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  1. Lake Highland Prep out of Orlando Florida will now be competing in The National Prep Wrestling Championship ... any thoughts on how they will fare ? In my opinion I say they crack the top 3. Blair Academy and Wyoming Seminary are the top dog's
  2. If you were to compare to PA. states which would be consider tougher.? or other States where would National Prep Rank..
  3. Are the Ferrari Brothers ok...?? I don't see them at 195 lbs or 113 lbs
  4. What are some of the best in season high school Tournament's/Duals in each state...? I Know MN. has The Clash FL. has the Knockout Christmas Classic PA. has Powerade and Escape the rock.. OH. has Ironman and Medina.. DE. has the Beast of the East But what about the other States, like NC, SC, AL, LA, TN, GA, AR, TX, KY....? feel free to add other states great Tournaments or Duals...
  5. Where did Sam Latona wrestle last year 2017-2018..??
  6. Amazing, win for Joey Coste... surprise win in my opinion
  7. any details on the joey coste vs julian chlebove match-up...??
  8. Devin Winston was impressive. Carson Kharchla surprised me with how he handled Ramirez . Eric Barnett and Kurt Mchenry was great, incredible to hear folks say Kurt can easily make 106lbs.
  9. did Kameron McCall wrestle in last year's State series..?? I noticed he wasn't in the north carolina state brackets
  10. Do you have any idea what new region's are being considered...?? Also what's the reason behind the DC public school not being allowed to have their champion compete at the prep's..?
  11. What's the head to head between Serrano and Busiello.??
  12. Gotcha I just wanted to say thanks for all the info, i have always known of the national prep's just not in details... if you guy's have time and dont mind of course, would love to chat some more i have more question's and opinion's wanted to hear your take on them.
  13. will be in about a month, any thoughts..?? what weight looks loaded Last year 120, 126, and 132 were incredible ...
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