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  1. I clearly said that he is probably working hard behind the scenes. But based on what he puts out there, he makes it seem like wrestling is a side hustle for him. I'm about 95% sure that isn't the case though.
  2. Ferrari seems more interested in his brand than he does wrestling. I'm sure that he is working behind the scenes, but based on his social media it seems like wrestling comes second to his brand, lifting weights, shooting guns and showing off his bling.
  3. Are you forgetting the time he pinned NATO in the national semi's?
  4. dude is jacked now. Not sure he can close the gap with Parris enough to beat him, but his obvious increase in strength certainly can't hurt.
  5. Like I said in a previous post, Washington has done better than his more credentialed teammates. Guys like Asa Garcia, South, Moran, etc. haven't done much of anything since arriving on campus. Look, I hope Indiana can eventually climb out of the basement of the BIG, but the jury is still out on whether they can do it or not. It is still very early in Angel's coaching career and I'm sure IU will give him time. But that time needs to come sooner rather than later. I'm just not sure the program is in a place to be attractive to maybe the most sought after Indiana recruit ever.
  6. How do we know that the coaches can develop talent? They were all elite wrestlers, but they are young in their coaching careers and really have no track record of developing guys. I think if IU was a little more established on that end, that maybe Mendez would go there. But I just think with his aspirations that there are better places for him to go to reach those heights than IU.
  7. And none of them have really done much of anything. Washington being the best and he wasn't even a state champ in IN.
  8. Larry Bird was drafted 6th overall by the Celtics in 1978, but finished up his career at Indiana St in 1979. Probably a wise decision for the Celtics to draft him a year early.
  9. You are probably correct in some respect. But he's the first that I can remember that immediately takes his straps down and flexes. Not to mention his ridiculous social media videos. I supposed Suriano is guilty of it as well, but not nearly to the level of Ferrari.
  10. Has there ever been a wrestler more obsessed with what he looks like that Ferrari? He's a fantastic wrestler, but this type of thing makes me want to see him lose every match.
  11. Who wins this match up? I like Amos to put a muzzle on Ferrari.
  12. I'll have to actually see Suriano in somebody's line up at 125 before I believe it. A cut to 57 kg for a tournament here and there is one thing, but holding 125 all season is another. I think he'll be at 133. I think Vito and Glory are the big hurdles at 125, and Vito could end up at 133 as well. Given Kerk's history, maybe he doesn't make it through the season injury free. Not to mention he'll have to Cassioppi, Parris and Schultz again. If he isn't 100% he loses to all three of those guys.
  13. It's a long shot that he gets into movies like The Rock did. You can count on one hand how many pro wrestlers transitioned into a successful movie career. Rock, Cena, that's about it. Some have had bit parts or been in minor movies like Roddy Piper, Hogan, Batista, etc. But none of them were breakout movie stars. If Gable goes to the WWE, his ceiling is the next Kurt Angle. He'll make a lot of money and achieve a modicum of fame, but he'll likely be a wreck physically by the time he's 40.
  14. You keep saying Lee's dream of olympic glory was crushed. It hasn't been crushed, just delayed. It's not like Tokyo was his only hope for olympic glory. He will win his 4th title in March, likely a 2nd team title as well. Then I suspect he will get the knees taken care of surgically and be all in for 2024.
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