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  1. This has to be a troll post. Just signed with RUDIS also.
  2. 100%. Maybe some basketball too but I wonder if sponsors/donors will shift to individual athletes away from entire programs? Could be viable for some businesses.
  3. Probably. With the NIL being so new I think it'll will be really interesting to see how it develops. I'm sure additional measures will be put in place but I think for the majority of college wrestlers they won't see a super meaningful impact from the NIL outside of the stars. Most of the wrestlers I've seen outside of a few have signed with pretty obscure companies that won't earn them much imo.
  4. For most RTC's athletes receive a salary. Whether that is 1099 or W4 depends on the RTC. Most top level athletes are wrestlers at an RTC for many reasons (practice partners, access to coaches, facilities, etc.) and then can profit off of their likeness as much as they want. You'll be hard pressed to find any of our senior level athletes that are not a part of an RTC.
  5. Are we going to see more of the dual mat format for this upcoming season? I personally loved it because it gave us an opportunity to see some different match ups with a lot of different wrestlers that might not otherwise have a chance to step on the mat. I'd imagine some programs will have them almost every dual and others will go back to a single mat only. Thoughts?
  6. Sir, this is a wrestling forum.
  7. Most athletics departments take a percentage of the contributions raised by the teams. Not always but most of the time. They can't get that percentage from an RTC.
  8. Plus RTC's take away precious dollars from the athletics departments, and they really don't like that.
  9. Yeah USA wrestling and the NCAA have rules in place about "benefitting" each other. RTC's are also the wild west so who knows what will come in the next few years.
  10. What it will do is cut general academic majors from the schools. Example, you might not be able to get a teaching degree at Lock Haven cause they'll focus on health sciences. While athletically they'll remain the same, student-athletes will have to make tough decisions about their education vs athletics.
  11. More so the ideas that people complained about in wrestling prior to the pandemic. Recognizing changes that came to the sport like a shortened season and "extra matches" are a good thing and mean nothing if we go back to complaining about "growing the sport". If you want to complain about masks though I am sure there are plenty of echo chambers on Twitter you can visit. This post was about wrestling.
  12. What do you see as the biggest changes to the sport (at any level) following the pandemic? We talk about "Growing the Sport" and all that but will we revert back to the old ways of thinking? Senior level duals, a shortened college season, multi-mat dual meets, and a spotlight on women's wrestling are just some of the positives that have come to the sport as we navigated Covid. I think how we adjust moving forward will be just as important as it was during the pandemic.
  13. I can't verify the credibility of the original poster but here is the closest thing to a legitimate schedule I have seen so far. ‐---------------------------------------------------------------- "2021 NCAA DIVISION I TELEVISION SCHEDULE Thursday March 18th 11:00 AM NCAA Wrestling Championship (First Round) ESPNU 2:00 PM NCAA Wrestling Championship (Session 2) ESPNU 6:00 PM NCAA Wrestling Championship (Session 3) ESPN2 9:00 PM NCAA Wrestling Championship (Session 4) ESPN2 11:30 PM NCAA Wrestling Championship REPEAT ESPNU Friday March 19th 11:00 AM NCAA Wrestling Championship (Quarterfinals) ESPNU 3:00 PM NCAA Wrestling Championship (Session 4) ESPNU 8:00 PM NCAA Wrestling Championship (Semifinals) ESPN 11:00 PM NCAA Wrestling Championship REPEAT ESPNU Saturday March 20th 11:00 AM NCAA Wrestling Championship (Medal Round) ESPN2 7:00 PM NCAA Wrestling Championship Finals ESPN ESPN3 Service Will Stream Each Mat Through Out Until the Championship Finals."
  14. I'm used to a decent Cinnabon troll post at this point but I'll admit, this one got me.
  15. Is anyone honestly picking Cass? C'mon.
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