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  1. Bo has always had doubters and he has proved them wrong almost every time. Snyder, Cox, DT, Dake, etc. all those guys are great wrestlers and very accomplished, but Bo has had success at every level and he has beat almost everyone that he has taken the mat with. I have watched Bo wrestle for many years and it still amazes me sometimes when he beats guys that I did not think he would. No one gave him a shot against Gabe Dean in the NCAA Finals. People have doubted him for years and all he has done is gone out and proved everyone wrong. I do think that Cox and Snyder may be on another level than Bo, but I also believe that Bo may be at that level and we just have not been able to witness it yet. Wrestlers like Boare the type of wrestlers that the sport needs. He is not going to bore people to death and he is always exciting. Whatever Bo chooses to do, I know he will be great at it, I just hope we can see him on the mat for a while longer.
  2. The Hodge Trophy may be a popularity contest in some peoples eyes, but being a popular wrestler is a great thing. Any wrestler that draws a crowd and excitement to matches is what the sport needs. Penn State and their dominate wrestlers, the amount of points that they put on the board, and their excitement to get a crowd going is awesome. Dake is a great wrestler and one of the best. He also beat one of the greatest wrestlers in our sport 3x's and I will admit, I picked and cheered for Taylor each time. When fans talk about the greatest athletes in their particular sport, there will always be a element of each persons personal favorite. What makes Kyle great is, nobody can deny the accomplishments that he has had and the wrestlers that he had to beat to achieve those accomplishments were also great wrestlers. So looking back, yes Dake was and still is that great. I hope we can see some more greatness from him for the next two Olympic Cycles.
  3. Unfortunately we will never see Wrestling at Rice University. I have talked to Tanner a number of times and he has even said that he would love to start a team there, but it is not going to happen. Tanner is still involved in wrestling and he tries to stay involved as much as he can. Last spring, he sponsored a Wrestling night at the Ball Park during a Rice baseball game and gave free tickets to Wrestlers that showed up with their club team. It was not attended to well, but he is going to try and have a few other things to promote the sport. Tanner is a very smart man (as you can tell by his academic success). He is a great advocate for the sport and I do believe we will see Tanner moving on to a University where they do have wrestling at some point in his career. As of now, I know he is enjoying his time at Rice and it has been good to have a former wrestler of his stature in the local community.
  4. Tervel has slimmed down some. He is still a massive man. The funny thing about Tervel is, he actually joined wrestling to lose weight. He described himself as a fat kid and he saw the wrestlers at his HS working out and he decided to give it a try. In fact, Tervel did not want to be a HWT in college, but it sure turned out great for him. Tervel is truly a great man and one of the best guys I know. As for Mocco, he has trimmed down a bunch. Not sure if he is close to 200lbs or not, but he is definitely smaller than he was when he was competing. (this is not a knock on Mocco), but when he was competing his head looked like it was 200lbs. itself. Tervel use to complain that he could not get past Mocco's head and he was not dirty with it, he just used it as a advantage and knew how to do it very well for leg defense.
  5. JUCO could definitely be a option for him. I wrestled with a bunch of guys that did not speak or understand English very well at all, but they all wanted to improve their education and they were great wrestlers. Colby JC use to get a lot of foreign athletes and it was a blast wrestling with them.
  6. That is a great pick up for AF and a good move for Joe. Sam Barber is one of the best overall guys in the business and he does a good job at The AF Academy. I have been lucky enough to coach with Sam a few times and you will not find a better man. The AF Academy is a tough place to recruit the talent that you need to compete at the D1 level. The biggest sale for me is going into a Academy is a great career choice for the athlete's and you cannot beat living in the Springs area. Hopefully Joe can help continue building the AF program and good luck to the entire AF Wrestling Team.
  7. Pinnum nailed this spot on! I have been heavily involved in all 3 aspects of the sport, but many have not and will not ever be heavily involved in all 3. I have tried to write down many times what he has expressed here and I have never been able to get all of my thoughts down, but like I said he nailed it. Great job and I don't feel I need to elaborate any farther. I hope we never lose and of the 3 styles, but I think if we do go away from Folk, that we will lose tons of competitors and fans.
  8. This is definitely not the news I wanted to hear. I have always been a huge DT fan and I have brought him into my house and had him do camps for my HS Team for the last 5 or 6 summers. He has been awesome to have as a clinician and my team and especially my son absolutely love him. DT is a very competitive person and I'm sure there was some thought put into the words when he said that the spot is a gift for Downey. The thing I hate most about this is that Downey will be representing the USA. I know everyone deserves second chances, but Downey time and again has chosen to do things that are not acceptable. Then add his dad to the mix and it becomes a circus act. I hope he has a good tournament and represents the USA with class. I would rather see a well behaved Pat Downey not medal, then the Pat Downey that I have seen way too many times acting like a fool and win.
  9. Yes. He is very lazy. Just think what he could accomplish if he actually worked hard. I don't like to be a forum tough guy, but you are a idiot for making that statement.
  10. It was a good performance by Tagg, but definitely not a dominating performance. Any time someone beats a talent like RBY, it is a great accomplishment. I do think RBY will beat him the next time they wrestle, but props to Tagg, he got it done this time.
  11. Willie, you got me on my wonderful post. When I re-read it, even I was surprised about my surprised-ness!
  12. I'm very surprised this has not been posted yet, but the Ferrari's have made the announcement that they are heading back to Allen High School. I'm surprised that they are moving back, but with some of the things that parents and families do now days, it is harder and harder to become surprised. Personally, I'm excited about this move, because I'm a northern transplant to Texas and it means I will get to see these boys wrestle more often and I just like seeing good tough kids.
  13. I would love to see his dad go after John Smith. That would be entertaining to watch. Pretty sure, Coach Smith can handle himself.
  14. What are the shoes that Yanni is wearing?
  15. I think the reviews are out of control, but if the rules let the coaches to continue challenging things they are going to challenge calls. I do like the idea of having a neutral official that has nothing to do with actual match that can take a look at the call and make a decision without any other factors besides the challenge to look at. It is making the referring tougher and tougher on the officials and it is making things absolutely crazy on the mat. I just watched the Fix and Surriano match again and Fix was going really working behind on that shrug and I think it did stop Fix a little, but Surriano was the more aggressive wrestler this match and I think deserved the win.
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