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  1. Not now guys I want to see the scores.
  2. Maybe, but Ringer is john Smith's guy. Doubt he wants to put more distance between the two.
  3. Good wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes, that is one of the reasons the sport is great. Interested to know how Hall does against Bo in the room? If Halls body fat is low at 74 he could probably put on some muscle and win it at 84 unless ZV/MM are there.
  4. 1. Snyder- Too good, too experienced 2. Burroughs- Wins when it counts. 3.Taylor- Seems the easiest but DT has come up short in the past'. 4. Dake- Seems to always find and answer except against JB. Cox doesn't count too much weight difference. 5. Cox- Experience/youth 6. Green- Experience, but can choke on occasion, 7.Garrett- Can beat anyone if he wrestles smart. 8. Steiber- Slipping but capable. 9. Fix- Maybe if Gilman doesn't get in his head. 10. Griz- Boring I'm sure.
  5. In spite of his world medal, does anyone really think Gilman is a better wrestler than Dake or Taylor? KD and DT have been stuck behind a MT. Rushmore worthy wrestler.
  6. Agreed. Not a Dake fan but would not bet against him. He's a winner. Don't know what happened to Ringer against Z. He seemed to have no offense or sense of urgency when he was behind.
  7. I guess it's a good problem to have, who is better ... Zahid, Fix, Stevenson, Lee ? Let's see who makes the world team Zahid of Fix. It they both make it, does Fix get the nod because he beat a returning Silver Medalist ? Is Gilman better than Dake ?
  8. Just watched the 2nd match with Ringer and Zahid. No way it will be that easy against Dake.
  9. Plenty of time for Spencer to make his mark. He probably needs so more muscle to compete for a World Medal or maybe not. His real strength in folkstyle is on top. Not sure how that will translate to the big boys in Freestyle. I'm just really psyched to see Fix and Lee in the years to come.
  10. Agreed, IMar might keep it close but I don't see him much scoring on JB. Whereas, JB can score when he needs to.
  11. Both Smith and Burroughs were/are the greatest because in their prime they were so quick they could beat their opponents reaction time and had the skill and will to finish.
  12. It's a tough sport between the weight cutting, getting your butt kicked and the life long regret of losing matches you" should have" won.
  13. Agreed, All these Suriano haters. He may rub some people the wrong way but it does not negate his talent. See T. Gilman
  14. The real answer is PA... by far...
  15. Usually New Jersey is top 5 in All Americans. People not from NJ have no clue as to what they are talking abouts in regards to NJ. They watch too much TV. Aside from the high taxes, it's a pretty good place to live overall.
  16. or, Valenti, Dubuque, Pritzlaff, Big Bruce, etc, etc
  17. Doubt that Tom B. is being manipulated by a teenager, rather, Iowa has an immediate need and they see potential in Desanto.
  18. Undefeated all 4 yrs in NJ. Not exceptional, Huh? He wrestled a poor match against Lee. gave up a takedown at the end of the period and was hesitant to go through with his shots. Not saying he would have beaten him. BTW there have been multiple " grinders" like Nick S who have won NCAA titles.
  19. Poor Spencer. He seems like a good kid with a level head stuck between these two nut jobs.
  20. Just make it Freestyle, but only 1 turn per hold. Enough with boring riding time.
  21. Maybe, quite a size difference. Still has to run the gauntlet of other studs. Although, Lee has already beaten Gilman.... in popularity. Lee is the anti-Gilman.
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