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  1. Sure you are. You tried gaslighting (accusing me of ranting) and that didn't work. You know exactly what point I was making. You're not stupid but you seem to think everybody else is.
  2. I made a coherent argument you just pretended to be too stupid to understand it. I obliged you. Next time don't pretend to not understand something. Again, if you want to pretend to be stupid I'll be happy to treat you like you are. We both know you're not.
  3. Just add it to the list of things you don't understand then. If you want to pretend to be stupid I'll be happy to treat you like you are.
  4. Because he thinks he knows more about wrestling than he does. He know very little about wrestling or what appears to be really anything at all besides spamming a message board with stupid ****.
  5. He says he was hurt during the match against RBY. If he says he's hurt then he's hurt. We take him at his word. RBY didn't really beat him because he was hurt. He says he is 100% but then people say you can't believe him when he says this. I thought we were to taking ADS at his word? This seems like a setup for an excuse should he lose at B1Gs, especially if it's to RBY, or at the NCAA tournament because he wasn't 100% and would have won if he was healthy. RBY didn't really beat him at B1Gs because he was hurt. That's how people make excuses for their team and guys. We take a guy at his word/ignore it when it's convenient for our excuses we make for our favorite guys. It happens all the time with every fanbase. MSU made some good points and I'll concede he is not doing this. If we can't decide whenever we believe a kid or a coach then we should simply ignore it all if you ask me. If a guy laces up his shoes and steps on the mat we just accept the result as fans the same way the guys actually doing the wrestling accept the results. A win is a win and a loss is a loss.
  6. I don't think Iowa coaches or wrestlers make excuses. I think Iowa fans (and fans of every team) make excuses for their team and guys.
  7. Fair enough. If somebody sees him wearing a knee brace I imagine they assume there is a problem whether there is or it's just for precaution. I don't think it matters one way or the other as far as wrestling goes. I don't think guys target injured things like knees. I think they go out and wrestle their match.
  8. I think him and Tom should alternate each year where one is the head coach and the other is assistant head coach. It's only fair.
  9. Well we can agree on the fact that I am not a fan of that philosophy either but it stems from a selfish fan perspective of wanting to know information that I really have no right knowing. I do understand why coaches play these things close to the vest though. I would, too.
  10. Why can't wrestling be fun to watch without the antics of a guy like ADS? Isn't that what this thread is about? You mentioned a bunch of guys who are exciting and only one of them has behavior problems on the mat. Austin DeSanto is plenty entertaining with just his wrestling. He is one of the most fun guys to watch in the country. Wrestling doesn't need Austin DeSanto because he acts out on the mat, they need guys who wrestle like him.
  11. When do we take somebody at their word? When he said he was hurt during the match we were supposed to take him at his word. Now he say's he is 100% so we are not supposed to take him at his word? Is it only when it's convenient for Iowa fans that we take him/don't take him at his word? How do we know when we take somebody at their word?
  12. Do you think if ADS quit wrestling today wrestling would no longer be a thing? Of course wrestling doesn't NEED Austin DeSanto. Wrestling doesn't NEED any single wrestler out there today. Some people like his antics/outbursts/whatever. It doesn't sound like Tom Brands is too thrilled with them and plenty of other people don't like them. I don't care for them. Let's not fool ourselves into believing that wresting needs any single one wrestler.
  13. I love the way DeSanto wrestles but I can do without the nonsense during/after the match. I love that Brands said this but coming from Tom or Terry it's hard me to take it seriously when they are guilty of blowing their gasket and acting like fools themselves. We have video of either Tom or Terry (I can't remember which) yelling at a ref that he sucks over and over. Their coaches have been guilty of acting up and having team points deducted for their conduct. I like the Brands but like DeSanto I can do without their nonsense as well. If they want to make sure their kids are keeping their cool on the mat maybe they should set an example for them.
  14. Lee vs Pletcher will be close. I doubt either runs away with any match they wrestle. I think Lee has an advantage in that he can ride anyone and punish them.
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