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  1. All 5. It is going to be that kind of night.
  2. I get the point completely. Award the TD and it changes the entire match strategy.
  3. The score was still tied at zip, Hidlay still had every opportunity to score and win.
  4. Both arguments can be made. There is no way to know how it would have played out. I will concede Hidlay should have been awarded the TD. But anything from 2nd period on is total speculation.
  5. Yes he stalled, but Gable scored no offensive points. I am ok with the outcome.
  6. Could be, there is no way to know for sure.
  7. The whole context of the match would have changed. That wasn't a last second 3rd period takedown. Nolf may have turned up the sense of urgency and gotten the points back.
  8. Who remembers what Mat it was? I am going to go back and watch again.
  9. Not the result I wanted, but definitely overseeded.
  10. I would have liked to see a rematch but so be it. You can never look past any opponent.
  11. I am all for sports evolving. If you can show evidence that going to this format will put more butts in seats and increase fan excitement, I will be all in. Change just for the sake of change seems foolish.
  12. We don't need to find results. The sheer fact that it could happen is enough of a detraction. If we went through the history of all college duals and found a single instance would that satisfy you?
  13. Since the ultimate goal in wrestling is to secure a pin, incentives should be top heavy (pun intended) toward turns. Takedowns are simply a means to that end. I submit that that first TD be worth 2 and each subsequent TD worth 1.
  14. Or it could have an opposite effect and have a complete shutdown for fear of giving up the first takedown.
  15. Scoring systems are arbitrary anyway, so the question is what benefit is added to the product with this kind of change. Will fans find it friendly enough? Will coaches and powers that be buy in?
  16. In theory, 2 lopsided wins could win a dual if the losses were all 1 pointers.
  17. Neither White nor Marinelli will make the finals. I have to dissect the brackets and will make predictions tomorrow. We had blizzard conditions in Colorado and I have to go shovel.
  18. I wanted Cassar to be #1 seed to be on the opposite side of Steveson.
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