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  1. If I'm 27 but I feel like I'm 40 is there a group for that?
  2. At #30 I can say that my board ranking is shockingly on par with what my wrestling career used to be. Hoping for a wild card.
  3. Go ahead and give this a listen. Hopefully, it's educational to some people on this forum as well. https://therudis.com/rudis-wrestling-podcast-124-all-things-ncaa-rankings/
  4. I would rather schools begin to throw a freestyle match in at intermission (thinking RTC athletes) or even a women's match in there. Not saying other options aren't as good but I think with the prominence of women's wrestling and the growth of RTC's it could give the average "folkstyle" fan a little exposure to the other styles in our sport.
  5. This is laughable. It happens in the sport. Snyder isn't exactly an extremely complicated wrestler either. They're paying Cox to win and make others better. They would gain literally nothing by being butt hurt over a transfer.
  6. The wrestling community is literally the most negative group of people on the planet.
  7. When you think about how much more the Academy athletes have to do/handle vs the normal 4-5 year university athlete it's incredible. They cannot skip class to go wrestle an extra 2 hours in the room. Academics are far more strict. It really comes down to the coaching staff developing wrestlers and not just making them "wrestle hard for 7 minutes" like everyone says. Unless you've hand first hand experience it's difficult to appreciate how impressive it is to go through a service Academy while having national success in wrestling.
  8. Headgear, helmets, etc., actually encourage head to head contact. These devices do not prevent concussions. Just like they don't completely prevent cauliflower ear. Imo headgear is an old school, bullcrap device that needs to go. Sorry if that hurts feelings, also not sorry if that hurts feelings. It is much like kinesio tape.
  9. I didn't really understand this decision either as I never thought of Intermat as a money-maker anyway. At this point it is like paying for your local newspaper subscription (who does that?)
  10. You'll find that many Division I coaches whine and carry on like babies.
  11. I didn't click the link, but I think people want a more clear seperation between the training center and college programs (since it's such huge recruiting tool). But I think the only way to do that is to make it a requirement that RTCs can only be formed in cities without a college with a program, and separating resources like that does seem to be a detriment to the development of the sport overall... it's a weird situation I would recommend clicking the link based on the situation. However, yes I have heard both arguments both for and against RTC's and I for one am all for them. But definitely a sticky situation.
  12. What would you like the NCAA to do about our RTC's?
  13. I always enjoyed their podcasts. I like that they'll bring athletes on the show as well just to talk about some different things also.
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