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  1. Meatey

    When is Hall gonna wrestle?

    Yes. He is very lazy. Just think what he could accomplish if he actually worked hard. I don't like to be a forum tough guy, but you are a idiot for making that statement.
  2. Meatey

    RBY Dominated in Jr Finals

    It was a good performance by Tagg, but definitely not a dominating performance. Any time someone beats a talent like RBY, it is a great accomplishment. I do think RBY will beat him the next time they wrestle, but props to Tagg, he got it done this time.
  3. Meatey

    Back to Texas

    Willie, you got me on my wonderful post. When I re-read it, even I was surprised about my surprised-ness!
  4. Meatey

    Back to Texas

    I'm very surprised this has not been posted yet, but the Ferrari's have made the announcement that they are heading back to Allen High School. I'm surprised that they are moving back, but with some of the things that parents and families do now days, it is harder and harder to become surprised. Personally, I'm excited about this move, because I'm a northern transplant to Texas and it means I will get to see these boys wrestle more often and I just like seeing good tough kids.
  5. Meatey

    Suriano’s Dad

    I would love to see his dad go after John Smith. That would be entertaining to watch. Pretty sure, Coach Smith can handle himself.
  6. Meatey

    Yanni's shoes

    What are the shoes that Yanni is wearing?
  7. Meatey

    Video Review - Conferences and NCAA

    I think the reviews are out of control, but if the rules let the coaches to continue challenging things they are going to challenge calls. I do like the idea of having a neutral official that has nothing to do with actual match that can take a look at the call and make a decision without any other factors besides the challenge to look at. It is making the referring tougher and tougher on the officials and it is making things absolutely crazy on the mat. I just watched the Fix and Surriano match again and Fix was going really working behind on that shrug and I think it did stop Fix a little, but Surriano was the more aggressive wrestler this match and I think deserved the win.
  8. Meatey

    Who gets the Hodge?

    Both Bo and Nolf deserve it, but I do think Bo will win it. It is kind of funny how people are so use to both of them being so dominate that they call a 5 - 1 win over the #2 wrestler in the Nation a lackluster match. I'm very sad to see these guys graduate, because I don't know if we will see this type of dominance ever again. Great careers and thanks for the show Bo and Jason!
  9. Meatey

    Joe Smith - last minute weight drops hurt?

    The weight cuts hurts everyone that has to do it. I'm sure it definitely hurt him, but who does not look gassed or tired at the end of a match after wrestling Marrinelli? I'm pretty sure that Coach Smith knows what he is doing. Joe has never seemed like he deals real well with a hard cut, but that is not out of the ordinary for a lot of guys. I think that Marrinelli was just too much for him and he got beat. Up 4 - 2 early and Marrinelli put on the hard right and that will wear a lot of guys down.
  10. Meatey

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    It just cracks me up with people talking about the what if's. This program is on top of the NCAA World in our sport because they know what they are doing. Personally, I will love to see Kyle in the PSU program. He seems like a great and likeable kid who has struggled with some emotional problems and life has not been easy on him. There is always a lot of talk and poking fun of the PSU wrestlers talking about how much fun they have and how much fun they have in this program. That seems like a good fit for a guy that has struggled some in the past with his life. Why not go wrestle for the best team, the best coaches, and why not have fun doing it. I guarantee you that the PSU staff has talked about all the issues brought up and hopefully they discussed all of these with Kyle. In my experience of being around the team and then hearing from the wrestlers, they do a great job of taking care of their own. It may cause a little log jam at 197, but they have been able to manage around these issues in the past. I just wish Kyle good luck and that I hope we continue to see that big smile on his face and that we will be able to see him on the mat next season.
  11. I know 2 wrestlers from Division 2 Nebraska-Kearney who won D2 titles, never won a state title. Tervel Dlagnev placed 5th and 3rd and Raufeon Stots only placed his Senior year and only wrestled one year in HS. Tervel ended winning a D2 Title, was a multiple time world and Olympic Team Member and Stots placed 4th at Labette Community College and then went on to win two Division 2 Titles at Nebraska- Kearney. Both great talents that just did not have much wrestling back grounds, but ended up with lots of success.
  12. Meatey

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    The RTC's are a great resource for the Senior Level Wrestlers and of course the colleges that share these RTC's do have a advantage. The greatest asset though for the Senior Level Wrestlers is the sponsorship and the ability to train without holding down a couple of part time jobs just to be able to compete for a few years after your College eligibility runs out. Personally this would have been huge when I was competing and it would have helped all of the guys that were competing around that time. The year that the World Team Trials were held in Minneapolis I had to loan a old college teammate a singlet and help pay for his entry, because Sunkist dropped his sponsorship right before weigh-ins. They told him that he had not competed in enough competitions to keep his sponsorship. He tried to argue with them about having to work and not being able to compete very much because of not having enough funds. So besides helping colleges with recruiting, I think the biggest aspect is the benefits that the RTC's provide the senior level athletes with great coaches, training partners, and the means to survive as they chase their World and Olympic Dreams.