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  1. Wrestler85

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    2021 Wrestling World Championship will be held in Oslo, Norway. 2021 UWW calendar
  2. Wrestler85

    Adam Coon has a great draw

    He won this ****ty down bracket. Tomorrow he will get match against true champion :)
  3. Wrestler85

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    300 wrestlers from 21 countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Ukraine, Belarus and Dagestan, Bulgaria, Romania) http://www.tgf.gov.tr/tr/index.php/dunyanin-en-iyi-gurescileri-istanbulda/
  4. Wrestler85

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    Results: http://www.felucha.com/noticias/gran-premio-de-espana-2018
  5. Wrestler85

    Tbilisi Results

  6. Wrestler85

    Budapest Tickets: How much

    One day ticket is 7 or 14 dollar per day. https://en.budapestwrestling2018.com