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    bp2xbw got a reaction from herma48852 in Suriano Happy   
    Agreed, All these Suriano haters. He may rub some people the wrong way but it does not negate his talent.  See T. Gilman  
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    bp2xbw reacted to gowrestle in Suriano Happy   
    A visit to North West Jersey or LBI will change anyone’s mind about the Garden State. I would add the farmland of Hunterdon County to the places to visit. Essex Fells, Short Hills, Belmar, Ho-Ho-Kus, Harding Two., Princeton......visit New Jersey
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    bp2xbw got a reaction from powershouse in Desanto to Iowa   
    Poor Spencer. He seems like a good kid with a level head stuck between these two nut jobs.
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    bp2xbw got a reaction from gowrestle in Suriano Happy   
    or, Valenti, Dubuque, Pritzlaff, Big Bruce, etc, etc
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    bp2xbw got a reaction from stp in Desanto to Iowa   
    Poor Spencer. He seems like a good kid with a level head stuck between these two nut jobs.
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    bp2xbw got a reaction from Billyhoyle in Chael Sonnen on College Wrestling   
    Just make it Freestyle, but only 1 turn per hold. Enough with boring riding time.
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    bp2xbw reacted to BigTenFanboy in IMAR   
    Imar did not look right from before the match even starting. His face looked tremendously stressed and restless. It looked like he hadn't slepted for days...
    I felt the same way about Gabe Dean last year when he came running out for the finals...
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    bp2xbw got a reaction from pennsyrules in What's better?   
    True enough but in reality it's Minors vs. Majors in overall competition. That said, with all the numbers of  qualifiers, D1 should brink back letting D2, D3, Champs into the big dance.  
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    bp2xbw got a reaction from LLB in What is everyone’s wrestling experience?   
    cutting too much weight. 
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    bp2xbw reacted to Aviator12 in I am enjoying the Bull Era   
    If your a Penn State fan, and have watched Cenzo closely his last 4-5 matches or so, this result may end up being one of the bigger blessings in disguise for the enventual national tourney run.
    Again for those who have watched Joseph up close recently, he has been wrestling at an almost cocky style. There is a difference between a competitor who is a confident wrestler and one who is cocky.
    Joseph I think was starting to feel more invincible with each match, and you could/can see it in his mat body language plain as day. Not only has he stood in very vulnerable positions literally daring people to take him down, his Muhammad Ali antics tonight just took it to a whole new level for me tonight.
    This isn’t a criticism... Joseph had every reason to feel that way cuz I know I did too... I was beginning to wonder if anyone can/would take him down outside maybe Martinez, his takedown defense is that elite.
    But I think he became a little too confident for his own good and it caught up to him tonight.
    For Joseph and as a fan, tonight was a good thing. Better that happen now and not in the quarters come tourney time.
    Marinelli won’t beat Joseph again if he respects him the way he should every opponent. I still think it’s a 2 horse race with Joseph and Martinez. But man Marinelli is impressive. He should be Ohio State’s 165 this year, makes me wanna puke he’s not!
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    bp2xbw reacted to Joe24 in I am enjoying the Bull Era   
    Bull won because Joseph was sloppy.  If people don't recognize this, then they are very obtuse.    We shall see.  Bald boy didn't come close when he was initiating, but was the beneficiary of a bad decision by Joseph.  Good luck with this being the norm.  
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    bp2xbw got a reaction from TobusRex in Anthony Cassar   
    Decide it the old fashion way... Have a wrestle off... 
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    bp2xbw reacted to cangemi in PSU v tOSU   
    I think Cael wrestles them off.
    At 197, what else could he do?
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