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  1. 3 hours ago, StallWarning said:

    The key to beating Spencer on his feet is to create angles and attack from space

    Like John Smith and JB.  These two were/are scouted intensely, but they are were so quick (and good) they can beat reaction time, so scouting didn't much matter. The great "tie- up" wrestlers could be figured out in time ie. Dave Schultz 

  2. 12 minutes ago, scribe said:

    Midlands is like the first week of November for Iowa.

    Just watched the match on the PSU forum. It didn't look like Spencer was gassed, but he had no sense of urgency. To me it looked like: Ok, I have to wrestle this guy probably 4x's this year let's see what he's got and if I take a "preseason loss" so what.  March only matters.

  3. 3 minutes ago, CTex said:

    You guys are crazy..

    If you know anything about wrestling and have watched Spencer Lee at this best, you will agree that wasn't Spencer Lee yesterday. I am a Penn State fan, and I was bummed to see what happened. Not because he lost, but because that might have been only a 50% Spencer Lee. You think he get SHUT DOWN from Rivera on a normal day? This is a multiple time world champion and NCAA champion. I am not saying he doesn't have a chance at losing to Rivera, but he barely wrestled him, and he looked like he was at 30% against Glory. And guys, he wrestled AWFUL (For whatever reasons I am unsure of) and he still won 12-6 over Glory, so lets calm down there.

    I am not sure what he is dealing with, but I hope it's something he can shake off and get back to being 100%

    I wouldn't disagree he has a gas tank problem. It's pretty funny to hear some of you guys saying, "I hope Brands can figure it out" - If he has an issue gassing out in the later periods, there isn't anything to "figure out" - Get on the treadmill and run intervals, hop in the pool and swim laps, spend a lot of time on a Concept2 rowing or SkiErg machine. There isn't anything more frustrating when wrestlers don't have the ability to wrestle at 100% for three periods because they get tired. Spend more time on your cardio! With that being said, Lee didn't gas out last year at NCAA's and while I don't think he has a motor like Nolf or Desanto, he only had about half of his usual tank yesterday.

    Long lasting gas tank problems when in shade could mean Mono.

  4. 1 hour ago, Eagle26 said:

    I think there is a difference between head to head in a private wrestle off in the room and head to head in the finals of a tournament in front of the fans. I agree essentially it should be the same thing, but some people just wrestle differently in tournaments than they do in the room. Maybe the pressure of a wrestle off replicates it close enough and the result is the same, but if you simply just do it in a tournament setting you eliminate the doubt

    Agreed, but I would have a wrestle off and both at the same weight at the Shuffle. And then another wrestle off if Jacobe  placed higher or won head to head- assuming Joe won a the first wrestle off.   But who knows, Jacobe could have said " Coach, whatever, you think is best for the team", isn't that why Fix is at 133?

  5. 7 minutes ago, treep2000 said:

    I dunno… I WANT to like Iowa wrestling.  I really do.  But... the general demeanor, lack of sportsmanship, etc. is just a little "off" for me.  Cael comes off as humble to me.  Tom Ryan comes off as humble.  Their wrestlers, even though they're 2x/3x NCAA champs, come off as humble.  I like that.  I

    Iowa comes off as pissed off rednecks that didn't get the girl they wanted for the prom, so they through a fit, go out drinkin', and wreck their pickup in a cornfield.   LMAO

  6. 15 minutes ago, HurricaneWrestling2 said:

    Not sure if its correct or not, but I read that the ref also hit the white kid twice for stalling.  Since that is one of the more subjective judgement calls, it seems to mitigate against the assumption that he was biased against Johnson.

    I heard the ref doesn't let kids wrestle who don't make weight.

  7. 44 minutes ago, red blades said:

    This is pretty bad - does nothing to promote any sort of spirit of cooperation or understanding, on the contrary, seems to only fan the flames.  Sadly, this is indicative of the attitude on both sides of the political spectrum these days.

    Wrestling is a niche sport. The general public probably knows next to nothing about our rules and wrestling culture. At this point, this thing has taken a life of it's own. Fueled by the media because of the antiquated  quote" it sells papers".   The  perception of the general public is, racist ref humiliates and traumatizes black youth by forcing him to cut his dreds   and disrespects his culture in front of spectators. Yes, racism sells, regardless of the circumstances.

