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  1. I agree, that is why the fact that he is working on gaining weight now threw me off guard. That combined he way he hinted at red shirting "Nobody knows what I am going to do next season, I may red shirt" has me real curious what 133 would look like at PSU without RBY there.
  2. For what is worth, I do not expect to see RBY at 133 this year. He is currently weighing in at 143 and said that he is working on gaining weight. My guess that if he does not red shirt this year (which he hinted at) is that we see him at 149.
  3. No, you did not see what you thought you saw.
  4. Who was looking to slot into 197 for PSU next year? Rasheed if eligible?
  5. I saw Chance wrestle twice this year.... it was those two matches :| P.S. he was totally super double extra gassed vs Sheilds
  6. I wonder how seriously Spencer Lee would have considered staying in State if Suriano was not there at the time?
  7. What is the ceiling for Labriola? Anyone think he can place? Can he get to the finals?
  8. I was thinking maybe Cassar but I change my vote to Brucki after seeing the pic above.
  9. Yesterday: https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/21592
  10. the last 2 seconds of that clip were great though
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