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  1. Quick question, will the match be on B1G only or B1G and Flo? Thanks in advance.
  2. Current folkstyle stalling rules penalize wrestlers for not creating action but don't encourage them to create it more at all. Many times you see wrestlers attempting to make it look like they're not stalling if anything. In addition, how many different stalling rules does folk currently have? Not creating action on their feet Interlocking hands (in a sense) Hands to the face Failing to attempt mat return Out of bounds (pushing out and not letting the wrestler back into the circle) Side headlock Holding the ankle from top, etc... To me it is becoming ridiculous.
  3. Yeah with many schools within the PSAC money is tight. Also I believe Title IX is coming into play up there and slowing the building process.
  4. Yeah, because nothing is more important than the B1G and seeding. Especially a brain.
  5. Injury has been the main issue as far as I know. But so many people on this website think that if you aren't a 3x All-American/NCAA champ you're a bust.
  6. I don't really see how it could be a bad thing. A lot of people have appreciated some wrestling exposure on the site!
  7. I personally like them because most times it prevents scratches all over your legs. Nothing worse than having claw marks up and down your legs.
  8. Again, it comes down to effort IMO. The excuse that some alumni pots are more wealthy than others is weak. There is so much money out there. I mean look at some of these NCAA programs that do not fundraise at all (Cleveland State when they almost were cut) and then act like it is impossible to get any money. The same applies to RTC's. Even if you do not want to dip into those pots to raise money it is still possible. If all you do is cold call and send out flyers then yes it would be pretty difficult.
  9. I agree that college coaches should not have to fundraise their respective RTC's entirely but if you mean to tell me a coach cannot raise enough to hire a competent director of operations or a similar position to handle the fundraising and other nitty-gritty work. I'm sure Penn State has 3 separate staff members running their RTC (not including a board of directors). Obviously you do not build a power house or even a competitive RTC over night, but I do not think it is impossible for many across the country.
  10. Hello all, This is my first post on this site, however I think it's worth discussing the worth of RTC's and their impact with the vets on ol' TheMat.com. I'm interested to hear more so the con's rather than the pro's regarding them. As a graduate/wrestler of Lock Haven U not too long myself, I believe RTC's bring an immense amount of perks to NCAA teams and for USA wrestling in general. I've heard it would separate the have's and the have not's. I've also read that teams would find loopholes regardless of regulation (to which I agree). However, I believe the amount of jobs and opportunities it brings to wrestler's both on the ladder and in general has an incredible impact for the sport. How many of us have finished our wrestling careers and are unsure of the next step? Just interested to hear everyone's thoughts. Cheers.
  11. Ask any All-American if they had any injuries on the last day of nationals. Nothing new to see here.
  12. I feel like a lot of people on here don't understand the "under the radar" concept.
  13. Carl Poff has to be in this running. Per Bloomsburg's athletics: "Poff wrestled at Bloomsburg and was a two-time NCAA qualifier as a Husky. After graduating from Bloomsburg in 1979, Poff joined the staff as an assistant coach from 1982-1990, before taking the reigns at Lock Haven University as the head coach. In Poff's 12 seasons, he became the winningest coach in Bald Eagles history, totaling a record of 167-62-3 with a winning percentage of .720. Poff's squads brought home the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) title four times and the only Eastern Wrestling League (EWL) Championship in school history in 1997. Poff's 1997 team also finished fifth at the NCAA Division I championships. 13 wrestlers earned All-American status under Poff, and 80 qualified for the Division I national championships." 5th Place finish at NCAA's as a coach isn't bad for a two-time qualifier.
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