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  1. StallWarning

    RBY 133 Rankings

    He's not ranked because he has only wrestled one match in college. The other guys you mentioned are all RSFR so they have been in a college room for a year and competing at opens. They have a semblance of a resume, at least. I don't see how you rank a guy who has only wrestled one match. If RBY is who we think he is then he will be ranked appropriately whenever he has some more matches and wins under his belt. For now all he has is a dominating win over an unranked guy.
  2. StallWarning

    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    I honestly wish Suriano and Fix would got 125lbs this year. It's selfish but I want to see Spencer Lee take on the absolute best guys he can to see just how good he is. I don't see anyone coming remotely close to him at 125lbs this year with Suriano and Fix at 133lbs. It's kind of like Nolf at 157lbs. Nobody is really close.
  3. StallWarning

    Penn State Media Day just ended

    I am excited to see Cassar at HWT. I think Nevills will be the guy but I'm just interested to see just how big Cassar is and just how well he moves at HWT. Schnupp is interesting but I'm not all that surprised. This is something Cael has done in the past with Nick Lee and Mark Hall. If history is any indication one of Teske or Teasdale will be the guy after the Scuffle. I think it will depend on what weight Teasdale and Busiello will slot in at. If either of those guys is going to go 125lbs while at PSU I see no reason to RS both Teske and Teasdale this year. There would be plenty of talent that would need spread out for the weight. However the message board rumor mills and speculation are that Busiello could easily outgrown 125lbs by the time he gets to PSU and that Teasdale is already having to cut to get there and probably won't be able to stay there after this year. Who knows, though. Message board warriors are wrong far more than any of us are right.
  4. StallWarning

    Does Penn State need a new lightweight coach?

    I don't think so. Cael brought in a top lightweight at 125lbs in Nico Megaludis right after he got to PSU. Nico went 2-2-3-1 with a redshirt before his senior year. Jordan Conaway filled in nicely that year and ended up as a two-time AA himself (once at 125 and once at 133). Jordan was a 1X PIAA state champ his senior year and Cael developed him into a fantastic lightweight wrestler. Conaway was not recruited very hard and had some big wins in college. I think he got the most out of Jordan that was possible. After Nico he brought in the top lightweight recruit in the country in Nick Suriano who we saw in the finals last year. It's just that Suriano left PSU after his freshman year. That's not a development problem at all. This year he brought in the best lightweight haul we've seen in a while. Three 4X state champs (PA, Iowa, AZ) with 3 losses between them in high school. Nick Lee is currently manning 141lbs and placed fifth last year as a true freshman. Zain Retherford placed 5th as a 141lber his true freshman year as well. Cael has done pretty well with the lightweights and has also had some issues not related to development of talent. Andrew Long - 3rd place finisher (I believe) who was kicked off the team. Jimmy Gilubon - He was an AA and finished 5th at 133lbs as a sophomore. People think Jimmy didn't live up to his recruiting ranking, but I think Cael got everything out of Jimmy that there was to get. He had a fine career at PSU and is an AA.
  5. StallWarning

    NWCA All Star Classic

    I feel like you read almost none of what I wrote. I specifically clarified this point in my post.
  6. StallWarning

    Micah Jordan

    You've completely left out the fact that I believe Micah chose neutral in both matches and Hayes chose top in the third in the second match. Look, you might be right that people exaggerate how bad he is on bottom, but the fact that he wouldn't choose down in a wrestle off is prove that even Micah is not confident he can get out on bottom. I still think Micah is the favorite at 149lbs this year but he absolutely has a deficiency on bottom and he appears to know it.
  7. StallWarning

    Rutgers Ashnault Interview

    I think having to deal with Spencer Lee and Daton Fix is a more difficult task than dealing with Seth Gross and Stevan Micic. Don't get me wrong, I think Gross and Micic are really good, but I just think if I have to choose between going through Lee and Fix and going through Gross and Micic, I'm taking Gross and Micic.
  8. StallWarning

    Rutgers Ashnault Interview

    I am of the opinion that he is waiting to see where Daton Fix ends up. I think if Daton goes 125bls then Nick definitely goes 133lbs.
  9. StallWarning

    Micah Jordan

    I think the criticism has been a result of and exasperated by the fact that he was brutalized by Zain and Nolf, and not just worked. Micah Jordan isn't good on bottom. I don't think that's a stretch. He's a good wrestler, though. He is pretty damn good on his feet and he's solid on top. It's just the way he was brutalized by Zain and Nolf coupled with the fact that he was as blue chip of a recruit as you get. You just don't expect a guy with his high school credentials to lose like he has. Ohio is one of the elite HS wrestling states in the country. He was a 4X state champ who had three falls and a tech in the finals. He was the #6 P4P recruit in the country. I don't expect those guys to get beat like he did against Zain and Nolf. Maybe that's a credit to how good Zain and Nolf are, though. Micah has plenty of wins against other really good guys, though. Although I'm still waiting for Micah to beat a truly elite guy in college. Neither Sorenson nor Kemmerer have shown they are elite guys. I think these are the reasons he gets criticized like he does. Now, I think 149lbs is his best weight. 149lbs also cleared out a bit this year and I think Micah is the favorite to win the title at that weight. He's definitely good enough to do so.
  10. StallWarning

    Downtown Pittsburgh

    You're not far from PPG Paints Arena. Probably less than 10 minutes. There is a cool bar across the street from the arena, but I can't remember the name. To be honest, the fact that you will be downtown means you can Uber to the Southside really easy. That's where you want to be if you want to have some drinks/foods. Carson Street is packed with bars and restaurants. Just Uber over and walk up and down Carson until you see something you like.
  11. StallWarning

    Conel vs. Nickal

    It's a great early season matchup and probably the one I'm looking forward to the most. The trackwrestling rankings that just came out have Nickal at #1 and Conel at #2 so at least one rankings service has the two top guys at 197 going at it right away. You always want to see the top guys at a weight go at it. Now, whether or not people actually believe Conel is a top two guy at 197lbs is another debate but at least we'll know right away whether Conel is a real threat and legit top guy.
  12. StallWarning

    NWCA All Star Classic

    There is no line being drawn. The all-star meet is not supposed to affect seeing. It does. We saw it last year. What I should I have said is that if a guy thinks there is a guarantee that it won't affect seeding they're are wrong. It has affected seeding. In the case of Mark Hall and Zahid it didn't matter in the end because both were in the finals. I think this hurts the All-Star meet more, though. The fact that it does play a roll in seeding may affect the decision of guys to want to compete in it.
  13. StallWarning

    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Yeah, it's not a tOSU issue. It's silly to apply the struggles of M. Jordan and less so for B. Jordan to the entire program. They are outliers and Micah is a huge outlier. Agreed that he is one of the worst blue chip recruits I've seen on bottom and that's after years in the room and as a starter.
  14. StallWarning

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Whether he was beating him last year isn't the point. Nobody would know that until March. The all-star match was obviously used in deciding seeding when they specifically say it's not considered. The reality is that the seeding is done by humans and those things influence humans. If any wrestler thinks they can go to this and that it won't hurt them in March they are wrong. Last year it ultimately did not matter because Hall and Valencia both made the finals, but it could definitely affect nationals.
  15. StallWarning

    Ohio State 157?

    Cael's job is to coach folkstyle. What does international success and freestyle development have to do with Cael coaching the Penn State wrestling team? Nothing. Those are strawman arguments.