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  1. You heard it here first. He is making a podium run, he will be in the semis.
  2. If Adam Coon pulls a Gadson, then it will be the best HWT match ever.
  3. On a more serious vein, what is the point of a 2nd official in any match whether HS or college if the assistant has no authority?
  4. I could see an unseeded wrestler making the finals at 125. We have 3 high seeds with knee braces. One bad series and they are out.
  5. I think he gets upset in the first 2 rounds. The injury will be too much.
  6. I like match ups, no real team preferences.
  7. Was the Snyder-Coon bout a fluke with all the requisite excuses or a foretelling of things to come. What I saw was Snyder being owned in that particular match.
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