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  1. Absolutely bummed Lehigh, which decimated Michigan in a dual at the beginning of the year - 7 bouts to 3 ...27 ish to 10, and needed ONE takedown to beat PSU in the dual, folds like a deck of cards at Nats. Anyway they only lose ONE I believe - Cruz. But that doesn't matter if 4 and 5 seeds consistently lose in the qtrs. and end up wresting for 8th. Lehigh tuition is now $66k a year, their kids with schollies get a heckuva lot of $$$. Why does Cornell outperform Lehigh so consistently????.
  2. Appears pulling away from the pack even more. 15 AAs, 4 or so champs. Without PAs Lee and Kemmerer Iowa finishes 7th. Only problem is Ohio State recruited the best from PA this year, Hoffman and Sasso, both USA # 1s. Teasdale seems "iffy". AA and not dominant but Sanderson does work miracles.
  3. Anyone who knows, it is the exact same move Rob Rohn used in Albany semis against Smith, Iowa coaching staff had NO CLUE what he was trying to do, we saw the move 100xs in Dist XI. Only issue is Rohn was looking for the move from the opening whistle- and tried it 5 times before it worked. Shame Iowa had NO CLUE, we just laughed. Congrats to Nickal
  4. Lehigh I believe has all guts alive, 5 in quarters, 3 in consis. Best showing in quite some time. 5th is reachable but a LOT of "ifs", but would be great. Nice job Lehigh
  5. Wow, Ohio State got the two best from PA, Sasso and Hoffman. Teasdale looked very beatable and within a whisker of a TD
  6. Sasso - USA 1 - PA States 2, (lost to Lee) 3, t ,? Full ride to Ohio State. Went up a weight at Beast to wrestle USA #1 at 52, lost 5-3 to USA # 1 David Carr. He is great fun to watch, good kid too.
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