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  1. Iowa might have found a way to self destruct.
  2. I wonder if Ryan changed his anti vaccination views much over the last few months.
  3. Same could be said for the NE Patriots or any other team that dominates for long periods.
  4. As said above, too many to list.
  5. Watching Kevin Jackson wrestle is like watching paint dry. I was a fan of his but the low scoring matches were dull.
  6. In the magic time machine, the old timers would have adjusted to different techniques and training methods. The key attribute to success in any era is the mental game.
  7. Yeah, it would have been nice to be able to see that whole match. At the time I almost felt bad for the guy when he lost.
  8. A year is a long time. Things happen. I wouldn't count on it but I am not betting against it either.
  9. Title IX isn't the enemy. The problem lies in how AD's choose to "comply". I do see more universities dropping wrestling sadly.
  10. Does the 1991 NCAA finals match exist in entirety anywhere? Only thing I saw on youtube was the abridged version when abc had the rights.
  11. It isn't out of reach. I always like seeing a good spoiler.
  12. We had passivity and fleeing mat rule at the time as well as awarding points when going out of bounds while under attack. It was a matter of enforcement. A new pushout rule was completely unnecessary.
  13. Push out is a terrible rule at face value, but Sissaouri did flee the mat or whatever the rule and nomenclature was at the time. That would have been funny if Sissaouri threw that punch. (I realize he was just pissed and posturing)
  14. I disagree. I am from Colorado and don't claim him. Colorado merely borrowed Cejudo for a few years but his development began in AZ.
  15. With the state of affairs as they are, it is quite possible the 2021 Olympics become cancelled as well. Right now I see it as 55/45 they occur, and not quite confident in that number. What about you?
  16. College was 30 years ago for me so that was before the internet age. At the time I was a wrestling stats geek and still had programs from state tournaments that I attended with my father. It was always fun when a college classmate tried to tell me they either won or placed at state when I knew the truth.
  17. Current Dake vs current Burroughs may not even happen at this rate.
  18. I doubt Dake gets riding time much less turns Burroughs and this only happens if Dake takes top. A reversal is highly unlikely as Burroughs would cut before Dake even has a chance. It comes down to the TD game and 2011 Burroughs was just too slick.
  19. I do not believe there will be an MLB or NFL season. 2020/2021 season is a coin flip at best. Even without fans, an athletic event is just begging for an outbreak especially in contact sports. All it takes is a single asymptomatic carrier over a game, tournament to open pandora's box again. Despite what a few have said, we are at least a year away from a vaccine at best. Honestly sports are the least of my cares or worries right now.
  20. JB owns Dake mentally. It shows in all the excuses Dake conjurs up for his losing streak. Dake's window for competing in the Olympics is closing and you can sense the frustration. He will probably win another world title but the Olympics just are not in the cards. (Side note: I do not believe the Tokyo Games will happen at all)
  21. I can see I Mart playing the spoiler and knocking off Dake before meeting JB.
  22. I will believe it when I see it.
  23. My money is on the Olympics being cancelled outright. SARS CoV-2 isn't going away soon and we are at least a year probably more from a vaccine. Dake and Burroughs won't wrestle each other again.
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