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  1. Wasn't he suspended and had a gold medal stripped for using PEDs?
  2. Artificially inflating the value of a td gives no additional entertainment value.
  3. We already have rules that reward action. We give 2 pts for a TD as opposed to only 1 like freestyle used to.
  4. You are correct so call stalling when top man is stalling and reward bottom man correctly when he escapes. We are never going to make everyone happy, and I believe the 3 pt td is the wrong direction to go.
  5. Then leave it as is. Changing tds to 3 dramatically overvalues the td with relation to other scoring. As one poster said, wrestling is not a td contest.
  6. Once TD's are overvalued, then NF's need to be revalued to 3 and 5 points and well as reversals to 3 points as well. A NF should always be at least equal or of significantly greater value than a TD. A reversal is equal to and possibly even greater than a TD.
  7. I would rather devalue the take down, let em up game. First TD is worth 3 but each subsequent is only worth 1 unless back points are scored in between. Forces you to be more well rounded.
  8. Granby actually got a lucky TD because MSU slipped off his own shot. With 2 sec left in period MSU gets an E. Second period MSU gets the E within 6 seconds and is back in business because Granby didn't really earn that TD.
  9. Granby should have controlled MSU. Our folkstyle emphasizes control and you should pay a penalty for not being able to control your opponent.
  10. I would like to see MI make a title run. Do I think it will happen? Not likely but could be interesting.
  11. Make TDs worth 3 but the escape worth 2. And have a tech be a 25 point differential or get rid of the tech. Also get rid of riding time or maybe make it 2 pts or 1 pt per minute. Or how about we leave the rules alone.
  12. The push out/step out isn't the best solution, it only creates a new problem. We can go in circles for another 100 pages or we can just agree to disagree. I choose the latter.
  13. I think the first TD should be worth 2 and each subsequent TD only worth 1 unless back points are scored in between.
  14. Or just call stalling properly and leave it alone. Collegiate isn't freestyle and that is fine.
  15. The country may or may not be going down the toilet and it has nothing to do with the kid still being happy he got that far.
  16. I have never seen such a thing. You must be imagining this.
  17. What did Sanders do, my memory fails me in my old age sometimes.
  18. The flying squirrel could have been a great desperation move if there was a proper finish as opposed to a keylock.
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