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  1. StallWarning

    Who do you guys like watching? ?

    While I do love drama, which ADS brings a lot of, there is no question he is a fun guy to watch from a wrestling standpoint. He's one of the most entertaining wrestlers in college outside of the drama.
  2. StallWarning

    Who do you guys like watching? ?

    Not in any particular order: Austin DeSanto Spencer Lee Daton Fix SeaBass Zahid Valencia RBY Cenzo Joseph Mark Hall Anthony Cassar
  3. StallWarning

    Teasdale at Iowa?

    Teasdale will never wrestle 125lbs again. He couldn't make weight at 125lbs at PSU last year. That was one of the problems he had. Fantastic talent, but he's a 133lber or 141lber. Probably not tall enough for 141lbs so he likely needs to be able to make and hold 133lbs for the year.
  4. StallWarning

    Stop 1984ing us

    I demand a recount.
  5. StallWarning

    Why Did Sammy Sasso Go To Ohio State?

    The idea that Cael lands virtually every elite recruit in PA is ridiculous as this thread has indicated. There is a long list of blue chip recruits from PA that have gone elsewhere for a number of reasons.
  6. StallWarning

    Why I think Penn State is about to decline

    I don't think your status as the worst poster on this forum is in any jeopardy. Carry on.
  7. StallWarning

    Strongest p4p college wrestler?

    I don't see how he's not P4P the strongest. He was a 165lber who could wrestle 125lbs. Watching him his senior year wrestle guys was just laughable.
  8. StallWarning

    What was up with spencer Lee this year?

    Why would anything be up with him? He won his second straight national championship at 125lbs. Nothing was up.
  9. StallWarning

    Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles

    Can you elaborate on the major violations committed by tOSU, Iowa, Wisconsin, and PSU? And be very specific. If you won't then you are no less a coward than anyone at Flo. Unless, of course, you are worried you will lose access to these programs.
  10. StallWarning

    Mason Manville OR

    The seven year plan will work great until we figure out how to implement the 8 year plan. At that point people will wonder how teams even won before the 8 year plan.
  11. StallWarning

    Penn State is in trouble

    It was a bad attempt at a troll job. You can pat yourself on the back if you want, but the entire point of your post and the thread title was that PSU was in trouble. Even with all of that happening PSU ran away with the team title and it wasn't close. If you wanted to make the best marinara sauce you could and you followed the recipe 80% of the way and it turned out tasting like dog **** you wouldn't be bragging that you were able to follow the recipe 80% correctly. You would want to forget that you ever made the sauce to begin with.
  12. StallWarning

    Would Marinneli be a Champ at PSU

    I'm not sure you thought this post through. One of those guys has finished 1-1-2 and another 1-2-2. The other two have only started a single year. So far two of those guys are having incredible careers as college wrestlers. If I were you I'd delete your post, it was silly AF.
  13. StallWarning

    Snyder vs Gable and Cassar and White

    My brother is 39 years old and walks around at 116lbs. Guy couldn't gain weight if he tried. He couldn't wrestle as a 10th grader when he was in high school because he didn't weigh enough to even be allowed to wrestle 103lbs. He wrestled 70lbs as a freshman in high school on the junior high team.
  14. StallWarning

    Suriano has the last laugh

    I thought Nick was the guy who wanted it a lot more in the finals. He finally looked like he wanted to wrestle to win.
  15. StallWarning

    NCAA Session 4 Thread

    I saw this being called this way all tournament, though. There were a lot of matches where I said the guy had the escape and another 5-10 seconds of RT were collected before it was awarded.