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    How is RPI determined?

    This is why nearly all the Lock Haven wrestlers have 40+ matches in a season. The chances of getting a solid RPI rank are worse than getting your win percentage up to qualify a spot.
  2. LHU125

    Willie Saylor Seeding Idea on FRL Today

    I get what you're saying but how do you see that as not a problem? Perhaps bias isn't the correct word but there needs to be a third party or an adjustment. I think the politics of every coach reaching out to other coaches to make a deal or reason to have their guy hurts the sport.
  3. LHU125

    Willie Saylor Seeding Idea on FRL Today

    The main two issues of seeding/qualifying right now imo: Zero penalty for MFF's (whether they're genuine or ducking) The coaches ranking and ranking bias Fixing these two components may help the process and prevent abuse of the system. However, I believe the current length of the season creates further abuse of whatever system is in place. Coaches will always find loopholes.
  4. LHU125

    NCAA Pigtails

    I'm sure this has been brought up before but what is the point of 33 wrestlers qualifying with 2 into a pigtail? Seems like such an unnecessary thing with a very simple solution. But as we know the NCAA plays stupid games to win stupid prizes.
  5. LHU125

    Kolat to Maryland..Mike Grey to Hofstra

    Agree to disagree.
  6. LHU125

    Kolat to Maryland..Mike Grey to Hofstra

    Kolat is fundraising well, just got a brand new facility and his team is coming along. Why leave to go to an absolute trainwreck? Also the allure of a "Big Ten" program isn't as strong to some...
  7. LHU125

    Kolat to Maryland..Mike Grey to Hofstra

    Kolat has no reason to leave Campbell
  8. LHU125

    EWL No longer - All 7 teams to the MAC

    Compared to the 14 spots they gave the EWL this year? The size and strength of the EWL (especially with the collapse of Edinboro) is a shell of its former self. Additionally, good luck getting a wildcard in the EWL if it comes down to that. As a Lock Haven alum I think the move is a good thing.
  9. LHU125

    How Title IX Destroyed SEC College Wrestling

    True, the NCAA should just get rid of all money losing sports and create women's football. Problem solved.
  10. LHU125

    How Title IX Destroyed SEC College Wrestling

    Some of the posts in this thread show such a blatant lack of understanding how college athletics/universities work. It's a shame really.
  11. LHU125

    Is Flo Growing Wrestling?

    I agree, their social media aspect is arguably their worst handled and most important component of their organization right now. Hence the huge amount of PR they've had to conduct. I do not work at Flo obviously but if I did I would be putting in a plan of action to correct their ongoing issues. Or at the very least make adjustments to the current strategy.
  12. LHU125

    Is Flo Growing Wrestling?

    I don't think you can solely measure participation and the number of programs as "growing the sport" for Flo. There are so many factors that go into both of those figures that I don't think you can seriously blame Flo for a DI program getting dropped or added. I do however think that Flo has created a great deal of exposure for the sport as a whole and it is not easily measured. The fact that they have 13 current posts on this forum is evidence that people know what they're doing and how they're doing it as it relates to wrestling. I, for one, would have no other option for watching many foreign wrestling if not for Flo and I'm sure that will increase with their deal with UWW. P.S. I despise the frat culture brought on by Flo and do not agree with many of the things they decide to do but still. Just my 2 cents.
  13. LHU125

    Nick Suriano

    Topics like these are insufferable and discredit just how hard collegiate wrestling is. All of his losses to top competition and suddenly the sky is falling. Better hope Cenzo doesn't lose a match or people will call for Carl to step down.
  14. LHU125

    Tech-to-Pin option

    I think you'd end up seeing a lot more stall outs from lower classed wrestlers attempting to not give up the pin. I'm all for seeing more pins but I'd also not much of a fan of seeing a wrestler get mauled and demoralized simply for 1 extra team point.
  15. LHU125

    A proposal to address ducking

    There's a thing called HIPAA.
  16. LHU125

    PSU Bubble Bursting?

    This is a thread that's similar to "Man, the Patriots really look down this year. Can Brady keep up?" Then the Pats go to another Superbowl. PSU will be fine.
  17. LHU125

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    Whoa whoa whoa...let's not talk craziness now
  18. LHU125

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    Then I'll ask the question again. What sort of regulations would one propose to even out RTC's? A cap for budget spending? Limiting the amount of RTC athletes? Let the NCAA decide? (terrible idea in my opinion) I know it is coming eventually but I'm not sure what options they really have.
  19. LHU125

    Lock Haven v Arizona State

    I thought Fehlman did not certify for 133.
  20. LHU125

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    Yes, but RTC's essentially boost the amount of coaches, training partners etc., on top of the positions you already spoke of. If a 125 freshman has the opportunity to have a light weight coach, two high level RTC athletes, and potentially an additional RTC coach to assist as well vs. 1 light weight coach enrolled with a university I'm probably going to side with the former.
  21. LHU125

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    I agree but what sort of regulation/transparency would you expect to be put in place? Aside from physical trips to facilities to audits how do you "even the playing field" as far as some programs feeling cheated?
  22. LHU125

    21 Questions With NCAA Champ Mark Hall

    The interviewer is Kyle Bauer who was a former wrestler at Kent State. He is very funny.
  23. I am sure this topic has come up quite a few times within the past few years, but I think it's more important now that ever to look at the length of the NCAA wrestling season and how it's impacting the wrestlers and the sport. Having gone through the gauntlet myself, the season is ridiculously long and puts a tremendous amount of strain and tax on these athletes. It seems like every week there's a post about someone ducking, or forfeiting out due to injury. Now the expectations are already high for many of these wrestlers, and criticism comes at them from all sides regarding their health. Many times these injuries have life altering effects on them as well. Regardless, I would like to hear some thoughts on where or how the season could be condensed. I'd imagine NCAA rules will change next year to further encourage action. That said something is gunna have to change so that we can all keep watching our favorite wrestlers.
  24. LHU125

    Injuries and Season Length

    To be fair this guy didn't even have a neutral option back then...I can't imagine descent plans were a thing.
  25. LHU125

    Injuries and Season Length

    I would take a nearly 40 year old study with a grain of salt in today's current wrestling climate. Weight loss is far more controlled and regulated now in addition to being discouraged. Regardless, I do understand the logistical hurdles and of course this hypothetical scenario of shortening the season would have unexpected results. I do find it interesting they have reduced the maximum number of matches per day versus which has caused A LOT of missed or undetermined matches in order to reduce injury. Just makes me think a dynamic change is not as far away as we may think.