  8. 12 hours ago, npope said:

    Perhaps the rule was initially aimed at issues more pronounced in female wrestling but the rationale was deemed equally appropriate for males (some of whom wanted to keep their long locks)? Certainly, some rules might infringe upon an individual's personal beliefs, e.g wrestling on the weekend, etc. But with regard to the issue of long hair, I think wrestling has done a good job of accommodating any individual who has, and wants to keep, his or her long hair and still compete. This should be a non-issue, IMO.

    "Any coincidence in the timing of the rise of females in the sport and the introduction of hair netting rules?"   Yes, especially in NJ where the females are going to compete in their first state tourny this year.

  9. 13 minutes ago, RichB said:

    I was on a site yesterday, a non wrestling site, where I tried to explain to all the non wrestling fans present what was going on. I also tried to point out that anyone who posted on the incident, without ever having been to a HS/College Wrestling meet was now obligated to attend one. (to quote myself "how can any Pennsylvanian call himself a serious sports fan without having been to a wrestling meet and, at least in the East, a field hockey game"). Still there is much history unknown to me.

    When did hair covers first appear? When did the rules first mention hair gear? When did the rules first require hair cover to be integrated with hear guards? What was the thinking of requiring integration? If someone asked me two weeks ago, I probably would have said they need not be integrated.    

     A ref told me this morning the rule was implemented 4 yrs ago with a 2 year grace period for schools to acquire the headgear.  The reason the head covers came loose too much holding up the match.

    It's my understanding any Ref can be blacklisted from a school in New Jersey and many are, usually for bad calls and arguments between coach and ref. 

  10. 16 minutes ago, Lurker said:

    If he missed the weigh in, I’m willing to bet there was more than one official at the event, who did complete the weigh ins and skin/equipment checks. It is not at all uncommon for all of the officials at an event not be at weigh ins. So IF nobody checked his equipment, it is on an official but another official. Secondly, he did not invent a remedy, it is the remedy defined in the rule book.  

    The story changes every time I hear it. I spoke to an official this morning close to the situation. It's turned into a real Sh!t show. There are a lot of no comments floating around and the wrestlers parents have an attorney and a civil suit is probable. The general consensus is the public hair cut was  humiliating regardless if the rule was applied correctly or not., and since the ref has a racist history only adds fuel to the media fire.

    That said, all the area AD's and coaches knew of this refs hx and Buena booked him anyway. Is not the school administration responsible as well? The wrestlers attorney has been saying that the school administration is not to blame.

  11. 14 minutes ago, AHamilton said:

    Its not an interpretation... it is the rule.  Contemplate that for a moment.

    Buena knew they were in violation of the rule and tried to pull a fast one.  And you, sir, are a troll.  Good day...

    Yup Buena Coaches tried to pull a fast one. Besides, they know Maloney well, every long time SJ fan does,  they know how he rolls.  He's a stickler for the rules. 

  12. 8 hours ago, tigerfan said:
    Updated March 16, 2018

    Racism refers to a variety of practices, beliefs, social relations, and phenomena that work to reproduce a racial hierarchy and social structure that yield superiority, power, and privilege for some, and discrimination and oppression for others. It can take several forms, including representational, ideological, discursive, interactional, institutional, structural, and systemic.


    Racism exists when ideas and assumptions about racial categories are used to justify and reproduce a racial hierarchy and racially structured society that unjustly limits access to resources, rights, and privileges on the basis of race. Racism also occurs when this kind of unjust social structure is produced by the failure to account for race and its historical and contemporary roles in society.


    Contrary to a dictionary definition, racism, as defined based on social science research and theory, is about much more than race-based prejudice — it exists when an imbalance in power and social status is generated by how we understand and act upon race.


