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  1. Well nothing but integrity I suppose at this point. Perhaps a change to seeding criteria as well would be needed. And with seeding every wrestler, everyone should be where they belong and this method would generally work.
  2. I havent been on this board long and do not check it too often so perhaps this type of idea was already suggested for team scoring: Make upsets worth points. The amount TBD but something like this, if a 15 seed beats a 2, (seed a - seed b)/(4?) so (15-2)/4 = 3.25 team points. This basically makes undervalued wrestlers more valuable and teams who want the top seed everywhere worth a little less. There would be no extra points (or negative points) for wrestlers who win a match as the higher seed. Thoughts?
  3. I like the idea of doctors approval, but that doesnt really solve the problem. Healthy wrestlers MFF's -- Doctors says they are good to go. -- Team is only out a small doctor bill.
  4. What if a wrestler losses 1 seed spot/MFF regardless of MFF reason. So seed as if no MFF happened and then all MFF drop down and adjust the bracket accordingly. So no loss but they all lose positioning. I suppose this could be gamed as well but it may help some.
  5. I think it should count as a "loss" vs the wrestler but not on the record as a loss. Its too tough to get a straight answer if a MFF is legit or not. I feel an official loss to the record is a bit much... Maybe we can say its a win for the non "hurt" wrestler and a "tie" for the hurt one. So we would add a new dimension into rankings and record. Someone could be 15-0-3 (15 wins, no losses and 3 MFF's). Just need to figure out how they count it against a wrestler in rankings but I feel something like this may be most fair. I have not been following the thread, sorry for any reused ideas.
  6. Probably close to 100% chance
  7. Ill take a shot and see what happens: 125 - Lee over Rivera, I think Lee will get past his "thing" and turns dominant once again for the rest of the season. 133 - Suriano over Micic, I think Suriano is overdue for some glory 141 - McKenna over Carr 149 - Ashnault over Jordan 157 - Nolf over Berger 165 - Marinelli over cenzo cause I think it would be funny for Vincenzo to be a 4x NCAA winner and a 0 time Big 10. 174 - Hall over Amine 184 - Miles over Rasheed 197 - Bo over Moore Heavy - Gable over Cassar
  8. I appreciate all the replies, there certainly is a great wealth of knowledge in this forum.
  9. I do not know but I imagine the flo guys will talk about that tomorrow on FRL.
  10. Yes, "All-Star" exhibits are what I would be referring to. Not missed weight, and not necessarily 2 #1's but 2 tough guys just going at it who normally would not due to weight class.
  11. I have only recently started watching/following college wrestling more closely and I am generally impressed when a #1 guy decides to bump up a weight class to challenge another #1 guy. I am curious, aside from Gross and Rivera who did this, who else in recent times (we'll say post 2000) have done this? I think I recall hearing Ben Askren bumping up a weight but I do not recall the ranking details. If another topic on this was already once created, feel free to link it below.
  12. 125 Lee will turn things around 133 Fix 141 Yianni 149 Ashnault 157 Nolf - Nost outstanding 165 Joseph 174 Valencia 184 Martin 194 Nickal - Hodge HWT Gable
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