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  1. Don't know if that's true. Freestyle is a different animal. Turns won't come as easy against Gilman or Fix. Spencer is undersized compared to these guys.
  2. Not so fast, a Hall fan but some contributing factors towards ZV's loss could be: 1) It's only December, not in best shape 2) weight cut 3) overconfident after the beating he put on Hall last time and Ringer this Summer 4) worn/burned out after too much wrestling this Summer 5) just a bad match in a hostile/home crowd.... Not excuses, I just wouldn't count ZV out just yet
  3. yup, the big names will eventually retire and probably go into coaching. I think Taylor would be my choice for having the most success as a HC. He seems more likable (in interviews anyway) . He won't have as much hardware as Burroughs or Snyder, but I'm sure they are all on the same technical level.
  4. Yes, but I will delay judgement until he beats a highly ranked guy. His speed is impressive, kinda reminds me of N. Garrett
  5. Good point but the % is much lower of wrestlers who can compete in the Penn State/Iowa room than students who can compete in an IVY league classroom. I'd rather take my chances in engineering than have Nolf or Spencer Lee had me my ass everyday.
  6. True but Heavies don't cut wight which is a big part of what your saying.
  7. Question: How does Spencer Lee ride and turn top level guys with basic junior high stuff?
  8. I sure hope so. both guys have been bridesmaids and now it's their time.
  9. Kevin Jackson, oh wait, it's the other way around.
  10. Amazing team building coach at one school doesn't guarantee success at another. See college football.
  11. Maybe Big Bro will let him be some kind of developmental coach at USA wrestling. He seems better fitted for that type of individual environment.
  12. True, but that's only in the Burbs of Philadelphia and NYC. Most of NJ is pretty rural. (Northwest and Southern NJ.) The Pine Barrens cover 1/4 of the State.
  13. Garden State: tomatoes, white corn, blueberries, cranberries, wrestling...
  14. Sounds like another thread of great wrestlers whose kids didn't wrestle.
  15. I think Cael was smaller than Bo when he made the jump to 197 his Senior year. If it's overall best for the team, I think he makes the jump. If Rasheed can AA high then it maybe worth it. Still think Bo wins at 197.
  16. Saw the second match. Didn't seem too much of a gap. ZV got to the legs a few times but stopped. Not sure why he didn't go defensive when he was up, played into Dakes strength. He will learn, he's young.
  17. Agreed. The Gilman/Graff match above shows Gilman is susceptible to a low single attack especially since he has a lead left leg. John Smith would have been all over that when he wrestled. That said, it seems pretty hard to duplicate. Smith was extremely fast and flexible and once he got in on a leg he was tenacious until he converted.
  18. Is Fix fast enough to attack from space and beat reaction time? Ala JB John Smith. Gilman is from the Brands Camp of handfighting, head banging tie up to a take down Yup, it looks like Fix was out coached, Kudos to Iowa. Is Fix quick enough to attack from space? john Smith is the master at it, and JB.
  19. I know it's silly but I just don't like Gilman. I admire him though.
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