed and Picc fourth. So why would Lee care whether he’s second or first seed? If Lee loses to Picc then he’s third or fourth seed. Again, how does this make a difference?


    , , Glory, Russell and McGee. 

    Yup, you're right.  I'm assuming Spencer Lee's goal is another NCAA Championship. He still has to beat everyone in front of him regardless of his seed. If he is 100%, I think he can do that,  just not as easy as last year.

  7. 19 minutes ago, jstock said:

    This isn’t on Lee, this is on Brands.

    I wonder if Brands would have sat Lee and Young if this was a home match? Would he have let the Home fans down? If not then that’s disrespectful to the NW home crowd.

    If Lee was tired then he could have sat on Friday. 

    Lugo seems to be regressing under Brands. Was better off with Flynn.

    I don't get it,  What did Lee have to lose? He's now definitely not top seed in B1G, Not that it would matter that much anyway.

    It's bad for the fans who follow closely. C'Mon Tommy B. throw us a few bones during the regular season.

  8. 21 minutes ago, LJB said:

    the weight of opinion on a forum means little... and what you term knowlegeable is suspect at best...

    you claimed pre match it would be decided on stall calls... i laughed at that...  you know why?

    because the way they wrestle is not stalling as per the folk rule set...

    i was proven right and you wrong... it is why you keep coming back on this...

    and yes, i have a very large disdain for folk rules because it rewards not wrestling... and no matter the score of fix v suriano... no matter how much the masses were so unhappy with that match... it was very good wrestling... as were their previous 2 matches... and they all looked the same... that is how it is going to go when they wrestle... regardless of the rule set... 

    and as was proven, one rule set they got put on a shot clock and points were rewarded... one rule set they did not... but the matches were all the exact same...


    If you take the " Folk Rules" literally. Two wrestler could stand in the center of the mat and practically do nothing as long as both stay in the center and do nothing equally and not be dinged for stalling. I have seen both wrestlers DQed for lack of action (albeit high school.)  

    I'm not saying this was the case with Fix/Suriano. Both were hand fighting hard. I actually thought Fix was doing slightly more. He was at least dropping and thinking about a low single. Suriano's hips were back the whole time and he was obviously blocking  more in the face which ultimately cost him the match.  

    Whatever, happen to forcing upperbody if you can't get to the legs?  I'm sure these two know plenty of throws.

  9. 1 hour ago, Paddleman said:

    Desanto has quickly become the sort of obnoxious twirp you want to lose.  His antics aren't remotely entertaining and certainly aren't gaining him any fans.  You wonder what Brands is thinking?  He may be a bit conflicted -- desanto obviously wins.  He's just very bad winner, which isn't attractive to anyone.

    Brands is probably thinking " Wow, this kid is even crazier than Gilman"

  10. 7 hours ago, treep2000 said:

    I think this ends in a DQ, after Suriano roughs him up.  

    Nick is going to be pissed off after this Fix debacle...  takes out his frustration on Desanto.  Desanto begins to fight back (literally), and Suriano says "yeah man, I'm doing MMA after this, so shut your pie-hole", and lays down the law.  


    Yeah, that just might happen. Depends if Brands got on Desanto about the after match antics. I see Suriano shutting down Desanto. 

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