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  1. That was huge and emotional, he gets a pass.
  2. Normal order this year is fine. Starts with an exciting match up, builds to the meat of the order, and then Murderer's Row with big team title implications. If PSU does have it wrapped up, Then Snyder can relax and worry only about his own personal quest.
  3. Nolf looked pretty nimble despite the brace. Nolf by 5 or TF.
  4. Lee over Suriano and it will not be close.
  5. IMar will likely win, though I can easily see it going to OT with a 1-1 score.
  6. Penn State controls their own destiny, going 5 for 5 is certainly not impossible.
  7. I actually see Hall beating Valencia.
  8. Very impressive, especially after getting pinned in the semis. He could have crashed and fell all the way to 6th.
  9. Snyder will win, Martin is a toss up. Will be very close but tOSU will prevail.
  10. spladle


    At this point tOSU has it locked
  11. Lots of wrestling to do still. It is far too early for crowning anyone.
  12. I spoke way too soon. Mizzou kid overseeded.
  13. You heard it here first. He is making a podium run, he will be in the semis.
  14. If Adam Coon pulls a Gadson, then it will be the best HWT match ever.
  15. On a more serious vein, what is the point of a 2nd official in any match whether HS or college if the assistant has no authority?
  16. I could see an unseeded wrestler making the finals at 125. We have 3 high seeds with knee braces. One bad series and they are out.
  17. I think he gets upset in the first 2 rounds. The injury will be too much.
  18. I like match ups, no real team preferences.
  19. Was the Snyder-Coon bout a fluke with all the requisite excuses or a foretelling of things to come. What I saw was Snyder being owned in that particular match.
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