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  1. I know that, I am not able to watch so what move did he score with?
  2. Not even close. I hope Dake brings home a medal.
  3. Ok so they marked it wrong on FloArena. They had McKenna underlined. I thought that meant he had criteria.
  4. First match to McKenna by criteria. Another reason to have OT.
  5. From a logistics standpoint 8 weights isn't much harder to pull off than 6. From the IOC point of view though, it is a zero sum game and in order to add crap like BMX they have to reduce in other areas. You will never see a reduction in swimming or track and field so suggesting that is a waste of time.
  6. It has been discussed in multiple threads but is spread out. Nolf is still nursing a knee injury. Retherford may or may not be concussed and information is scant. Not sure bout Joesph, Hall, or Nickal.
  7. I find myself wanting to root against Snyder after reading the article.
  8. I am going on a limb and saying Dake/Valencia goes to 3 matches.
  9. Both are prodigies wouldn't you think? Snyder had 3 world and Olympic golds as does Sadulaev. Snyder happened to get the best of it in a close match. I really hope a rematch is in the cards somewhere.
  10. Scott is far more motivated than most. He has poured his heart and soul into wrestling. Question his attitude on life and general disposition, but I would never question his dedication to wrestling.
  11. Going in the '88 Games, I thought for sure the US was going to clean house.
  12. Two different styles. Snyder has all the sophistication of a sledgehammer. Good quickness, powerful hips, and a tank that seems bottomless all contribute heavily to his success. Sadulaev seems more refined and technical than Snyder. If they wrestled five matches, I think it would be a 3 to 2 split. It most likely would favor Snyder.
  13. If you are paying for a subscription to Flo, you have every right to complain about production issues.
  14. If it is a subscription only service, we eliminate any potential market increase.
  15. If our collective goal is to grow the wrestling audience, then a Flo paywall is not the answer. Flo is for established fans and not the casual sports fan that may have a sibling or cousin that wrestled but otherwise doesn't follow the sport. We can concede that the wrestling audience has very little growth potential and continue with the pay to play model.
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