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  1. Overwhelmingly great for wrestling. It's only because we've grown used to the great coverage they provide that we can nitpick about the things that annoy us. I'll always have disagreements with their content team, but that's the same for any group of pundits that cover any sport. It's actually a good thing. If I agreed with them every time, it wouldn't be any fun listening to them. The streaming does need to be more reliable and I think it will get there. I don't remember any catastrophe's on my end from this past season, so I think they're heading in the right direction.
  2. All true, but that wasn't the general discourse around him when he first got started. A lot of people only thought of him as a freak athlete. They were obviously wrong.
  3. Skip to about 8:15. If Yianni or DT hit something like that, our jaws would drop, and rightly so. He hit it as a full sized heavyweight in the NCAA semis. He also hit a beautiful toe drag blast double and a gorgeous outside step swim high crotch to a big lift to his opponents back. You can't get more perfect than that high crotch. A lot of time, the skills of freak athletes get overlooked because people assume they win on their athletic ability. People talked like that about Burroughs early in his international career. Eventually, they figured out he was incredibly skilled too. Lesnar was very good.
  4. Especially suspicious because it was in favor of the hometown wrestler if I'm not mistaken.
  5. This is actually an interesting conundrum a lot of fans are going to deal with this year because of the trials rules. As a Gilman/Lee fan who really wants to see one of them on the team next year, it's in my interest to hope that Fix places 5th, qualifying the weight, but not earning a bye to the finals. I don't think I've ever rooted for Fix before either, even before his Ok St days. Yet, I suspect when it comes down to it, I'll be happy to see him win. I do know that I won't take his losses nearly as hard as I would take a JB, Dake, or Cox loss. Same situation for a guy like Graff who I've always really respected a rooted for, but him medalling gets him a bye to the semis at 57. I don't think I could ever root against one of our guys while they're on the mat, but there will definitely be a few on the team this year whose losses won't upset me. The guy I'm really pulling for is Zain. I've always been a big fan of his and was bullish about him being capable of beating Yianni after his open loss. However, I found myself souring on him after the Final X debacle where Yianni got screwed, which obviously isn't his fault. Now I'm back on the bandwagon I guess. Hope he pulls out a miracle with his draw. Would be a great story. I'd also add, the messy part of my personality would love to see Downey medal somehow just to create chaos at 86kg next year. Would be wild for Cox, DT, Ringer, and Valencia to have to battle it out just to make it to...PD3. lol
  6. Zain going 0-1 is the logical pick here. Not favored against Tobier who in turn is not favored against any of the 3 possible quarters opponents. Hoping Zain can pull off some magic. Even if Tobier sneaks through, Zain is going to have to beat someone like Otoguro or Rashidov just to get to the medal match. I think he's good enough to medal with the right draw, but this isn't the right draw. And for the record, I wouldn't feel good about Yianni's chances either. I think our impression of him is a little inflated after the all star win over Bajrang. US guys have been upsetting top guys at BTS for years. It almost never carries over. Yianni's good, but he's not that much better than Zain (or even better in the first place).
  7. Then why doesn't Canada have to pay? This has nothing to do with living in a "free enterprise" society. There are plenty of those societies who don't have to pay. Russia is a free enterprise society. We're just "lucky" to have a company with the ability to buy the rights and withhold it from us. That's freedom baby.
  8. You think the US is the only "free enterprise" society in the world?
  9. the politics understander has logged on folks
  10. I think it's just the match up. The weakest part of Fix's game are his leg attacks or lack thereof. He thrives on flurries and slick stuff like shrugs and inside trips. Suriano doesn't put himself in position for those. He doesn't hang on the head and he doesn't attack a ton, and when he does he often doesn't hit a knee which makes him hard to reattack. Fix is too disciplined to take bad shots. You have to guys who mostly look for counter offense. This results in a stand still.
  11. This is the criteria for the Olympic Redshirt, not the Olympic Trials. 2020 champs can't be eligible for the olympic redshirt because the year they would take off has already happened. I believe 2020 champs to qualify for the trials like usual.
  12. Also important to note that the semicolon is not present on the actual criteria page making the flo article a misquote. If the semicolon was actually present in the official criteria this would be much simpler.
  13. Didn't think he was eligible to take an Olympic Shirt, though he has a regular shirt available. Has anyone ever gotten final clarification on the criteria about placing top 3 and making the finals at U23? Some think you only need to place top 3. Others think you only have to also place top 2 at U23 if you're using the NCAA champ from previous year criteria.
  14. Excited to see Garzon! One of my all-time favorites. I'm sure he's a shell of his former self, but it will be fun to see. Has to at least be solid for Cuba to send him in a year they're not sending a full team.
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