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  1. Brandon Slay vs Leipold.  The clinch rule was a bad rule anyway, and Leipold puts on a great acting show the make it look like Slay isn't allowing him to lock up.  couple that with a gifted hand grabbing penalty and Leipold has a 3 zip lead.  Slay would lose 4 to 1 and then Leipold subsequently be stripped of his gold for a positive PED test.

  2. There was a match back when escape points were awarded between Jaddidi and Melvin Douglas in the World finals (forgot the year).  Jaddidi was placed down and as Douglas got set and whistle blows Jaddidi stands and gets out and was awarded the point.  None if the above mentioned criteria were met, but the pt was awarded anyway and it was the difference in the match.  Jaddidi later lost his medal due to PED violation.

  3. Those were the good old days of US wrestlers getting jobbed at any opportunity.  Henson's singlet grab, Kolat's bs protest, Brands leg turk being stopped, etc.  Even Slay had dubious penalties assessed gifting his opponent 3 points.   The 2000 Olympics were a joke.


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