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  1. One of the things I always thought Flo got right were the colors and branding of it. The new colors/logo/branding is terrible.
  2. Is Cael Sanderson finally in over his head? Find out next time on the Jimmy Poopybon show.
  3. Then it makes sense that Jimmy Poopybon was the one who posted this.
  4. I think the next legitimate post you make will be your first. Your trolling isn't even good trolling. It's just a low rent version.
  5. It seems as if everybody thinks Yianni could win a WC this year but Zain won't even come close to a medal? I guess if you hate Zain or PSU you don't have to make sense when you say this silly ****.
  6. You wish Zain had better representation on a message board? What a weird thing to say.
  7. After reading this post by OP I think I am having a stro aisdfjdsa'l;fjdas;fjdsajfi;dasjf dsjfiadsfi dsfk
  8. It sounds like you're trying to find a broadcast of WNO. A podcast is not a live broadcast of an event, that would be a broadcast. A podcast is pre-recorded audio distributed at a later time.
  9. I don't disagree with you. I was just picking the low hanging fruit on the "next year is our year" Iowa joke.
  10. Besides, some believe 20XX will be Iowa's year to seize the NCAA team title, not 20XX. Fixed it for ya. I can't believe the "next year Iowa win it" is already starting. Actually, I can.
  11. While I do love drama, which ADS brings a lot of, there is no question he is a fun guy to watch from a wrestling standpoint. He's one of the most entertaining wrestlers in college outside of the drama.
  12. Not in any particular order: Austin DeSanto Spencer Lee Daton Fix SeaBass Zahid Valencia RBY Cenzo Joseph Mark Hall Anthony Cassar
  13. Teasdale will never wrestle 125lbs again. He couldn't make weight at 125lbs at PSU last year. That was one of the problems he had. Fantastic talent, but he's a 133lber or 141lber. Probably not tall enough for 141lbs so he likely needs to be able to make and hold 133lbs for the year.
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