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    Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?

    If I wanted content like this I'd go to Twitter.
  2. LHU125

    RTC's and the NCAA

    I've heard rumors that the NCAA would possibly be looking into complete separation of RTC's on college campuses. Apparently the solution to this would be to have completely separate buildings (i.e. DT's M2, Steiber's wrestling academy) or just out right purchasing a building. I'm curious if other sports have a similar operation to wrestling's RTC's and what are the realistic possibilities that the NCAA pulls the plug on them?
  3. LHU125

    NCAA approves shorts

    As someone who went to college on a $500 dollar scholarship it certainly can. Not everyone is a blue chip full-ride wrestler.
  4. LHU125

    NCAA approves shorts

    They do and typically it is the same year to year. Obviously it depends on what gets approved but regardless I don't see teams putting extra cash towards the novelty of fight shorts. Of course if Penn State wears them for a match everyone will love it so we'll see.
  5. LHU125

    NCAA approves shorts

    Smaller schools in particular I suppose. Some may want to reallocate that money towards scholarship if need be.
  6. LHU125

    NCAA approves shorts

    Not many teams are going to spend the extra cash to have fight shorts/compressions made regardless.
  7. LHU125

    RTC's and the NCAA

    That is what I am curious about mainly. You have more and more RTC's that are endowed with millions of dollars, even some of the smaller schools/RTC's. I personally do not think the NCAA will be able to come up with a solution to the disparity. I'm thinking he only real impact they could make would be changes to the NCAA waiver/criteria that RTC athletes have to meet to wrestle with student athletes. Which would be really stupid imo and again coaches would find a work around.
  8. LHU125

    RTC's and the NCAA

    It would certainly hurt smaller RTC programs in the long run that may not be able to afford to put up an entirely new building. I personally don't want to see that happen but who knows.
  9. LHU125

    Made Up Positions?

    Anyone want to fill me in on what a Director of Performance does? What other programs are using nonsense positions to get guys in the room?
  10. LHU125

    Who do you guys like watching? ?

    Dom Demas is must watch TV.
  11. LHU125

    Made Up Positions?

    I understand that, however I would imagine he'll certainly be wrestling with the NCAA guys. The RTC eligible guys (i.e. 90% of the team I'd guess) will wrestle during "RTC" practices.
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    I know this will certainly stir the pot however it needs to be brought up. With the great news of Women's Wrestling's emergence in the NCAA and a solid number of programs being announced, how is this going to impact Folkstyle in the long run? We already have high profile athletes like Yianni Diakomihalis advocating for the NCAA transition to freestyle. Women's wrestling is the future of the sport so I am interested to see if Folk sticks around. Obviously, there are a ton of hypothetical/scenarios but should folk stay?
  13. LHU125

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    An old coach of mine used to tell me something similar in that "No one will remember what you do." His thought process with this was to shut out outside distractions (social media, fans, etc.,) and just focus on wrestling and living in that moment.
  14. LHU125


    People out here acting like Freetyle mat wrestling is easy have clearly never wrestled Freestyle themselves.
  15. LHU125

    What is the best body type for wrestling?

    Can't finish if you can't get to their legs so...
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    Yes I have seen it many times lol.
  17. LHU125


    Well this topic went about the way I expected it to...
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    I can't say folkstyle referees are any better.
  19. Almost forgot about those. They were redshirt year in 2014. Sadly never made it to NCAA's.
  20. Nashon Garrett at the PSU-Open back in 2011.
  21. LHU125

    Steveson deserves a thread

    People forget that NCAA season is like 6 months long. Takes a toll.
  22. https://apswrestling.com/ After the AWL and Real Pro Wrestling it seems that a lot of people want the same thing but why can't they come together for it? First match is slated for July 7th, 2019.
  23. The answer is exactly what you don't want to hear so I don't know how else to explain that. If you think that being a more mature (physically and mentally) doesn't have an impact then you're being ignorant. Secondly, the amount of money to keep someone in school for 6-7+ years strictly because they're good at sports is nonsensical. It goes across all sports as well. It would take away opportunity from a ton of athletes. There's a ton of other reasons the eligibility rules exist.
  24. LHU125

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Comments like this are why fans/wrestlers/alumni get upset. Why should a great coach not be at a smaller program? Believe it or not but coaches do have families and outside factors that influence their decisions. It isn't just solely on a paycheck and "fixing" a down program.