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  1. I think he could have, but even with a loss, the draw of WWE level money would have been too much.
  2. There is much more to Scott Gallans story. Just ask him he will tell you.
  3. Something to consider, what is his academic status?
  4. Not if he is a risk to throw a fit and injure teammates.
  5. Certainly not worth the trouble
  6. Of course he would be welcomed with open arms. Or maybe Cael is gun shy after the Andrew Long debacle and wants none of it.
  7. I suspect he is done with college wrestling.
  8. Good old Ambrose, always part of the show. Easter Goblin is so disturbing on many levels.
  9. As pinned as they get. I find the final takedown call more apalling.
  10. MSU comes across as the team most likely to be dropped.
  11. Is a red shirt in the cards for Hall maybe? He doesn't look that huge.
  12. Endowments need to come with much tighter strings attached.
  13. Again, what is the point of this thread?
  14. Sports are political and always have been. I don't see it changing anytime soon.
  15. Not really. Bo Nickal is also pretty fundamentally sound. He does have really good proprioception which is why I won't count him out of any given collegiate match.
  16. Bo can beat Zahid. I am not making any guarantees, but in folk Bo could cause him problems.
  17. I say none of them will. Spencer Lee will go 1,2,1,1. Joseph will be 1,1,2,1 and Yianni will be on the cusp but taste bitter defeat and go 1,1,1,2.
  18. Cancel the event since Iran and Russia are out.
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