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    ArianaGrande reacted to sgallan in Senior World Team   
    I stand by my contention Cox is our most under rated, and under appreciated wrestler. But I get it, you know, Olympic medal, world medal, stellar NCAA credentials..... guy is a bit of a scrub.
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    ArianaGrande reacted to WildTurkey44 in Latest Int'l Rankings (link)   
    Any world medal really. Zahid might get one before them
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    ArianaGrande reacted to nom in Moneyline for Snyder AND Burroughs   
    Non symmetric odds are how bookies make their money.
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    ArianaGrande reacted to Perry in Snyder vs Cael   
    Ah this topic is back. Give me Snyder now over any version of Cael. He is a superior talent, not to dig on the Professor.
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    ArianaGrande reacted to sgallan in Zahid Valencia   
    True, if, and it is a big if, Dake quits letting things get to his head, wrestles that smart, sometimes ugly, but effective style he is so good at. Dake should be a solid favorite but the bravado that got him 4 NCAA's seems to backfire when he isn't in total control. His weakness isn't skills, it is the mind game. A strength in college seems to be a liability now.
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    ArianaGrande reacted to jammen in Does Mark Hall have a path?   
    Hall still has a chance to be "The face of Kentucky wrestling".
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    ArianaGrande reacted to GranbyTroll in Fix   
    True, Fix could in theory find more openings against someone who opens up more like Gilman. In myGilman is too strong positionally to be at risk of Fix getting to much offense. 
    I was attempting to answer your "how Gilman could be a favorite over Fix" by pointing out that Gilman has better single leg offense than either Ramos or Fix has shown us yet. 
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    ArianaGrande reacted to TBar1977 in Best of 3 Finals, who you got??   
    7-0 Zahid over Ringer. Ouch. 
    Dake is already complaining about Ringer going to one knee. 
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    ArianaGrande reacted to EasyToPin in Best of 3 Finals, who you got??   
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    ArianaGrande reacted to Housebuye in Best of 3 Finals, who you got??   
    Fix - wouldn’t bet on it but he looked amazing and I’m tired of Ramos’s style. Also the match babe Gilman would be way more compelling with Fix.
    Garrett - Nico looked amazing yesterday but Garrett is like 6-0 lifetime against him
    Eierman - not confident at all here. Stieber when he is on is arguably the best in the world. Evan Henderson pushed him though. I like eierman a lot although a Stieber vs McKenna final x is interesting
    Molinaro - he has a big lead career wise vs chamberlain. Last time was a fluke. Props to chamberlain but Molinaro takes this one.
    IMAR - Nazar is very good from the undertook though. Not a good style matchup for IMAR.
    Zahid because I like him. Betting wise this would never be where I put my money but in picked Zahid in every major math for the last 5 years besides vs Taylor at midlands. I’m almost always right with him.
    Perry, but damn nc state is doing well in freestyle right now. Pulling for an upset. Neither makes the team anyways.
    Zillmer - no idea though. Weak class. Neither is making the team.
    Gadsen - I don’t think it’s close. Props to Schafer for winning the us open but he isn’t our second best guy.
    Coon - not totally sure on this one. Excited for this matchup. If tony wins, gable gets a true third match with coon, so I’ll be happy with either outcome. Just want them to open up a bit. If someone wins on the shot clock point I’ll be annoyed. Coon has a better shot vs Gwiz I think but still picking Gwiz.
    Can’t wait. Going through this made me realize that I’m not confident in a single pick. Literally all of my picks could be wrong. Love it.
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    ArianaGrande reacted to Alwayswrestling in Senior World Team Trials   
    If all the Final X matches were at one location it would be a much better format than years past. JMO
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    ArianaGrande reacted to Angry_Fish in Beat The Streets   
    But it's a risk/concern every year.  This time it just finally happened. 
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    ArianaGrande reacted to Cradle1 in Beat The Streets   
    I really don’t think that’s the case. I really feel like Kyle got out there and was completely thrown off by the slick mats and unsure of his footing. You could just see it in the way that he moved. On the Salas shot he barely even had a counter. No way that happens on a dry mat. I predict that he scores back to back techs at final x, And storms into the world finals. Whether he beats Sadulaev again is a complete tossup.
    Of course, the mat was slick for Salas too but I think how people reacted to it was highly variable based on their style, grip on their shoes, And probably fear of injury.
