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    Logan Macri

    I didn’t know he quit. I knew he redshirted. Was expecting big things from him in the future as he was the only PA state champ in our last recruiting class, and one of the few if not only guys Flynn brought in himself. i also checked other boards when u said this wasn’t an acceptable topic, and the PSU board has this same thread with over 40 responses. I hear he he survived and is in still in the hospital. Best wishes to him and his family.
  2. https://www.wboy.com/news/former-wvu-wrestling-team-member-shot-by-police-after-they-say-he-attacked-mother-with-sword-gun/1933865618 Sad. Was hoping for big things from him as a WVU fan. whatever happened to the Moore brothers at WVU? Zach wrestled earlier in the year and disappeared, and his brother Keegan hasn’t wrestled since his true freshman season other than one match.
  3. Moisey, Molina, Schaffel and Jake Smithwere Turnbull recruits. So in four years Henson has two qualifiers he brought to WVU in Schmidt and Dylan Cottrill (who was already a qualifier when he transfered). He had a few guys in Stainbrook and AJ Vizcarendo who had previously qualified who didn’t under Henson for multiple years. AJ might have once but know he didn’t as well. He had the number 5 class in the nation in 2015 but Flynn, Myers, Duggan, Faust, Mariakis, Gray and Ragsdale left. Devin Brown who defeated many talented wrestlers in high school, and maybe undersized hasn’t produced. The Moore twins got some big wins in freestyle after there freshman year, haven’t done much since. They have been battling injuries. Not sure what happens with Keegan’s eligibility he wrestled one match at Midlands this year. There have been rumors of turmoil in the room leading to all these wrestlers leaving, but have no first hand knowledge. I would have let him see his first recruiting class through before I fired him. But he has been a little underwhelming over the past few years. Turnbull was at the same level if not higher. Henson was Oliver Lucks hire. The new AD is looking for his man. Also Sammie’s son has signed wonder what happens with him? I believe Kolat is the number one choice. Also Greg Jones, Scott, Flynn, Hahn and Morningstar have been rumored not sure about there interest other than Hahn & M*.
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