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  1. Remember back when the Russians would deny that Karelin lifts?
  2. Looking forward to that match if it happens.
  3. I still think Gable balks and wrestles juniors.
  4. Football only generates revenue in a handful of institutions.
  5. He could very well be the next big thing, I just do not believe he will wrestle seniors this year.
  6. Why is wrestling limited to 9.9 when football and basketball have such heavy allocations. I never read or understood the rationale.
  7. I will believe when I see it. Until then, it is unnecessary hype.
  8. Did the head coach or admin have knowledge of the asst coach's behavior and fail to act? If that is the case, the school is liable for damages.
  9. One of the few worthwhile df posts.
  10. Of course it is dangerous. Bad for kidneys and causes a cascade of other issues.
  11. Money, compliance, academics, conference affiliations to name a few.
  12. My takeaway is the US can win as many as 6 medals at Worlds and as few as 2. I predict 1 gold, 2 bronze, and 2 fifth place finishes.
  13. It was the most watched World Cup ever...
  14. It's a legit question. I don't know all the NCAA rules pertaining to asst coaches either.
  15. I am not clear either. Some sequences are still so subjective is depends on the official at the time. Cox had gotten behind his opponent and the opponent just ran out of bounds when Cox would have for sure scored the TD.
  16. Hopefully Hahn picks up where Bono left off. What is a realistic goal? Three AAs per year?
  17. Make par terre turn clock 20 sec.
  18. I like multiple laces if they require the turn to go the other way between turns
  19. That is why you wrestle through the whistle.
  20. I am not a fan of the 4 pt nf. I will still watch wrestling, though it does dilute the sport when we artificially inflate scores.
  21. I want to see Taylor medal. Cox did not look as inspired this time around. Gilman has to finish clean and not give up late scores.
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