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  1. Not to pile on but is it possible that he is mentally disturbed in some way?  35 years of involvement in the sport and never seen anything like that. After just hearing he tried something similar two weeks ago I just wonder if there is an issue that goes beyond him being a "dik".  


    How the ref didn't DQ him is beyond me.  Even gave the official a bit of shove for good measure.

    You may be right.

  2. I like Suriano from a homer point of view, but you can't argue that any of the 4 don't have just as good of a chance to win it all, not to mention Lizak. 

    • If I was from Lehigh I would be gung-ho and all in.   Defending champ and undefeated  // 
    • Lee is Iowa's best chance and a monster.  World Champ putting up big points and throwing beatings on people  // 
    • tOSU is going to be on fire this weekend.  That momentum can't hurt Nato.   Former Champ and 4-time B1G champ //
    • Suriano - 1 loss in 2 seasons, both shortened.  Has a chip on his shoulder.  Only way to succeed in NJ //
    • Lizak - Will be rehydrated by Friday night.  Will weigh 140 by Saturday.


    Should be good.  

    How many days do they weigh in?

  3. I guess there are many ways to define a good coach. Wins/losses etc, To me, it's how much the wrestler achieved/overachieved and the experience the athlete had under the coach/mentor.  Did the coach leave lessons and influences that the wrestler/athlete will remember and apply positively and pass on?


    Obviously most D1 coaches know the technical side of the sport but can they be like Gable and push/pull their wrestlers personalities effectively?

  4. For those who want to talk wrestling and not act like grade schoolers...


    Been watching Suriano all year and have seen some Lee and Nato matches.  I'm pulling for Suriano as I'm NJ but I feel he doesn't has enough in the toolbox to take on Lee.  Seems too one dimensional.  Whereas a Lee and Retherford are on another level.  See it Lee, Nato, Suriano or maybe Cruz feeling disrespected and getting into the top 3 but not 1.  I'd bet on Lee right now.


    Feel like getting in the RU coaches ears saying aren't you scouting and bringing him along to take on his biggest challenges at b10 and NCAA?  The other thing, he's not working out with the best nor the best in his corner.


    Still can't believe he left PSU.  That's like asking for a trade from the Yankees.  Same with McKenna.  To walk away from that degree....not like he's #1 in his weight.  Who am I to judge....


    But I do hope Suriano adds to his arsenal.  


    Donny P. is pretty good in the corner.  

  5. I guess its possible for tOSU to win it all but I don't think so.  I think their chance is at B10s.  I think their only sure fire NCAA finalist/titlist is Snyder.  NaTo could easily get lost in the jetwash of the 125 lb class with Suriano, Lee, Presser (I don't think Cruz or Lizak have the firepower to go with NaTo).  Moore losing to a back up?


    Conversely PSU has Retherford, Joseph, Nickal, Hall, and Nolf (if healthy) who are finalists/titlists.  With Nevills and now potentially Lee and Cassar scoring points...I don't think the Buckeyes have that kind of firepower.

    I hope you are right, but tOSU doesn't really have any holes in the line up. They definitely under performed last night. PSU has the bonus points guys which should make the difference. Just hope Nolf is close to 100%.

  6. Not a tOSU fan but they should still could win the NCAA even with Nolf back. PSU rose to the occasion. Great match.

    But, tOSU can do better than that. I think they ot overconfident with Nolf down. Marin gave up when he realized he couldn't win. Moore layed an egg. Bo Jo too stiff. Snyder overconfident. Pletcher too conservative( booooring.)., but can go deep in tourney with that style.

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