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  1. Jaysus

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    You mean like they did with the basketball game?
  2. Jaysus

    PSU v Wisconsin

    Radio guy said he's sick.
  3. Jaysus


    Joseph is not Wrestling again today. Manville is in his place: I'm thinking he may hold his own against Wick.
  4. Jaysus

    PSU @ Bucknell

    Good call - it was a fun match. I still can't get over how quick Casar looks with that weight on him.
  5. Jaysus

    Lehigh vs PSU

    I am pretty sure I sat next to Hoffman's father. Dude did not say a word during any other bout, but was the loudest person in Rec Hall during that one.... P.S. it was mostly yelling at the ref.
  6. Jaysus

    PSU @ Bucknell

    I mean at this point Nevills is one of the best guys, right? Cassar fared quite well against him at the Keystone. I can only imagine he did just well against him in the room this fall. I'm excited to see him wrestle more to guys. I have to think 2 of him, Stoll, and Gabe have the best chance for the finals.