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  1. What is the point of this thread?
  2. It is always too early to talk about winning four times until the third is in the bag. We had these conversations about IMar two years ago.
  3. Neither, because they don't have AD support at either school.
  4. Is there any hope of changing their mind?
  5. The Clums are from my hometown. Dan had so much upside but injuries plagued his career. Tom was simply amazing. Missed an undefeated HS career by a 30 second exchange.
  6. Along the coaching lines, who from the PSU staff will get poached or do they like what they have going?
  7. They were all good coaches but their best years are behind them.
  8. He is kind of old and stale for coaching, we need new blood.
  9. Good for him, maintain stability in the program and build on this year.
  10. It still exists on another site, just go over there.
  11. spladle


    I highly doubt missing a leg is ever an advantage. He did a fantastic job of adapting though.
  12. I am with Zebra on this one.
  13. For the sake of argument, I will concede the TD. ZR still wins, discussion over.
  14. I would love to be a fly on the wall and see a season of the room culture as PSU and their live goes.
  15. No take down. Even if awarded Retherford would just be mad and come back and hammer Perry harder.
  16. That is more likely the case. DeSanto is just an immature kid that can't take a loss.
  17. The reaction from the PSU corner is priceless. I have never seen Sanderson getting excited.
  18. Maybe he does, but you are making a poorly formed opinion based on ignorance and yes it pisses me off.
  19. Because he is an uneducated dickhead.
  20. What are you basing this uneducated opinion on? A temper tantrum from DeSanto? I am on the soapbox because I have a brother on the spectrum and I am tired of jerks like you making armchair generalizations spreading bad information.
  21. I am not an expert, however when you spout armchair diagnosis on a topic you know little about, misinformation needs to be corrected.
  22. Asperger's is part of the autism spectrum. Try to educate yourself a little.
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