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  1. No one has any obligation to "step aside". If Zain has an injury but thinks he can make a go, I really do not care.
  2. Food for thought. Wrestling is a selfish sport with loosely aligned teams, especially at the international level. Why is it Yianni D's job to see that Zain R gets the most out a tune up tournament?
  3. Never paid for Flo, did I miss much?
  4. Ok real world example. Why do you think it is ok to lay hands on the kid just because he is being mouthy?
  5. If you are being an azzhole as adult, is it justifiable to hit you? If you tell your boss to piss off or go to hell, is it ok for him/her to lay hands on you? Why would it be ok to do that to a kid?
  6. You still don't fcking get it, do you? Yellow card the kid, pull him out of tournaments, suspend for the season... all are acceptable consequences. Putting hands on the kid is not. The days of rapping kids on the knuckles by sister Imabitch are over. This isn't the 1950's.
  7. Wrong. You don't get to put hands on a kid. Ever. No matter how mouthy he is. Especially if he isn't your kid
  8. Legit question, even though it belongs in the college forum. Will Gable Steveson return to UM in the fall?
  9. Again, it is their board and their rules. Discussions veer off topic all the time. We have multiple pages accusing Dake of cheating, revisionist history of the Smith/Lewis debacle, and a hillbilly roofer that is pissed about Wallace running off with his wife. Make any mention of a the red headed stepchild's tweets or a national team member's criminal accusation and the thread gets shut down. Seems to have double standards.
  10. Looks like PDIII is the other taboo topic.
  11. No one is entitled to injury updates.
  12. Taboo topics He who must not be named He who must not be named part deaux Any reference to pigment discrimination Soon to be closed Lewis/Smith followed by Dake/Dieringer
  13. Dake wins match one 8-4 Dieringer match two 6-6 Match three I think a fresh and hungry Dieringer prevails over Dake still shaking rust off. Final score 7-4
  14. Seems like threads get locked quickly. Their ball, their rules, but still....
  15. Who cares? He isn't going to medal anyway.
  16. Now you are going to get this thread censored.
  17. I think having it in Kazakhstan will play a huge factor in how calls are made. The usual anti US bias will bite us in our butt. Dake is hurt and will not be 100 percent. Burroughs best years are behind him. Snyder has been figured out, and Cox will make finals but lose to a Russian.
  18. The women should do really well. Mens Freestyle will have 3 or 4 medals and but no gold this year.
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