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  1. Magic Man and Kid Dynamite are two of the lamest nicknames ever.
  2. We're ready to put him in the elite category after pinning a roly poly hvy from Maryland that looked like he had no business being on a D1 mat? I know his pedigree but I'd like to see him wrestle a legit hvy before crowning him.
  3. Yep, he clearly grabbed his ankle initially, then moved to the knee.
  4. Bible belt is not the midwest. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bible_Belt
  5. I'm from the midwest and only know one couple that got married while in college (due to a surprise pregnancy, they are still married 26 years later). I think it is more, if you know, you know.
  6. those guys you listed were all national champs at lower weights and then moved up. Last time we saw Rivera at NCAA's he was wearing a saddle. Even last year without NCAA's he caught a break without Micic, Suriano and Fix in the weight class. I don't see any justification to rank him #1 over 2 guys that have proven themselves legit title threats at 141 over the last 3 years.
  7. Most teams have what, 2 or 3 duals to this point? Little early to be pulling somebody from the rankings.
  8. Big Lee fan here, but last time Lee and Eierman were in the same bracket in folkstyle, Eierman finished 3rd and Lee 5th. I don't have a problem with Eierman 1 and Lee 2. I do have a problem with Flo having Rivera #1.
  9. I've never seen a match where Joe Lee looked average. Is he an immediate threat to AA? Absolutely. He's in the right room with the right coaches and teammates to refine his game. I don't think he's top 4 at this point, but he's not far away. The match with Deakin, if it happens, should help clear things up either way.
  10. Joe's problem wasn't consistency. I think Joe's problem was being overly aggressive at times. Nick is a more controlled wrestler than Joe. Joe's loss his freshman year in the state finals was to a 2x champ. Joe was dominating early (up 4-1 after the first period), got too aggressive (IMO) got in bad position and was put to his back and pinned late in the 2nd. He could have gone conservative, played defense and likely would have won. His two losses his soph year, one was the exact same thing. He was wrestling a kid that he dominated every time they wrestled. Got overly aggressive and the kid took advantage and pinned him. The same kid a year earlier dominated and pinned Brayton Lee to give him his only loss. The kid also finished 3rd for Wabash in D3 in 2018. His other loss that year was to a teammate of Chad Red's. I didn't see the match, but that kid was a tough senior.
  11. Really looking forward to Joe Lee's debut. Been watching him wreck people since elementary school. I'm ready to see him get after it against Deakin (if that's who will be at 165) to see where he is at in his development.
  12. I'm not saying if I am for against the death penalty. The article was about an Iranian wrestler that was executed. I thought it appropriate to post in the thread about Iranian wrestling news. Nothing more to it than that.
  13. https://www.foxnews.com/world/iran-executes-another-wrestler-reports-say
  14. IU has been down for so long, the Indiana HS elites have been leaving the state for decades. Going back to the 80's and 90's, guys like Bud Palmer (Iowa), Keith Davison (wisconsin), Kelvin Jackson (Mich St), Vega (Minny), and into the 00's with Blake Maurer (Ohio St), Tsirtsis (Iowa), Tsirtsis (Northwestern), Howe (Wisconsin), among others. Now the Lee's (PSU), Lee (Minny), Red (Neb), Micic and Parris (Mich). The only 2 highly ranked HS studs that ended up at IU are Coughlin and Angel. I really do hope Angel turns it around, I'm just not that confident.
  15. If that new, unproven coach could sell me on his vision of the program, show me that they are headed the right direction and it felt right, then sure I'd accept an offer. If not, then no I wouldn't. the other problem is, while Indiana has some good HS wrestlers, I don't see one in the pipeline on the level of Jesse Mendez. So it might be a while before IU has another shot at a truly elite in-state wrestler. He will have to develop these in-state recruits into all-americans, and the jury is obviously still out on whether he and his staff can do that. This is year 3, so he's got some time, but you would hope to see some improvement by now. 6-12 in 2019, 2-10 last year and so far 0-2 this year with one or two possible dual wins on the schedule left.
  16. It's a process, sure. But results have to come soon. Angel is doing good things, but it will take more than Indiana HS studs to turn the program around. Getting Mendez would be a coup. Getting a guy like him could potentially cause other highly ranked recruits to follow. If they miss on him, then it will be more of the same.
  17. Still amazes me that Micic graduated high school in 2014 and he is still competing in college. And could again next year since this year doesn't count eligibility wise.
  18. Worth around $1M https://www.sportskeeda.com/mma/henry-cejudo-net-worth#:~:text=Henry Cejudo Net worth 2019,-Advertisement&text=Henry is also an Olympic,to be around %241 million.
  19. Gable should obviously do what a bunch of anonymous fans want him to do. To hell with what he wants!!
  20. No way was he losing to Jose Escobedo. I don't believe that for a second. I could see Hernandez getting the better of him from time to time, but no way Jose Escobedo was.
  21. Alex Tsirtsis. Undefeated HS career, wrestled in the Midlands in HS and only managed one low AA finish at Iowa
  22. Angel Escobedo won state at 112, 125, 130, 135 before going 125 for 4 years at IU.
  23. His best hope for Hollywood is a Jersey Shore reboot.
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