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  1. StallWarning

    Howmany more matches does hands to the face have to ruin?

    Maybe you're right. Maybe the worst possible ending was fitting for the worst possible match.
  2. StallWarning

    Howmany more matches does hands to the face have to ruin?

    I'm OK with putting an emphasis on the rule but I hate that there is a zero tolerance policy on it. Make it an emphasis to call it but give the guy a warning and after that it's a penalty point every time he does it. I think that's reasonable. As terrible as the Fix/Suriano match was and as much as people wanted to be put out of their misery it was a terrible way to end a terrible match.
  3. StallWarning

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    I predict Suriano will once again turtle up and play this one super close to the vest, making it way closer than it would be if he opened up and wrestled. I'm thinking like 2-1.
  4. StallWarning

    Desanto Team Point

    Why does wrestling need a heel? Why can't this sport stand on the merits of the sport instead of the antics of people after the match?
  5. StallWarning

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    DeSanto has impressed me with this wrestling this year. He's going to come at Suriano with everything he has and I'm not sure how Suriano is going to react. I'm not sure Suriano has seen as much action in a match as DeSanto is going to bring.
  6. StallWarning

    Desanto Team Point

    Anyone who wins or loses without grace should take a lesson in it.
  7. StallWarning

    Desanto Team Point

    The match was over. It was like 6-1 and there were two seconds left. Lizak wasn't trying to do anything because time was expiring and DeSanto decided to go full spaz as time expired. DeSanto completely out classed Lizak in the match. It would have served him far better to simply take the 6-1 win (or whatever it was) without the spazoid face mush in the final second for no reason. The idea of winning with grace seems to be lost on the kid.
  8. StallWarning

    133 S. Parker

    Man, Lehigh looked like a team that could do some damage before the season started and is decimated now.
  9. StallWarning

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    No, in a public school a fight wouldn't even move the needle. My GF is a teacher in a middle of the road district in the state and there are 3-5 fights per month on average. Nobody is ever expelled because they got in a fight. They'd be out with a suspension for 3-10 days depending on how bad the fight was and that was that. They aren't going to expel dozens of kids a year for fighting. But again, I made my edit because Blair Academy is a private school and nobody has a right to attend it. It's difficult to expel a kid from a public school because they have a right to that education and even if they are expelled the district is going to have to provide them with access to one. A private school may very well be willing to toss kids for fighting because they can. So, I actually after thinking about it I think it's likely nothing shady was going on and if he got into a fight he was tossed.
  10. StallWarning

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    That's the point he's trying to make, though. These days you absolutely need a documented history for an expulsion unless it's something crazy. A fight isn't going to do it so like he said, this has likely been brewing for some time. EDIT - Blair Academy is a private school so maybe a fight would do it. Private schools do not have to operate like a public school and they could certainly toss somebody for a fight.
  11. StallWarning

    Is Cael that much better a coach than all others?

    PSU was still a very good program before Cael got there and they had a lot of fantastic talent come through over the years as well. They were nowhere near the level Cael has taken the program though. Cael is doing something different at PSU that was not there before he arrived and it's working. The results speak for themselves. He has turned Penn State into a monster and a dynasty.
  12. StallWarning

    Fave non-favorite teams

    Other than my favorite team I like Okie State. I enjoy a lot of their guys (JoJo and Fix to name two) and love their rich history of dominance.
  13. StallWarning

    Best Wrestling Forum

    Nailed it.
  14. StallWarning

    Why can't there be another Zain?

  15. RBY got tossed by a guy who is really good at tossing guys. The thing about a guy like Gomez, the thing he is really good at is a match ending thing to be good at. It's a home run. It only takes Gomez one try to end a match no matter the score. If they wrestle again RBY is going to have to avoid getting in tie ups like he did yesterday. Otherwise Gomez will probably toss him again. Can RBY beat Gomez? Sure. Will he beat Gomez if he ties up with him like he did yesterday? I doubt it.