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  1. Lee/Sasso was a good one. Sasso has some crazy good defense, so I'm surprised Lee didn't opt for going down in the 3rd. I know he's really good on his feet, but he's going to have to prove he can get off bottom at some point. Might as well try in a January dual against an opponent he could see two more times this year. Back to Sasso, I'm not sure if letting guys get to his legs so easily will pay off for him in March.
  2. I think it is rather impressive that everybody in the country knows what's coming and can do almost nothing to stop it.
  3. What in-state studs (or out of state studs) are headed to Bloomington next year? Until IU can get the Lee's, Red's, and Parris's of Indiana to stay home, they will continue to be towards the bottom of the Big 10.
  4. I'm not sure what makes the OP think that was identical to folkstyle. Don't see that at all.
  5. 184 could have gone the other way for Iowa as well.
  6. I think either Yianni or Eierman will be 149 next year.
  7. Hudkins isn't exactly out of nowhere. He is a 2x national qualifier and now is in the room with Angel, I would expect a bit of a bump in his performance.
  8. There is a difference in making excuses and pointing out the obvious. I think it was pretty obvious that Lee's ACL injury had an impact on his loss to Bresser at the Midlands. I do no think it had an impact in his loss to NaTo. I think if somebody points out that there was something obviously wrong with Lee this year they aren't making excuses for him. Just pointing out what should have been obvious. I don't see how a person can look at 2018 Lee and 2019 Lee and not think there was something wrong with him. Now, with that said, if you step on the mat less than 100% then be prepared to deal with the consequences. Lee lost 2x to Rivera and got pinned by Picc. There won't be an * next to those results just because a lot of people acknowledge that Lee was less than 100%. They beat him fair and square. It also puts into perspective how impressive Cael's run was.
  9. I think he can become the 2nd or 3rd best at whatever weight he chooses. However, he is on the record that he will be going MMA, which means he could become a punching bag for somebody.
  10. You're probably right that some on this board will claim that. I'm not one of them. I just think it was rather obvious that something wasn't right with him this past season. I think Ray Charles could have seen that.
  11. Due to an ACL tear and an obvious illness. A 100% Lee will definitely be right there with Fix/Gilman at the OTTs
  12. Lee did not bump up to wrestle Red. Lee won state at 132 as a soph and red won 126 as a junior. They met in the finals at 132 and it was a great match. Lee only had 2-3 matches prior to the post season due to a back injury.
  13. Wonder how much they will let Taylor roll with him given that he's coming off a significant injury. I'm sure they don't want Snyder breaking him before OTT.
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