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  1. In modern times for Indiana we had 4xers: Lance Ellis 1989 - barely saw mat time at IU Alex Tsirtsis and Blake Maurer 2004 - Tsirtsis 1x AA, Maurer was a NCAA qualifier before injuries Angel Escobedo 2005 - NCAA champ, and 4x AA Jason Tsirtsis - NCAA champ, I think his style of keeping matches close and win at the end caught up to him along with all the personal stuff Chad Red - 4x AA, but not really close to winning a title. I think a lot has to do with what school they end up at and how the coaching staff further develops them. Sometimes it is a case of being a man among boys in HS and then getting slapped by reality when you get in a D1 program. Take a guy like NIck Lee. He was only a 1x state champ. He lost to Micic as a freshman and Red as a jr (skipped his sr year). He goes to Penn St and has outperformed both of those guys on the NCAA level.
  2. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/narcissist
  3. I think the Hage family is voting early and often in this fantasy tournament.
  4. Why is it sad? He stated that he wanted to be a 4x champ and help Iowa win two titles and win olympic gold. He will likely win his 4th next season and Iowa is the favorite to repeat. His knees may not be 100% without the surgery but with 8-10 months of rehab they will be good enough to win his 4th. His olympic dream is still alive. he will likely be our rep in '24. If need be, he can get his knees cleaned up after winning his 4th and then go all in for '24. Nothing sad at all about this situation. Spencer is obviously making these decisions.
  5. Mechanics of his throw were terrible.
  6. did he throw any chairs?
  7. Has he ever thrown a baseball before this? So awkward.
  8. 1. Smith 2. Burroughs 3. Cael 4. Bruce 5. Snyder HM: Gable, Dake, D. Schulz Dake could certainly move into the top 5 when all is said and done. But he is already 30, so how much does he have left in him before Father Time wins?
  9. I think it is hard to crown somebody as the GOAT when it took them 5 years after college to finally make a world team (at a non-olympic weight). Dake might be the best in the world at the moment, but he's got a ways to go to reach GOAT status.
  10. Just be like me...follow the individuals without having a favorite team. I like guys from all teams. Spencer Lee is probably my favorite to watch right now. I like Gable and parris for their crazy athleticism and domination at heavyweight. I like Nick Lee and his non stop motor, I like watching Suriano and Fix (but not against each other), RBY, DeSanto, Brayton Lee, Aaron Brooks, The Bull, etc. Growing up in Indiana, we didn't have much to choose from or watch as far as college wrestling goes, so I tended to follow individuals that I read about in AWN.
  11. hahaha...Me too. I was sitting in the stands at Market Square arena watching that match as a freshman.
  12. Metcalf and that group actually attended VaTech and redshirted there. I think Cael left Iowa St before Taylor ever enrolled there.
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