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  1. spladle

    Wick vs. Cenzo

    Is he hurt?
  2. spladle

    Who do you have next time? Let's bet on it.

    Next meeting? Or next World's? As little as the Russians compete it could be the same thing.
  3. This is not a bold prediction, but I have a feeling from here out Sadulaev has Snyder's number.
  4. spladle

    Mix up the two bronze medal brackets!

    There is no intention of incorporating a "fair" system.
  5. Plus 2 more finalists and Gilman going for bronze. It is a good run.
  6. spladle

    Taylor wins Gold

    Let's follow this up with Dake, Cox, and hopefully Snyder.
  7. spladle

    The 4 Chamizo got against JB

    Why would I therapy for calling out a bad decision?
  8. spladle

    The 4 Chamizo got against JB

    Losses are ok, questionable calls bordering on screw jobs are not. The jury is still out whether this qualifies as a screw job though it is certainly a questionable call.
  9. spladle

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    Should be a good test.
  10. spladle

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    This last beat the streets was a debacle.
  11. spladle

    Small world

    It was just Dake and Cox, I didn't chat much except ask if they were en route to a competition.
  12. spladle

    Small world

    Early this morning saw Kyle Dake and J'Den Cox while waiting in line for TSA at Denver International Airport. Apparently they are headed out to Turkey.
  13. spladle

    Question about Smith's 92 olympic loss

    It was an A and B pool positive point system. First place in the pool puts you in the gold match, second in the bronze, third place in pool fights for fifth place. A single loss could place you first, second, or third in your pool depending on how the A vs B vs C matches worked out. Jim Scheer in 88 had a single loss but finished third in his pool.
  14. spladle

    MN may have 3 Olympians

    Getting too ahead of ourselves much?
  15. spladle

    Our Men’s FS world team

    It is going to be a long 4 months.