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  1. No way was he losing to Jose Escobedo. I don't believe that for a second. I could see Hernandez getting the better of him from time to time, but no way Jose Escobedo was.
  2. Alex Tsirtsis. Undefeated HS career, wrestled in the Midlands in HS and only managed one low AA finish at Iowa
  3. Angel Escobedo won state at 112, 125, 130, 135 before going 125 for 4 years at IU.
  4. His best hope for Hollywood is a Jersey Shore reboot.
  5. How'd Schultz get away with wearing that sweater under his singlet? :-)
  6. I played soccer my freshman year of HS. Was on the jv team and we scrimmaged the reigning girls soccer state champs. We beat them 3-0.
  7. Any idea where sgallan is? I miss his holier than thou posts.
  8. Does this tell us that Spencer may be winning the battles in the room and Gilman is looking to get away from that to try and figure out how to beat him?
  9. Kolat just baited him the whole time...here, shoot to my right leg. My knees hurt now from watching that one.
  10. Blake Maurer. 4x Indiana state champ had his career cut short at Ohio St due to injury. Matt Coughlin, IU. Won everything there was to win as a senior. Won Fargo, beat Morningstar at Sr Nationals. Was an AA at IU his RFr year and that was it. I think I remember him trying to cut tons of weight. Was 160 as a senior in HS and was trying to make 149 at IU if I remember correctly.
  11. No Williams brothers? And Grammar was from Indiana.
  12. If that Mueller shows up at NCAA's, Lee will tech him.
  13. you keep saying he's been 2x in his 6+ year career. While that is true, I think it is more telling that it is actually 2x in the last 16 months. I think Snyder, while still a medal threat, is not the same. I think he is too muscular and looks stiff/slow on the mat compared to the other elite guys at his weight. I think Cox's athleticism will be the difference in this match up.
  14. 125 Lee 133 Gross 141 Lee 149 Sasso 157 Deakin 165 Bull 174 Hall 184 Zahid 197 Moore Hvy Gable
  15. I don't dislike any teams, but I do dislike some individuals on certain teams. Just a couple of example, I'm not a fan of suriano and his NJ tough guy routine, not a fan of desanto because of his antics. Fantastic wrestler, but again with the fake tough guy stuff.
  16. Close, but not quite. Nick got the initial TD, fireman's dump straight to the back for 2 NF. Red got an escape. 4-1 end of 1. Red down to start the 2nd, gets and escape, 2 TD and 2 NF on a cradle. Rides out Lee to end the period up 6-4. Lee goes down and is ridden the entire period until an escape at the buzzer to make it 6-5.
  17. If Dake can make 74, Hall should certainly be able to make 74.
  18. Is pletcher better than Mckenna was last year? Because it certainly looks like this version of Nick Lee is better than last year's version that beat McKenna.
  19. Very cool. Wondering if they can keep that pipeline going when this group is gone.
  20. He has a very punchable face, so MMA might not work out all that well for him.
  21. With Eierman and Murin manning 141/149 in some way, not sure if Turk will be in the line up next year either.
  22. 125 Lee pin (6-0) 133 DeSanto dec (9-0) 141 Lee major (9-4) 149 Lugo dec (12-4) 157 Young dec (15-4) 165 Marinelli dec (18-4) 174 Hall dec (18-7) 184 Toss up, leaning Assad (21-7) 197 Toss up, leaning Rasheed (21-10) Hvy Cass dec (24-10)
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