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  1. What is with the petty argument? There is a petition process to get into the WTT, correct?
  2. I am looking forward to Cohlton Schultz at the senior level.
  3. Our standards and expectations should be high especially with our history of success in that weight range.
  4. Coon could be a medal threat with our sumo/push out rules.
  5. Remember, it's called a ball pull
  6. Varner and Steveson will meet in a consoliation match.
  7. Nothing wrong with a case of HEW. He must have decided there was unfinished business.
  8. Not to hijack your little feud, but it is too bad Pico is just another "what might have been" story.
  9. I think Gable gets big brothered and brought back down to earth.
  10. I hope Moisey makes a top 4 finish again. The finals will be a difficult challenge at 125 and I am not sure if 133 is too big a jump for him.
  11. I am not a fan of alcohol sales at sporting events in general.
  12. Snyder v Sadulaev part deux. My money is on Sad but neither result would shock me.
  13. Excuse me, I meant only generates profit in a handful of institutions. I used the wrong verbiage.
  14. Remember back when the Russians would deny that Karelin lifts?
  15. Looking forward to that match if it happens.
  16. I still think Gable balks and wrestles juniors.
  17. Football only generates revenue in a handful of institutions.
  18. He could very well be the next big thing, I just do not believe he will wrestle seniors this year.
  19. Why is wrestling limited to 9.9 when football and basketball have such heavy allocations. I never read or understood the rationale.
  20. I will believe when I see it. Until then, it is unnecessary hype.
  21. Did the head coach or admin have knowledge of the asst coach's behavior and fail to act? If that is the case, the school is liable for damages.
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