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  1. Anyone else feel like it's just the same guys on all these cards but in a different order?
  2. You might be surprised. https://www.capitalgazette.com/education/naval-academy/ac-cn-naval-academy-hopper-hall-20201016-qiqzhvz7rjcgxci25mtzneqmsy-story.html
  3. The higher the numbers get the lower the chance of fans. Just hoping we have a championship.
  4. Boy are we are lucky to have this many doctors and healthcare professionals participating in these forums.
  5. Can't just erase and give up on 50+ years of compliance and governing that easy.
  6. State and school mandates and guidelines will play a big factor. For example, schools in NY probably won't be able travel outside of the state. Who knows if Ivy Leagues will even be open for students, let alone athletes. The second big issue I see is testing and it's cost on schools. Say your wrestling team has a 30 man roster that needs tested twice a week. Say it's about $25 bucks a test, twice a week per wrestler, that's almost $20,000 for a 3 month season just for testing. The NCAA has fully taken a hands off approach and has pretty much left it up to conferences and schools and they're working through it now.
  7. Or instead...that American's decided money was more important than education.
  8. The unspoken component to all of this (particularly this season) is testing. The Patriot League for example would require athletes to be tested 3 times a week. That adds up to alot of dollars and cents for sports that essentially make nothing in return. This is assuming that schools have the expendable income to provide that testing. I'd imagine many teams are looking at steep roster cuts or not paying for testing all together for certain sports.
  9. Not always that simple as many SIDs cover multiple sports and to update the back-end of a website with a current roster (when many coaches haven't made cuts or evaluated their team due to Covid) it falls to the back of the to-do list. There's a ton of time consumption for SIDs having to squeeze every possible ounce of positivity in the current sports world. Lastly, many schools are cutting additional staff and merging duties to existing staff. It's tough out there and for the amount of coverage that schools gave to their current and even post graduate athletes for Senior Nationals was pretty cool imo. Even if it was just for a weekend.
  10. Can you blame them? For most that aren't on a full-ride you're still spending thousands of dollars each year at a university. Now, perhaps more than ever, guys are being forced into looking at the bigger picture of their post-athletic careers. Regardless of where you stand on it, Covid is forcing a lot of people to look in the mirror.
  11. As with most things this is easier said than done. Endowments must be built high enough that programs can survive on the interest. I'm sure plenty of programs would love to have 5 million sitting in the bank but realistically that's the number that many programs would require to stick around.
  12. Despite the fact that so many seem to think that the ENTIRE planet shutting down in one form or another over a global pandemic is a personal attack on their freedom and ability to enjoy things, the reality is there is a very slim chance of any college sports this year. Regardless of if you believe in the dangers of the virus or not, colleges and universities would be slapped with an insane amount of liability to make sports happen. In addition, the economic hit that many schools have had, they are focused on figuring out how to bring students back safely because they need that room and board money. Then in goes to testing, costs of vaccines , etc. Simply put there are so many factors that go into all levels of sport right now that to just say "we need sports and fans now, rabble rabble rabble" is ignorant and quite frankly a sad take.
  13. Even assuming that there is an actual vaccine made by the end of the year, the logicistics of getting it to schools is going to be a nightmare. That and looking at the costs of regular testing, vaccine costs for universities (especially small ones) I just can't see it. Resources are going to go to football teams if anything and I imagine most non-revenue sports will be left in the dust.
  14. Pending that all countries can and will agree to the criteria to hold the events. I personally don't see it happening but would love to watch high quality wrestling again.
  15. I see your point, but he WAS a world team member (David Taylor or not he was, s*** happens) as far a relevancy to the sport. He is an idiot however and I dislike the Flobro's promoting that kind of frat dude behavior. It's fine in doses but they've just become out of pocket with it.
  16. Sounds subjective for you to decide which colleges are worth the tuition or not. The crisis is here because the average cost of tuition has gone up by nearly 3,000% in the last fifty years. That in addition to letting 18 year olds take out essentially unlimited money in the form of student loans. What other loan lets you take out thousand with no credit or payment history? Then they receive federal aid based on how much money their parents make? It's a completely broken system in a league of its own.
  17. You right, there totally isn't nearly $2 Trillion in student loan debt. Call it sticker price or whatever you want, Covid is exposing the insanely broken systems that have built up in higher education and our athletic departments. Sadly it took something like this for people to wake up to the real issues that have been plaguing colleges and students around the country.
  18. Okay, when was the last time the ENTIRE PLANET was on the same page with something?
  19. Lol. Couldn't be more wrong. Those schools depend on football similarly to DI institutions. The ROI on football is insane, and the lost of a season is a major blow to budgets.
  20. Also why the country has almost $2 trillion in student loan debt. School used to be affordable before their were ipads in the walls and stuff.
  21. People that are under the impression that things will go back to normal are going to be sorely mistaken.
  22. Yeah, you're going to see alot worse than this come the end of summer/fall. Universities were hemorrhaging money before Covid and banking on tuition/loans while spending ridiculous amounts on campus luxuries. Schools are moving online and the absurd costs of attending schools will be forced to go down. Cuts will be made. Don't want to see it, but the worst is far from over.
  23. What does this even mean? Are you under the impression that coaches are not capable of doing anything but wrestling?
  24. Regardless of the accusations this is one of the most poorly put together articles I've ever had the misfortune of reading.
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