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  1. 12 hours ago, Cooch1 said:

    Hall will be a 3xer. He's determined not to lose again. ZV will have to go up to 184 if he wants to win two.

    Not so fast,  a Hall  fan but some contributing factors towards ZV's  loss could be:  1) It's only December, not in best shape  2) weight cut  3) overconfident after the beating he put on Hall last time and Ringer this Summer 4) worn/burned out after too much wrestling this Summer 5) just a bad match in a hostile/home crowd....  Not excuses, I just wouldn't count ZV out just yet

  2. 1 hour ago, russelscout said:

    You know, I remember our middle school wrestling coach, who was a teacher, took time out of a class one day to show everyone a video of Cael winning his 4th title. I can't picture anyone doing that for all those other guys mentioned. Maybe, he isn't the best American wrestler by gold medals, but I think Caels name had an aura that others have yet to achieve, and no one else may ever achieve. When he was competing there was no controversy, no attitude, just winning. On the message boards we follow Burroughs and Snyder and maybe we know better, but I still am shocked at talented youth wrestlers who know nothing about those guy's achievements. Everyone knew what Cael did. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't see the next big name at a school just overtaking him. It will take a lot.

    yup, the big names will eventually retire and probably go into coaching. I  think Taylor would be my choice for having the most success as a HC.  He seems more likable (in interviews anyway) . He won't have as much hardware as Burroughs or Snyder, but I'm sure they are all on the same technical level.

  3. 1 hour ago, wrestlingnerd said:

    This is often stated but not often considered by those who believe it. It’s like saying the hardest part of wrestling at PSU or Iowa is getting in, but once you’re in, the practices aren’t much different from those of other programs. How capable and competitive your peers are is as important a factor as any other, in both school and sports. 

    Good point but the % is much lower of wrestlers who can compete in the Penn State/Iowa  room than students who can compete in an IVY league classroom. I'd  rather take my chances in engineering than have Nolf or Spencer Lee had me my ass everyday.


  4. 20 hours ago, stp said:

    Many athletes will experience a "sensory deprivation" during the season, where they (mentally) feel the effects of multiple hard weeks of training, yet also realize the intensity is only going to get harder.  That lull will cause a let down performance and a loss.  College classes, practices where you can't just cruise.....etc.

    *The middle to 2/3rds part of season, is a killer.   Gable ain't Snyderman.   

    True but Heavies don't cut wight which is a big part of what your saying.

  5. 18 hours ago, dmm53 said:

    #1 Lee (Iowa) over #13 Glory (Princeton) at 125

    #1 Kolodzik (Princeton) over #8 Lugo (Iowa) at 149

    #2 Wick (Wisc) over #11 White (Iowa) at 165

    #5 Moisey (Neb) over #19 Brown  (Wis)  Injury Default at 125


    #16 Flynn (Mizz) over #13 Mekhi Lewis (VA tech) at 165

    #15 Christensen (Wisc) over #10 Labriola (Neb) at 174

    Question:  How does Spencer Lee ride and turn top level guys with  basic junior high stuff?

  6. 46 minutes ago, treep2000 said:

    Prediction:  Dake… inspired by his newfound Buddy's (David Taylor) success, brings the absolute pain, and techs his way to the semi's.  There... he meets the guy (Gadz, right?) that beat him at Yarygin, and pulls the dramatic upset, putting him in the finals.  From there, he brings home the GOLD!

    (I can dream, can't I?)

    I sure hope so. both guys have been bridesmaids and now it's their time.



  7. He isn’t leaving anytime soon unless he gets a HC job at a power school


    He is being paid a ton and has a chance to build his career under an amazing team building coach. It still seems like people under value what we done at VT.


    Amazing team building coach at one school doesn't guarantee success at another. See college football.

  8. I've seen Bo in person and he is a lot bigger than he looks on TV.  I was quite surprised at how big he was and this was the 2016-2017 season when he first moved to 184lbs.  This is why I've always laughed at the "noodle arms" quote about him.  



    I think Cael was smaller than Bo when he made the jump to 197 his Senior year. If it's overall best for the team, I think he makes the jump. If Rasheed can AA high then it maybe worth it. Still think Bo wins at 197. 

  9. I don’t think Valencia gets Dake next year. The gap is still significant and I don’t see it erased in a year. Anyway, he should move up to get his body ready for 2020.


    Saw the second match. Didn't seem too much of a gap. ZV got to the legs a few times but stopped. Not sure why he didn't go defensive when he was up, played into Dakes strength. He will learn, he's young.  

  10. Right now Gilman is the better wrestler. Duh, he won. Tactical errors or not I still think Gilman wins. People who can get Fix out of his motion direction change style, and turn it into a heavy hands match, have the advantage. The thing that gets me is Smith was the style Fix is perfect for, yet Smith for some reason doesn't translate that style well. The Brands and light weights however, they adapt a lot. Cejudo, while his basic style was Belaglosov, Terry went with that technique, and insert the pressure/patience strategy. 


    Agreed. The Gilman/Graff match above shows Gilman is susceptible to a low single attack especially since he has a lead left leg. John Smith would have been all over that when he wrestled. That said, it seems pretty hard to duplicate. Smith was extremely fast and flexible and once he got in on a leg he was tenacious until he converted. 

  11. Is Fix fast enough to attack from space and beat reaction time? Ala JB John Smith.  Gilman is from the Brands Camp of handfighting, head banging tie up to a take down


    Fix wrestles best when his opponent has a high attack rate. All of his high percentage offense relies on the guy pressuring into him: the inside trip, the slide by/shuck, and the slick Oklahoma State duck/boot scoot series he does so well. He also has exceptional scrambling. Guys like Gilman who are positionally very strong, hand fight as well or better, and have a very strong attack to his lead leg (Gilman is a lefty whose best shot is the single to Fix’s lead leg) are the worst matchups for Fix. As I said after Fix beat Ramos, Gilman is a much better hand fighter than Tony and rarely gets out of position. He is a different test from Ramos. Fix may be the next big thing, but he is going to have continued trouble wrestling Gilman.


    As Fix becomes more prominent and more scouted, he needs to develop a go-to attack from space that works well against elite competition. Until then he is not ready for the worlds. Pyles was calling Fix's exact attacks right before Fix hit them. He is fairly predictable if you watch him a lot.



    Yup, it looks like Fix was out coached, Kudos to Iowa. Is Fix quick enough to attack from space? john Smith is the master at it, and JB.

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