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  1. No. Pyles is a Virginia boy. Buffalo Gap.
  2. Sorry folks. Didn’t realize it’s already been posted. Never mind. Happy carnival
  3. Half of Dake’s freestyle losses have come to JB. That’s half of his losses to one man.
  4. I just listened to CP and company in Flow discuss this from last week. Found the audio using a google search as I don’t have a pro subscription. Interesting. One thing they discussed was putting Zain in the NCAA tournament from 08-10, and Metcalf 16-18. To face back to back to back Palmer, Burroughs, and Bubba. That’s a tough row to hoe my friends, even against sophomore versions of these kids. Guess what: not happening. Although I do believe Zain could’ve ridden Bubba.
  5. That match, too many stoppages. That was really the only way Caldwell was going to win. But damn what a match.
  6. I’ve been rewatching some old mat videos of both. Brent was susceptible to take downs from super quick opponents and Zain is pretty slick when he grabs an ankle. I could see him getting a takedown quickly into the first period and again in the second.
  7. Metcalf and Dustin were even Steven until Dustin got hurt. I take Dustin over Zain too, prior to his injury. I think Dustin was too slick.
  8. C’mon Tobus.How do you figure? He’s going to take him down and ride him? Doubtful. Def no back points. I’d give Zain a takedown. The most overrated three timer ever.
  9. Trying to think of the best wrestler Zain faced in college During his sophomore through senior seasons (championship seasons), Compared to who Brent wrestled. I’m thinking a number of those guys like bubba could have taken Zain down and put pressure in ol Zain. Brent would apply pressure the whole match and wear him down. 7-4. I think somebody should put together a 16 man bracket of the last 16 individual champions. Then we could each vote on who would win each match. Wouldn’t that be fun? Could seed based in number of national titles with winning percentage number 2 criteria. Maybe JB could put it together.
  10. Folks. Let’s be real. Spence won his Freshmen year in one of the all time sickest weight class years of all time. Last year he didn’t give up a point in the finals. He’s won world championships. He IS the best lightweight wrestler in the US, technique wise. And I would add that watching him wrestle is like watching Kramnik play chess: it is just better to watch and more pleasing to the eye. The spot is his when he is ready to take it. Dayton is just keeping it warm. Let’s be real. Wrestlers often get better in their mid twenties once they start getting their adult point of view. Leverage and balance improve. imagine Spence at 25 Russian arming his way to gold medal. His opponents will be more concerned with keeping their arms and hands away from him so they don’t get ripped off. all y’all posters need to stop tripping. Same with VA tech Mekki. Nobody is going to beat him when he doesnt feel like losing.
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