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  1. Maybe not this time, but within 18 months Valencia beats Dake.

    Taylor never will.


    Valencia will get some takedowns with his low level attacks and overpower Dake a time or two. Hope Valencia can spend some time with John Smith on technique to refine things. He may be older but Smith is the guy who can work with Valencia on finesse to go with his drive.



    Maybe, but Ringer is john Smith's guy. Doubt he wants to put more distance between the two.

  2. Hall is not to short for the weight.  That is a ridiculous assertion.  He may to small for the weight.  If that is your point you may be right. M. Khardatsev, Chris Campbell, K Jackson, and M Douglas are all examples of people who competed at this weight or higher that were no taller than Mark Hall.  To be big enough I do believe he will have to pack on a good 10 to 15 lbs of useful muscle onto his frame.  Hall has stated that he can no longer get down to 74 kg.  If his intent is to make a run at Olympic Gold in 2020 bulking up to 86kg may be his best option.



    Good wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes, that is one of the reasons the sport is great. Interested to know how Hall does against Bo in the room? If Halls body fat is low at 74 he could probably put on some muscle and win it at 84 unless ZV/MM are  there. 

  3. 1. Snyder- Too good, too experienced

    2. Burroughs- Wins when it counts.

    3.Taylor- Seems the easiest but DT has come up short in the past'.

    4. Dake- Seems to always find and answer except against JB. Cox doesn't count too much weight difference. 

    5. Cox- Experience/youth

    6. Green- Experience, but can choke on occasion,

    7.Garrett- Can beat anyone if he wrestles smart.

    8. Steiber- Slipping but capable.

    9. Fix- Maybe if Gilman doesn't get in his head. 

    10. Griz- Boring I'm sure.

  4. What are you confused about? 


    The p4p thread has people strenuously objecvting to the idea that Gilman is placed behind Dake and Taylor. The OP made a post, now followed by numerous others, where Gilman is believed by the posters to not even be our best 57kg while Taylor and Dake are believed to easily make world team. Wouldn't these beliefs confirm that some people believe agree that Taylor and Dake are p4p better than Gilman? Of course they would. 

     In spite of his world medal, does anyone really think Gilman is a better wrestler than Dake or Taylor? KD and DT have been stuck behind a MT. Rushmore worthy wrestler.

  5. Dake is seasoned, tough as nails, and now clicking on all cylinders.  His low stance and freakish defense will present problems for Valencia.  I see Dake coming out strong and taking the first one relatively clearly; then winning in the second match more closely.

    Agreed. Not a Dake fan but would not bet against him. He's a winner. Don't know what happened to Ringer against Z. He seemed to have no offense or sense of urgency when he was behind. 

  6. In that sense, a high school and collegiate heavyweight can be successful and among the "elite" when relying purely on strength and power where as the lower weights require you to be more refined, precise, and patient all the time just to be competitive. Synder wrestled Coon like a big man the first time around and lost because of it. The next two times he wrestled like a lightweight (which is something he does regularly and one of the reasons why he's so freaking good) and won because of it. This is why you will see a good 200lber whoop on good 250+lbers and not be surprised, where was you will almost never see a good 120lbs kid whoop on a good 135-140lber. Like you said big guys have to "relearn" technique to get to the upper most echelon. Lightweights have had to learn it much earlier and always have it just to compete.

    100% correct

  7. Plenty of time for Spencer to make his mark. He probably needs so more muscle to compete for a World Medal or maybe not. His real strength in folkstyle is on top. Not sure how that will translate to the big boys in Freestyle. I'm just really psyched to see Fix and Lee in the years to come.

  8. You never know how styles will affect outcome until you see for yourself.  I don't think IMar can beat Burroughs but he can keep it close.  Honestly, Burroughs is such a pro he's unconcerned with final score as long as he's ahead.  

    Agreed, IMar might keep it close but I don't see him much scoring on JB.  Whereas, JB can score when he needs to.

  9. It was never easy to win an Olympic title. You make it sound like Smith had a cakewalk while Burroughs had to go uphill both ways in the snow barefoot. If you read your own statements you would realize how absurd you sound.

    Both Smith and Burroughs were/are the greatest because in their prime they were so quick they could beat their opponents reaction time and had the skill and will to finish.  

  10. You are aware that Suriano has 1 loss all season, right? And beat last year’s champion? And beat both finalist the year before prior to being injured in what was a 1 loss season?


    He has 3 college losses and he isn’t good enough to be champ? Your hate is showing

    Agreed, All these Suriano haters. He may rub some people the wrong way but it does not negate his talent.  See T. Gilman  

  11. Nope, not at all. It did produce Cael Sanderson, though his father coaching and brothers pushing probably had a lot more to do with his success than all the Utards combined.


    Every State has its positive and negative qualities whether wrestling or whatever. Which is "best" is a game we play that has no real answer. The three and four time NCAA champions who went undefeated each year they won really doesn't mean their home State is anything at all. It means they were very good. Three and four timers from each era were damn good. Doesn't correlate to State of Origin in any real way.


    Some on here get offended way to easily. The kind who would complain if hung using a new rope.

    The real answer is PA... by far...

  12. Take a look at which state has been producing the most national team members.

    By your passive agrressive statement, you’re suggesting Utah is a better wrestling state?


    In fairness to New Jersey and to counter all the "jersey jokes" we know we should give the place and its wrestlers their due.


    How many four time NCAA champions are from New Jersey?


    Before Freshmen were eligible how many three time NCAA champions are from New Jersey?


    How many Three or Four time NCAA champions who were undefeated in those years are from New Jersey?

    Usually New Jersey is top 5 in All Americans. People not from NJ have no clue as to what they are talking abouts in regards to NJ. They watch too much TV.  Aside from the high taxes, it's a pretty good place to live overall.

  13. Kidding me, Lee is manipulating and controlling the whole scene--good for him.  

    Doubt that Tom B. is being manipulated by a teenager, rather, Iowa has an immediate need and they see potential in Desanto.

  14. Suriano has the tenacity but, ultimately, not that ineffable quality that is usually necessary to win a title or rise to the very elite  level, especially with guys like Lee, Fix and Gross in his path.   He lacks something -- perhaps the creativity, vision, humility, and large-mindedness that helps define guys like Yianni, Spencer Lee, Taylor, Nolf, Dake, and Retherford, among others.   He's driven but not super exceptional in his ability.  A hard worker to be sure, but not gifted.  Part of that missing ingredient is evident in his desire to stay home and court the familiar.   Good luck to him, but I suspect he is going to finish second at best the next two years. 

    Undefeated all 4 yrs in NJ.  Not exceptional, Huh? He wrestled  a poor match against Lee. gave up a takedown at the end of the period and was hesitant to go through with his shots. Not saying he would have beaten him. BTW there have been multiple " grinders" like Nick S who have won NCAA titles.

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