    Stephen Whitehead, Professor, Author, Sociologist, Relationship Coach
    Answered Jun 24 2017 · Author has 6.1k answers and 1.2m answer views

    The concept of ‘race’ is itself an illusion - a social invention. Which gives some indication as to why precise definitions of ‘racism’ are never fully adequate:

    “The word race first appeared in the English language in 1508, when it was used to denote a category or class of persons. [In] the late eighteenth century race became invested with biological connotations, [and in] the early nineteenth century specific theories of racial types began to emerge in academic and other writings. Many of the ideas associated with genetics and racial differentiation were founded on pseudo-scientific theories that are now discredited.” (Whitehead, Talahite and Moodley, 2013. ‘Gender and Identity’, Oxford University Press, page 67)

    The point being that humans have invented the concept of race in order to justify segmenting humans into categories of exclusivity and inclusivity. This is a process of power, an act of power, out of which arises, inevitably, racism.


    Racism: Race, Prejudice, and Power

    Racism = Race Prejudice + Power 


    A specious classification of human beings created by Europeans (whites) which assigns human worth and social status using ‘white’ as the model of humanity and the height of human achievement for the purpose of establishing and maintaining privilege and power. The idea of Race, is based on the ideas of white supremacy and white privilege.


    A prejudice is a pre-judgment in favor of or against a person, a group, an event, an idea, or a thing. An action based on prejudgment is discrimination. A negative prejudgment is often called a stereotype. An action based on a stereotype is called bigotry.


    Power” is a relational term. It can only be understood as a relationship between human beings in a specific historical, economic and social setting. It must be exercised to be visible.

    1. Power is control of, or access to, those institutions sanctioned by the state.

    2. Power is the ability to define reality and to convince other people that it is their definition.

    3. Power is ownership and control of the major resources of a state; and the capacity to make and enforce decisions based on this ownership and control;

    4. Power is the capacity of a group of people to decide what they want and to act in an organized way to get it.

    5. (In terms of an individual), power is the capacity to act.


    Perry, as you can see, I did not invent a definition.  Npope, you must not have looked very hard to have not seen any definitions that mention power imbalance.  The ambiguity arises from the differences of discussing individual racism vs structural, societal, or institutional racism.  People confuse individual racism with prejudice, bias, etc.  Sorry to get veer off topic, but I try to be an ally when the opportunity presents itself.  


    My simple definition is any  nasty action against another based on his/her race.

  13. 1 hour ago, tigerfan said:

    It appears you don't know what racism is.  Racism, by definition, involves an imbalance of power.  White people in this country and in this period of time cannot be victims of racism, because there is no imbalance of power involved against them.  You're not alone though, MANY white people use the term "reverse racism" which of course is nonsense as well.  Prejudice, bias, etc., of course - racism, no.

    Not true... see "knockout game" 

  14. 3 minutes ago, BigTenFanboy said:

    Good to know. Well I can see people protesting and boycotting his business then.

    As for the consensus amongst the coaches and officials, unfortunately the rest of the world is really not on their side. The coach/host from The previous competition supposedly said he didnt recall any incendent regarding hair which many in the twitterverse are using as the example of how Maloney should have handled the situation. They don't care what the actual rule is. They dont care that there are plenty of kids that have had their hair cut in the past. This has gotten national attention and the loudest voices do not care what the rule is.

    Unfortunately, you are %100 correct.

  15. 49 minutes ago, BigTenFanboy said:

    I doubt the part of him applying the rule correctly will be said at all. Theres not going to be anything remotely said to give him even the slightest but of leverage. In the eyes of the mass media and twitterverse he is 10000% in the wrong. Saying they're firing him now because of the 2016 incendent opens up a huge can of worms. First the ref then has a legitimate complaint because he was already served and fulfilled his punishment regarding that matter. Second it opens up the organization for attack due to their being negligent for allowing him to continue for the past 2 years. If/when he gets fired it will be because of this event and this event solely.

    There are people going after the trainer as well asking why she was cutting so fast and why she had scissors ready to go, as if this was a premeditated event. They have no idea that a trainer is supposed to be ready to go with their tools in an instant and that there was only 90 seconds for him to be medically legal. This ref is done and probably will lose is real day job as well. His employer will not want to deal with the backlash.

    No, he will not lose his day job unless he fires himself. He owns a successful automotive shop.

    The general consensus among the SJ Wrestling Coaches and Officials is: it is the coaches fault. he knew the head gear was illegal, in fact, an Official reviewed the rules days before the meet at a rules interpretation meeting and specifically told the wrestler his head-cover was illegal due to it not fixed to the headgear. The ref the previous week let it slide but told coach and wrestler it needs to be corrected. 

