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  1. I think 1992 was harder in that you had to grind through more matches.
  2. Have to ask the powers that be. Do we still have any kind of petition system in place?
  3. Up to 1992 we had a pool system and had to wrestle more matches to win the Olympics finalists often wrestled as many as 7 matches sometimes 8 to win the gold. Smith was something special.
  4. I would agree with that. Bruce went 15 years with no domestic losses.
  5. Smith because he won them consecutively. Reinoso lost earlier in the pool to a Unified Team member that Smith teched. Funny how style match ups create that situation.
  6. He was a one hit wonder for sure, but there is nothing wrong with that.
  7. Mark Coleman won a silver at worlds with 3 losses in 1991. The pool system at the time allowed him to win his pool despite 2 losses.
  8. All this whining is making you guys sound like Kyle Dake.
  9. I like Dake, however he is starting to make it easier to root against him.
  10. I predict DeSanto quits or gets kicked off
  11. I imagine he quits or is kicked off the team before the first season is over.
  12. I am looking forward to the impending trainwreck.
  13. Since 1988, we have had double dq's, must score 3 points or ot, sudden victory ot, 2 out of 3 periods, ball grabs, clinch rules, forced par terre, and a slew that I may have forgot. One thing we can count on is 10 years from now we will have entirely different rule set.
  14. Multiple venues is a bad idea. If I wanted to make a trip and go to a world team trial event, I would want to see all weights at one place.
  15. It sounds dumb. Just call it a 3 step trial and that is the final trial.
  16. Dake has the edge with razor thin margin. A 5-5 criteria win doesn't show dominance but a win is a win.
  17. Those were the best rule sets
  18. It isn't a folk vs free issue, we just do not place a high priority on par terre scoring.
  19. The takeaway... he is the future of HWT and he is still young and will learn from it. Kudos for entering with the big boysm
  20. I am picking Coon by a boring score. I think Coon is too big.
  21. I agree he is the future. He is also a junior still and unproven against the top seniors. By tomorrow I could be dead wrong too.
  22. Don't let the door hit you on the way out..
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