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  1. Pat Mineo is the king of throw everything at the wall and claim he's a genius if it ends up being true. I wouldn't believer Mineo if he told me the sky was blue. I'd look outside to make sure.
  2. Nothing? Unless Ivey schools won't allow it.
  3. This is honestly where a lot of athletes are going to get their NIL money, from wealthy alumni who own local businesses. It's more so for olympic sports because those kids are not household names. Gable is about as big a household name one is going to get these days in wrestling because he 1. won and Olympic gold and 2. Signed onto the WWE and made an appearance on WWE after winning it. The biggest NCAA wrestlers might get NIL deals with wrestling companies for shoes (Asics, Nike) and maybe Cliff Keen but those deals are going to go to the very top of the top guys. The rest are going to get some small time cash from local rabid alumni who are wrestling fans and own local businesses around the school.
  4. What is his finishing move going to be? Maybe he tests it out this year, maybe against Iowa?
  5. 125lbs - Spencer Lee 133lbs - Austin DeSanto 141lbs - Jayden Eierman 149lbs. - Max Murin 157lbs - Kaleb Young 165lbs - Alex Marinelli 174lbs. - Michael Kemerer 184lbs - Nelson Brands 197lbs - Jacob Warner HWT - Anthony Cassioppi Team - Iowa by a million
  6. I still don't know how this is getting Carl'd? Did I miss something? Does Cael have something against the Nevill family where he purposely benches them and wrestlers a guy who they are beating in the room? Nick Nevills was behind national champion Anthony Cassar. Are you implying Cael did something wrong in starting Anthony Cassar? Are you implying Nick Nevills deserved to start over Anthony Cassar?
  7. Nothing will change the fact that you are the worst poster on this site. If you never connected to the internet again we'd all be better off.
  8. Well Aaron Brooks looked great at least.
  9. This is the most pedestrian PSU team in a decade. Outside of Nick Lee nobody has looked good so far. Although Aaron Books looking good so far in his match.
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