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  1. Not gonna happen. Give it up already.
  2. Fun thought experiment, but it will never happen. Time to move on.
  3. A single move to win after being behind a ton is just as valid as chasing down with multiple tds.
  4. Life isn't fair. This is bigger than sport.
  5. Let it go... it sucks but 2020 is the year that wasn't for a bunch of people.
  6. We are in deep doo doo, no two ways about it. Be dismissive at your damn risk but don't infect me in the process.
  7. Right now I am far more concerned about disinfecting a large school and not bringing the virus near family members.
  8. Time to move on. Wrestling is petty in the grand scheme. Makes for some coulda, shoulda, woulda stories but there are bigger things in life now.
  9. In the grand scheme, titles and accolades mean so little and people have their lives to move on to. It sucks, but this falls under sh*t happens and extraordinary circumstances. We will still be telling stories about this years from now.
  10. Just for a day JC, can you try not to be such a douche?
  11. Not a question, only a general statement to those griping when consequences are carried out. We will never hear entire stories but I am also not going to assume that a suspension is a knee jerk reaction either.
  12. I am not talking about any specific athlete, just about suspensions in general. Codes of conduct and expectations are spelled out pretty clearly for incoming athletes. They are held to a standard because they represent the student body as a whole. Failing to uphold those standards carries consequences and sometimes that includes suspensions. They are tough lessons to learn but competing for a school is a privilege, not a right.
  13. I have no issues with any given recruit doing what is best for themselves. Wrestling is a selfish sport.
  14. Is he even enrolled this term?
  15. Good for them. Take advantage of any and all opportunities available.
  16. It was a BTS exhibition match. I wouldn't put a ton of stock in the result unless it was a tech fall.
  17. Zain in the first match by a score of 8 to 3
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