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    ArianaGrande reacted to Ogalthorpe Haywood in WTT Betting Odds. Thoughts? Deron Winn +900?   
    Great breakdown
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    ArianaGrande reacted to GoNotQuietly in WTT Betting Odds. Thoughts? Deron Winn +900?   
    So, pretty happy about the Supreme Court ruling, rpm002 ?
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    ArianaGrande reacted to sgallan in Does Mark Hall have a path?   
    Well..... FS switch will never happen so I don't debate it anymore. The styles are closer then they used to be and that has helped. As to depth, 57 is one year away to being ridiculously deep. Fix is a work in progress and Lee of course. Gilman and Ramos with cred. 61 Meh. 65 seriously only Zain if he is okay. The rest get good wins bit can't navigate a world tournament. 70 Green is our world class guy. The others are solid but not contenders. 74 as mentioned a lot, JB has cleared the weight out. OMar is not a senior level world placer yet. 79 Dake, and now Dinger are depth. The other two are not senior level depth yet. 86/92 depth of one. 97 no need for depth, rules world. HT Gwiz depth of one. Coon needs to bring it in a top level world competition but looks promising. On Hall - watching his video in this tournament, and watching a lot of euro matches, he isn't there yet.
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    ArianaGrande reacted to steamboat_charlie in Russia & JB at 74kg   
    I agree Gadzhi is the favorite if he's back down at 74kg.  Still, he's yet to make a world team even with multiple Yarygin titles and now a European title.  He beat Tsabolov 8-0 at Yarygin in 2017 in the quarters. 
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    ArianaGrande reacted to GranbyTroll in Does Mark Hall have a path?   
    The brutal NCAA season is why we seemingly have a lot  of guys medal at Junior Worlds then never even make Team USA. Wrestlers everywhere else in the world spend those years developing their technique, not grinding out folkstyle 40-50 folkstyle matches every year. 
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    ArianaGrande reacted to airmail in Russia & JB at 74kg   
    How would you rank the 3 Russians at 74kg in the Burroughs era??
    Based solely off of accomplishments, it would have to go:
    1. Tsargush
    2. Tsabolov
    3. Geduev
    In '15-'16, I thought Geduev was better than Tsargush, and up until the '17 World finals, I thought Tsabolov was better than them both.  (My dislike of Tsargush plays a pretty big role)  The fact that JB has gone 4-2 vs this crew in Worlds/Olympics is impressive in itself.  Then you throw Goudarzi in the mix, who lost only to Tsargush and JB in 4 Worlds.  
    Add Yazdani in there for a year, and between those 6 guys, the top of the heap at 74 has been unparalleled on the World stage.  
    Forgive the random thinking-out-loud rambling, but I feel like it's easy for some of us to forget just how awesome JB really is... 
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    ArianaGrande reacted to CA_Wrestler in Does Mark Hall have a path?   
    I don't think there's any way he beats Dieringer.  Definitely not Dake.  In a few years, then maybe.  But by then, Dieringer and Dake could be at different weights.
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    ArianaGrande reacted to boconnell in US OPEN-freestyle discussion   
    Dake was a whiner about the old process.  He is a whiner in general even when he is whining for the right reason.  I say that as a guy who has never rooted against him in a match at any level. 
    The old process was designed to win the most possible medals rather than to be fair.  I am a huge Dake fan and I rooted for him to unseat JB, but I'd rather have a maybe medalist stuck behind a medalist than a no chance for a medalist beat out a medalist domestically because he can game plan for him.  
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    ArianaGrande reacted to wrestlingnerd in US OPEN-freestyle discussion   
    The old process sucked and Dake, among many others, was right to criticize it. The new process is outstanding and a true, fair test of our best athletes who train their asses year round and deserve nothing less.
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    ArianaGrande reacted to steamboat_charlie in US OPEN-freestyle discussion   
    The word out of Cox's camp this weekend is that he'll be back at 86kg in 2020.  Of course we're still 2 full years away, so his plans could obviously change.  
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    ArianaGrande reacted to Housebuye in US OPEN-freestyle discussion   
    Agreed. Hope one of our young guys jumps levels in the next couple of years.
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    ArianaGrande reacted to iGranby in US Open - College takeaways (lower weights)   
    Demas is an olympic style(s) guy. I'm not sure how his skill set will translate to him being a starter in folk this year but I have high hopes. 
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