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  1. Tough one to call. Don't know if the Summer freestyle completion helped or hurt Fix? it didn't seem to help Valencia with Hall, but Fix is up a weight. At least we will know where Fix is after this match.
  2. Looked more like a WWE match. I turned it off, could't stand it. That's totally unnecessary.
  3. Like John Smith and JB. These two were/are scouted intensely, but they are were so quick (and good) they can beat reaction time, so scouting didn't much matter. The great "tie- up" wrestlers could be figured out in time ie. Dave Schultz
  4. Just watched the match on the PSU forum. It didn't look like Spencer was gassed, but he had no sense of urgency. To me it looked like: Ok, I have to wrestle this guy probably 4x's this year let's see what he's got and if I take a "preseason loss" so what. March only matters.
  5. Agreed, but I would have a wrestle off and both at the same weight at the Shuffle. And then another wrestle off if Jacobe placed higher or won head to head- assuming Joe won a the first wrestle off. But who knows, Jacobe could have said " Coach, whatever, you think is best for the team", isn't that why Fix is at 133?
  6. Iowa comes off as pissed off rednecks that didn't get the girl they wanted for the prom, so they through a fit, go out drinkin', and wreck their pickup in a cornfield.  LMAO
  7. Hopefully, the "step-out " rule.
  8. I heard the ref doesn't let kids wrestle who don't make weight.
  9. "Almost all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character give him power" Abraham Lincoln
  10. Wrestling is a niche sport. The general public probably knows next to nothing about our rules and wrestling culture. At this point, this thing has taken a life of it's own. Fueled by the media because of the antiquated quote" it sells papers". The perception of the general public is, racist ref humiliates and traumatizes black youth by forcing him to cut his dreds and disrespects his culture in front of spectators. Yes, racism sells, regardless of the circumstances.
  11. "Any coincidence in the timing of the rise of females in the sport and the introduction of hair netting rules?" Yes, especially in NJ where the females are going to compete in their first state tourny this year.
  12. A ref told me this morning the rule was implemented 4 yrs ago with a 2 year grace period for schools to acquire the headgear. The reason the head covers came loose too much holding up the match. It's my understanding any Ref can be blacklisted from a school in New Jersey and many are, usually for bad calls and arguments between coach and ref.
  13. The story changes every time I hear it. I spoke to an official this morning close to the situation. It's turned into a real Sh!t show. There are a lot of no comments floating around and the wrestlers parents have an attorney and a civil suit is probable. The general consensus is the public hair cut was humiliating regardless if the rule was applied correctly or not., and since the ref has a racist history only adds fuel to the media fire. That said, all the area AD's and coaches knew of this refs hx and Buena booked him anyway. Is not the school administration responsible as well? The wrestlers attorney has been saying that the school administration is not to blame.
  14. Yup Buena Coaches tried to pull a fast one. Besides, they know Maloney well, every long time SJ fan does, they know how he rolls. He's a stickler for the rules.
  15. Semantics: My simple definition is any nasty action against another based on his/her race.
  16. No, he will not lose his day job unless he fires himself. He owns a successful automotive shop. The general consensus among the SJ Wrestling Coaches and Officials is: it is the coaches fault. he knew the head gear was illegal, in fact, an Official reviewed the rules days before the meet at a rules interpretation meeting and specifically told the wrestler his head-cover was illegal due to it not fixed to the headgear. The ref the previous week let it slide but told coach and wrestler it needs to be corrected.
  17. Oh, so the plot thickens. The wrestler and coaches knew from the previous meet that his head cover was illegal and did nothing about it. Funny, that wasn't reported on CNN.
  18. Yes , I think you are correct. It was probably done out of principle. But the Ref has been around for many years and he actually is one of the best in the State (when he is making calls). It's all the extra-curriculars that jam him up. As far as I know, the coaches evaluate the Refs yearly and if his evaluation is good he gets the better matches and post season meets. You can however get black-listed, even if you're good, for repeatedly being a D-bag which may happen now that the Governor has chimed in.
  19. Actually, they did. In NJ and AD or coach can refuse to have a ref work his/her match. To my understanding this happened with several schools, but it's left up to the individual schools if the Ref is cleared through the State.
  20. Ok, here's the story, I live in the area. It was big news in the Courier Post( Southern NJ newspaper). Ref's had just done a youth tourny and were drinking homemade wine at an after-party. From my understanding, all parties were pretty drunk. The ref in question was arguing over who made the best wine and said the N-word to a fellow Ref who promptly threw him to the ground. Ref in question didn't remember the slur but called the official to apologize. Upon pressure from the offended ref's father a complaint was made to the Officials Association and it hit the papers big time. Eventually, both Officials were suspended for a year. Now the Ref in question has been officiating for over 40 years and there are a lot of politics and animosity among some of the long term officials.
  21. Only a few of the "old Guard" are show boats, but they are decent at making calls. I could do without their theatrics though.
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