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  1. Those coaches will not care what fans think. They are probably thinking the same thing, but they are not going to be swayed by pissed off fans from a wrestling talk forum.
  2. There's a lot to be said on what people consider junk moves and what people consider moves that are hit when the opportunity presents itself. Talking with John Smith one time, he made realize that junk moves are really go to moves for some and what some consider junk. He talked about two wrestlers that had a lot of success for him and how when they first came into the Cowboy Wrestling Room, he was not impressed at all. One was a huge recruit and is now a assistant for him, Zack Esposito and the other was Johnny Thompson. John told me that after coaching those two, that he will never tell a wrestler that they cannot do a move or that it is crap wrestling and it won't work. Of course he meant that it worked for those guys and not a lot of others, but it rang true and it was a lesson that I will never forget. If you pull up Johnny Thompson's Highlight video it is awesome, truly one of the toughest guys that I ever had the opportunity to scrap with. Johnny talked about how he was able to hit his snake on almost anyone and then he developed one of the best double legs off of that. Guys were terrified to get caught in the snake and it would sit up his beautiful double because they would square up so hard keep their head up for fear of getting tossed to their back. One of story that I would like to share about this topic is about a former great Nebraska High School Coach. Tom McCann coached at Kearney High School and had a top level HS team. He talked one time about coaching kids that were knew to wrestling how to pin. He would show big moves that most consider junk and by doing this, he said he should kids how to use leverage, hips, strength, and they had fun by learning how to pin. After they developed this, the kids were hooked and they wanted to learn more. They wanted to become a good or great wrestler like other kids on his team. He talked about showing kids how to hit High Flyers, Snakes, Twisters, and other moves that people consider junk moves and I will never forget the first time I went to the Nebraska HS State Tournament and I heard the roar of the Kearney fans and I looked over and saw a kid that had come into the tournament with barely a 500 record just pin his way into the semi-finals. It was another lesson that has stuck with me in my own coaching career and I do think there are always room for good wrestlers to learn what some consider junk moves.
  3. Watching this Dual, it is definitely not the Easton that I have been use to seeing. Easton kids are not using any technique and they look horrible on their feet. There is no shot defense and I do not thing that any of them have hit a whizzer to defend a shot. I'm sure they are going to have some studs like usual though.
  4. Maybe not at the Senior Level, but I would not count them out. As far as their careers go, I would take any of their accomplishments.
  5. Everyone complains about FB, but I love to get FB players to wrestle. I'm in TX, so obviously the best athletes are playing FB. Here are other reasons that I like to get FB players on my team: 1) They are usually aggressive and both sports benefit from that. 2) It works both ways and when FB players have success on the mat and it translates over to the FB field, FB coaches see the benefits. 3) FB usually have the popular athletic kids. This helps draw interest, which in turn helps my program. 4) Burnout is less likely if kids are playing multiple sports. This goes both ways for both sports. 5) Younger kids see these big HS sports hero's and when they find out that they wrestle also, it translates into more interest, more athletes, and better wrestling programs. I definitely try and promote the sport both ways.
  6. I have not read through many of the posts because I just don't have the time right now, but I will tell you that getting rid of weights in my situation will be bad. I have coach in schools of all sizes and all throughout the Midwest, but now I'm coaching at a very large school in TX and less weight classes and particularly the low weight classes will definitely hurt my team. Here are the #'s that I had before FB was finished and my #'s went up some when the FB season finished. 106 - 2 Seniors, 1 Junior, 1 Sophomore, 3 Freshman 113 - 2 Seniors, 1 Junior, 1 Sophmore, 2 Freshman 120 - 1 Senior, 3 Sophomores, 1 Freshman 126 - 1 Junior, 1 Sophmore, 1 Freshman (This weight is cleared out because no one wants to wrestle my 126lber) 132 - 3 Juniors, 3 Sophomores, 4 Freshman 138 - 2 Seniors, 2 Juniors, 3 Sophomores, 3 Freshman 145 - 2 Seniors, 3 Juniors, 1 Sophomore, 2 Freshman 152 - 1 Senior, 2 Juniors, 3 Sophomores, and 5 Freshman 160 - 1 Senior, 2 Juniors, 1 Sophomore, 2 Freshman 170 - 2 Juniors, 2 Sophomores, 3 Freshman 182 - 2 Juniors, 2 Sophomores, 1 Freshman 195 - 1 Senior, 2 Juniors, 1 Sophomore 220 - 1 Senior, 2 Sophomores, 1 Freshman 285 - 1 Senior, 1 Sophomore, 1 Freshman As you can tell we have great #'s. The biggest issue that I run into is, I do not get a assistant until our FB season is over and we always play deep into the playoffs. The biggest thing that hurts the team is we have no Middle School Feeder programs. There's no MS programs in the area and so I bust my butt by spreading as much information as I can by word of mouth at the MS and through youth football teams. #'s are great, but if I lose weight classes and if I cannot have a JV schedule, my program is going to take a lot of hits and we will lose kids quickly.
