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  1. He is not his brother. I can see Edmond as an AA his senior year, maybe his junior year as well but I think that's his ceiling.
  2. Arguing over who was the first Rutgers NCAA champ is probably the dumbest thing I've seen argued on this board.
  3. Yes, and please provide proof that you entered the water.
  4. No pins are flukes but I'll bet if they had wrestled again Jenkins wouldn't have pinned him.
  5. There is no shortage of people who will take whatever Cael Sanderson says or does as a negative.
  6. Do people really have a problem with Spencer Lee winning? This was a pretty easy choice.
  7. A cure? We've never cured any virus. Not even the common cold.
  8. I've tried watching his channel many times and I can never get past 14 seconds.
  9. This is proof that god hates Iowa. Checkmate Hawkeyes.
  10. Why would it be stalling? Is choosing neutral against somebody who is a hammer on top stalling? Taking away something a guy does well is not stalling. Not allowing ADS to get into a tie that he dominates isn't stalling, it's wrestling. If a guy is really good at a Russian tie and a guy gets his arm out of it it's not stalling. Bailing out of upper body positions against Cenzo or Bull isn't stalling. This is no different. The only people who think it's stalling would be Iowa fans because it neutralizes what ADS does better than anybody.
  11. Wasn't Jordan a big time recruit? What was his P4P ranking?
  12. He beat him in the B1G finals. That’s a big deal. Spencer is a zero time B1G champion. Cenzo is also a zero time B1G champ as well. The B1G is incredibly tough to win.
  13. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. - Mike Tyson.
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