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  1. Yeah, I got sick of the announcers too, repeating how NaTo can deadlift 450 lbs. and bench press 300. But, can't get out from Spencer or hold him down Ditto for how Pletcher was manhandled by T. Wilson. Too bad it wasn't the Powerlifting Championships.
  2. Really? College athletes being emotional after winning a National Championship .... Never saw that before
  3. Just want to give a shout out, Enjoy listening to him. Great insight and humble. Remember him from his days against, Lewis, Burley.
  4. True enough but in reality it's Minors vs. Majors in overall competition. That said, with all the numbers of qualifiers, D1 should brink back letting D2, D3, Champs into the big dance.
  5. Odd that it happened with two different wrestlers in the same weight class.
  6. I guess there are many ways to define a good coach. Wins/losses etc, To me, it's how much the wrestler achieved/overachieved and the experience the athlete had under the coach/mentor. Did the coach leave lessons and influences that the wrestler/athlete will remember and apply positively and pass on? Obviously most D1 coaches know the technical side of the sport but can they be like Gable and push/pull their wrestlers personalities effectively?
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    want- suriano Think- Spencer Lee Want- joseph Think- IMar Want- Hall Think- Zahid
  8. Wrestle Cutch in the last meaningless dual against Buffalo. Let the senior go out with a win. Best of 3 wrestle off between Cassar and Rasheed.
  9. IMHO the rule should be changed. if a wrestler defaults while ahead on points it should not be counted as a loss on his record, although, I agree with the 6 team points being awarded.
  10. bp2xbw

    Thanks Kyle

    hate the leg pass. It's a good counter but it usually results in a stale mate and favors a non-aggressive scrambler.
  11. Me too , kinda, don't care about the NFL anymore. Only live 10 miles from the Linc, but it was good to see Philly finally get theirs. Going to the parade just for the fun of it.
  12. Decide it the old fashion way... Have a wrestle off...
  13. Donny P. is pretty good in the corner.
  14. I hope you are right, but tOSU doesn't really have any holes in the line up. They definitely under performed last night. PSU has the bonus points guys which should make the difference. Just hope Nolf is close to 100%.
  15. Not a tOSU fan but they should still could win the NCAA even with Nolf back. PSU rose to the occasion. Great match. But, tOSU can do better than that. I think they ot overconfident with Nolf down. Marin gave up when he realized he couldn't win. Moore layed an egg. Bo Jo too stiff. Snyder overconfident. Pletcher too conservative( booooring.)., but can go deep in tourney with that style.
  16. Anyone have any insight as to how Lee rides so effectively with a simple Junior High breakdown?
  17. Ugly situation handled poorly from a PR perspective. Can't help recruiting.
  18. I hope not. I enjoy listening to Coach Smith. He's quite different than when he first started coaching. I think he has taken Gables spot as the "Grandfather of College Wrestling"
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