  16. 1 hour ago, 1032004 said:


    Neither IMO.  From what I read there was some sort of argument at the previous competition so I doubt that ref(s) let it go easily because they were defying a racist rule, moreso I bet they just didn’t think the rule was that critical (and it’s not like it was the state finals or anything).

    The quote in the philly.com article  about the previous competition was a little vague.  It states that Johnson “complained about the new head covering and was allowed to compete with one that did not adhere to the guidelines.”  Maybe he started out wearing the correct one there and it didn’t fit properly or something so they let him wear something else?  Either way, as long as those refs warned him that he would likely need the new head covering in future matches, I don’t really blame them.

    It may be worth noting that I believe the previous competition was in a different area that is part of a different officials association, so they could have gotten different direction about how strictly to enforce this rule.  I know that is often an issue at states when there are refs from different areas that may call things a little differently.

    Oh, so the plot thickens. The wrestler and coaches knew from the previous meet that his head cover was illegal and did nothing about it.  Funny, that wasn't reported on CNN. 

  17. 1 hour ago, 1032004 said:

    I know it was posted earlier that after the 2016 incident teams could request not to have him assigned to their matches (which as you say they can basically do anyway).  I’m sure that happened, but my guess (yes just speculation) is that it was more out of principle after the incident than due to evidence that his actual reffing was racist. This ref was often at the state championships.  I don’t know if he was in 2017 or 2018, but I don’t believe coaches can request a different ref there, so if coaches felt that strongly about  him, they should have done more than just request he not be assigned to their matches. 

    Yes , I think you are correct. It was probably done out of principle. But the Ref has  been around for many years and he actually is one of the best in the State (when he is making calls).  It's all the extra-curriculars   that jam him up. As far as I know, the coaches evaluate the Refs yearly and if his evaluation is good he gets the better matches and post season meets. You can however get black-listed, even if you're good, for repeatedly being a D-bag which may happen now that the Governor has chimed in.

  18. 23 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    I guess my point is after the 2016 incident, if there were coaches that felt his reffing was racist, they could have spoken up and it likely wouldn’t have been difficult to get him to step down, but that didn’t happen. 

    Actually, they did.

    In NJ and AD or coach can refuse to have a ref work his/her match. To my understanding this happened with several schools, but it's left up to the individual schools if the Ref is cleared through the State.  

  19. 12 minutes ago, boconnell said:

    From the article...  

    After the incident was reported, he agreed to participate in sensitivity training and an alcohol awareness program. "

    Obviously alcohol was somehow involved in him using the slur. 

    Ok, here's the story, I live in the area.  It was big news in the Courier Post( Southern NJ newspaper). Ref's had just done a youth tourny and were drinking homemade wine at an after-party. From my understanding, all parties were pretty drunk.  The ref in question was arguing over who made the best wine and said the N-word to a fellow Ref who promptly threw him to the ground.   Ref in question didn't remember the slur but called the official to apologize. Upon pressure from the offended ref's  father a complaint was made to the Officials Association and it hit the papers big time. Eventually, both Officials were suspended for a year.

    Now the Ref in question has been officiating for over 40 years and there are a lot of politics and animosity among  some of the long term officials.  

  20. 3 hours ago, justafan said:

    Becoming a wrestling ref in NJ is such a joke.Youve to attend class for 3 hours once a week for 16 weeks on top of that you can only ref JV.Then you've to ref at multiple events for FREE while the head officials sit around all day supposedly evaluating you but you never see your evaluations.The kicker is the head officials make the $ they take the $ and split it 2 or 3 ways depending on how many crooks show up to "evaluate".No matter your knowledge of the sport or how good you are you must attend class and ref for free at multiple events for 2 years.If your good you will get JV events that do pay but in a class of 8 you might see 1 or 2 guys that actually get those events.Its a total scam and joke.And anyone who reads this who is familiar with NJ officials will tell you it's all about them the old guard believes they're the show.

    Only a few of the "old Guard" are show boats, but they are decent at making calls. I could do without their theatrics though. 

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