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  1. It's not the money, it is the principle of an unpolished product. They should know better than to pan away during a match. Bader has been around a long time, his delivery and attention to his craft ought to be more refined by now.
  2. Flo and others need to not pan the crowd ever while a match is going.
  3. I want to know how well the turnout was.
  4. That is my over/under. I pick under.
  5. Not to hijack the thread, how is she functioning now? In the case of Helen, I wonder if she is willing to be tracked as a case study like they are doing with the NFL?
  6. To them it might. I see it as a built in intermission.
  7. Who died and made you the sole arbiter of which direction an online thread takes?
  8. Will you just chill out? Why the attitude?
  9. Of course he has a career trajectory, he is coaching now. So how how does that make my post wrong? Maybe I should not have used the word content. Judging from any of his interviews, he seems pretty happy to moved on to the next phase of his wrestling career.
  10. I would put Burroughs only slightly ahead of Snyder but I can be convinced of any argument for either.
  11. I am sure Sanderson is ok with his career trajectory. I would have liked to have seen more of him on the international front.
  12. Let's not start counting gold medals yet.
  13. Your mind reading skills suck.
  14. Snyder's success doesn't negate Sanderson's accomplishments.
  15. Any objective observation will show the process is flawed at best. Wrestling just is not going to garner a large turnout in general during the summer. There are far too many other options for the entertainment dollar.
  16. After it fails miserably, I hope someone comes up with a better plan but leaves Flo out of the process.
  17. The medal potential ceiling is really high, however the only 2 I would be willing to bet on making the finals is Burroughs and Snyder.
  18. And there lies the rub. Weird things happen at the worlds and we get bad calls or bad match ups, etc. Of ten weights, realistically I think we will have 3 medals with 2 fifth place finishes,
  19. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Hendricks lose after the debacle from the previous year.
  20. The pin chain is so effing stupid
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