  7. Gross did not look good at all. Now DeSanto's looked very good and when a guy like that is on, he can make a good wrestler not look like themselves. I'm not going to lie, I was very disappointed in that match. I'm definitely not a DeSanto's fan and I have had Seth work some camps with me and he is a great kid. DeSanto's wrestling the way he did, is not surprising to me after watching the way the rest of the team competed. He seems to be a guy that can get rolling when the rest of the team is wrestling well. The Hawks looked very tough and it is exciting to think of the team race that we may be able to see in Minneapolis this year.
  8. Alex had stated that his family life was not ideal and that he grew up very early and had to make a lot of decisions on his own. As close as he was to Eli and the Stickley family, he may have chose to be home schooled like Eli and follow what the Stickley family had chosen for their own children.
  9. Very tough news to hear. Brandon is a great young man and I will be keeping him in my prayers. Stay tough young man.
  10. I like riding time over a guy getting a takedown and then not even attempting a turn in Freestyle and waiting for a referee to put them back on their feet. I like all styles, but the more I watch or coach matches where no one including the coaches, wrestlers, and referees no what the outcome should be, the more I like the structure of folkstyle.
  11. Bo has always had doubters and he has proved them wrong almost every time. Snyder, Cox, DT, Dake, etc. all those guys are great wrestlers and very accomplished, but Bo has had success at every level and he has beat almost everyone that he has taken the mat with. I have watched Bo wrestle for many years and it still amazes me sometimes when he beats guys that I did not think he would. No one gave him a shot against Gabe Dean in the NCAA Finals. People have doubted him for years and all he has done is gone out and proved everyone wrong. I do think that Cox and Snyder may be on another level than Bo, but I also believe that Bo may be at that level and we just have not been able to witness it yet. Wrestlers like Boare the type of wrestlers that the sport needs. He is not going to bore people to death and he is always exciting. Whatever Bo chooses to do, I know he will be great at it, I just hope we can see him on the mat for a while longer.
  12. The Hodge Trophy may be a popularity contest in some peoples eyes, but being a popular wrestler is a great thing. Any wrestler that draws a crowd and excitement to matches is what the sport needs. Penn State and their dominate wrestlers, the amount of points that they put on the board, and their excitement to get a crowd going is awesome. Dake is a great wrestler and one of the best. He also beat one of the greatest wrestlers in our sport 3x's and I will admit, I picked and cheered for Taylor each time. When fans talk about the greatest athletes in their particular sport, there will always be a element of each persons personal favorite. What makes Kyle great is, nobody can deny the accomplishments that he has had and the wrestlers that he had to beat to achieve those accomplishments were also great wrestlers. So looking back, yes Dake was and still is that great. I hope we can see some more greatness from him for the next two Olympic Cycles.
  13. Unfortunately we will never see Wrestling at Rice University. I have talked to Tanner a number of times and he has even said that he would love to start a team there, but it is not going to happen. Tanner is still involved in wrestling and he tries to stay involved as much as he can. Last spring, he sponsored a Wrestling night at the Ball Park during a Rice baseball game and gave free tickets to Wrestlers that showed up with their club team. It was not attended to well, but he is going to try and have a few other things to promote the sport. Tanner is a very smart man (as you can tell by his academic success). He is a great advocate for the sport and I do believe we will see Tanner moving on to a University where they do have wrestling at some point in his career. As of now, I know he is enjoying his time at Rice and it has been good to have a former wrestler of his stature in the local community.
  14. Tervel has slimmed down some. He is still a massive man. The funny thing about Tervel is, he actually joined wrestling to lose weight. He described himself as a fat kid and he saw the wrestlers at his HS working out and he decided to give it a try. In fact, Tervel did not want to be a HWT in college, but it sure turned out great for him. Tervel is truly a great man and one of the best guys I know. As for Mocco, he has trimmed down a bunch. Not sure if he is close to 200lbs or not, but he is definitely smaller than he was when he was competing. (this is not a knock on Mocco), but when he was competing his head looked like it was 200lbs. itself. Tervel use to complain that he could not get past Mocco's head and he was not dirty with it, he just used it as a advantage and knew how to do it very well for leg defense.
  15. JUCO could definitely be a option for him. I wrestled with a bunch of guys that did not speak or understand English very well at all, but they all wanted to improve their education and they were great wrestlers. Colby JC use to get a lot of foreign athletes and it was a blast wrestling with them.
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