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  1. That's the chance you take if you don't put offensive points on the board.
  2. He may very well be. That's why they wrestle.
  3. Then yes, I have no doubts Valencia will be prepared as will Kyle Dake. It's all about finishing shots cleanly.
  4. Who is coaching Valencia? I think Dake will be well scouted, so that chest lock opportunity may very well not present itself.
  5. I am predicting low attendance as usual. I hope the venues sell out, however interest in wrestling declines in the summer.
  6. I am looking forward to the match forsure. Can Dake stay injury free?
  7. Andre Metzger won a bronze at age 19 I believe. I like your premise though. It takes some digging to find kids that wrestled senior world level before even hitting a college match.
  8. C'mon enough already. You are polluting what could have been a perfectly good thread about wrestling.
  9. Nickal and Valencia could be a fun folkstyle matchup to watch.
  10. Seriously, get a fricking room already. We have a pm function.
  11. Mark Hall is watching this thinking "I hope he goes up to 184"
  12. Back to match at hand, what is the score?
  13. N Colorado has only been D1 a short time.
  14. More like will Zahid open it up more? Losing 7 zip shows that it is going to take more than a couple simple adjustments.
  15. So Gilman vs Fix? What is the opening line?
  16. Who said anything about fantasy matches?
  17. You can't try to break the lock at all?
  18. Someone post that to youtube please.
  19. I was going to take a higher road and be nice, but I am with you there. Domestically, I want him to never make the team. His whining gets old.
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