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  1. Yaz won't meet Downey. Downey will lose his first match to a nobody and will not even be pulled through.
  2. Sorry but PD3 is the one US wrestler I will be rooting against.
  3. I don't know the rules of arbitration for USA Wrestling or if arbitration is even in the bylaws. Matt Lindland sued for his spot back in 2000, and that could happen here.
  4. I do not see any "locks" for gold this time around. Burroughs has lost a couple steps, Snyder has been figured out by Sadulaev, Dake is hurt and will not be 100% by worlds. Gilman/Fix are medal threats but not for gold. Best shot is Cox.
  5. First guess is no they will not win. Perhaps the US will win five medals and will only win one gold.
  6. I smell an arbitration ordered rematch of match 2.
  7. The step out rule isn't wrestling, it is sumo. It is an unearned point based on passivity and not offense. It has no place in any style with the sole exception of sumo.
  8. Puts a black eye on the sport for sure. Colorado had a high school coach go away for 10 years to life for inappropriate relationships with a manager.
  9. Nolf scored on a reshot early in the 2nd period. Maybe Hidlay shuts down and gets called for stalling. Maybe Nolf opens up and takes bigger chances. Maybe the whole match plays out the same. Point is, there is no way to know.
  10. Both Hidlay's and Nolf's approach to the rest of the match is changed. The TD or removal thereof has a butterfly effect. There is no way to know what the rest of the match holds. The point is that you cannot take the final 3-2 score and just add the TD and say Nolf would have lost.
  11. I made no assertion that Nolf would have rattled off 3 TDs had the score been 2 zip going into the 2nd.
  12. No, he didn't lose the match. You cannot just tack 2 pts on the final score. If the TD stayed, it changes the entire dynamic of the match and there is no way to tell what the final outcome would have been.
  13. Of course it will eventually. The question is when and where.
  14. We will never see those weight classes again. Even with Lalovic in the IOC, wrestling just does not hold enough sway. Try to enjoy what we still have while we have it.
  15. I rarely cracked the varsity lineup but still followed to this day. My younger brother never wrestled but I got him hooked as a fan and follows our high school team and other Colorado kids even though he is in Boston.
  16. There have been tournaments where only the semi finalists get to go for 3rd/4th. Not the NCAA's of course but still.
  17. I would assume unhappy. Pleased at Spencer Lee, and perhaps resigned to the fact that the Gable years are long behind and this is a different era.
  18. His seat is already hot. Fans and boosters have only so much patience.
  19. My father was 5'3 and about 139 lbs. When he died he was barely 100 lbs and was still twice the man you will ever be.
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