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  1. I wish Cassar had a 4th seed. Putting him on the same side as Steveson isn't what I hoped for.
  2. Bunch of donut eating, kickball playing commies....
  3. In that case it would have to be Hall number 1 and then Lewis 2 and Valencia 3.
  4. The Bull is not going to be in the finals, you heard it here first.
  5. Lots of things happen in the big dance. I am pretty comfortable in predicting Cenzo makes the finals again. Marinelli could possibly get picked off before the finals. I hope to to them both in the finals.
  6. One TD was called even though Churella was still facing Hendricks in a standing position. Hendricks dove for the ankles but in no way was it a TD.
  7. While it doesn't seem fair at face value, Smith can pretty much field whatever team he wants. I am not privy to the room dynamics or politics and I doubt we will ever get a full story.
  8. If they meet again, Valencia may rethink taking bottom. Hall rode him like a horse as well so he may be rethinking taking bottom at all.
  9. He is only a freshman and too many things can happen between now and then. Let's revisit this conversation in 2 years.
  10. Next meeting? Or next World's? As little as the Russians compete it could be the same thing.
  11. This is not a bold prediction, but I have a feeling from here out Sadulaev has Snyder's number.
  12. There is no intention of incorporating a "fair" system.
  13. Plus 2 more finalists and Gilman going for bronze. It is a good run.
  14. Let's follow this up with Dake, Cox, and hopefully Snyder.
  15. Why would I therapy for calling out a bad decision?
  16. Losses are ok, questionable calls bordering on screw jobs are not. The jury is still out whether this qualifies as a screw job though it is certainly a questionable call.
  17. This last beat the streets was a debacle.
  18. It was just Dake and Cox, I didn't chat much except ask if they were en route to a competition.
  19. Early this morning saw Kyle Dake and J'Den Cox while waiting in line for TSA at Denver International Airport. Apparently they are headed out to Turkey.
  20. It was an A and B pool positive point system. First place in the pool puts you in the gold match, second in the bronze, third place in pool fights for fifth place. A single loss could place you first, second, or third in your pool depending on how the A vs B vs C matches worked out. Jim Scheer in 88 had a single loss but finished third in his pool.
  21. Getting too ahead of ourselves much?
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