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  1. Day 2 Midlands questions 1. Definitive answers to the absences of Mueller, Deakin, small Elam 2. How many podium teams from this tournament finish Top 10 at Nationals? 1,2,3, or all 4? 3. When Campbell finishes Top 10 again, will the SoCons conference profile rise?
  2. Excellent stuff. You're even more bullish (Bullard -ish?) on NC St than I am. Would it be the first time 2 sets of brothers AA on the same team, same year, and if not this year, maybe next? State would be locked and loaded for 2021with Seniors H Hidlay, both Bullards, Reenan, Wilson, and settled at 125, 133, 184, and Hvy with Camacho, Trombley, T Hidlay and ? Somebody really good at 285?
  3. Kentucky Mudflaps commentary will move you like a gallon mixture of Moonshine Kao-Pectate.
  4. Madmardigain,Scribe and Bob Dole: fantastic when we can get H. P. Lovecraft, Islam's re-animator and Mel Gibsons Gravy for the brain all on one wrestling thread.
  5. Thank you, SHP, as always, for the knowledge, though it's sadness is just being felt. I hope and pray all are wrong. TEC87 and lu_alum, you're both way off base. TEC, this is my address, tedc5819@gmail.com. Please message me back the moment you realize your mortality, if ever. Perhaps you'll be enlightened. Feel free to share with a friend in the case of a sudden demise. lu_alum, if you are truly Lehigh, you should write more and better before slandering Mark Palmer. I've had the pleasure and honor of sitting with the Lehigh family at events. I recall no one with an attitude such as yours. If this terribly sad story is true, God rest you, Coach Seay.
  6. Be careful, all-the Snark is on the hunt.
  7. Can we get some Panther Love for the #panthertrain? Still on track for pontentially 4 AA right, 1 guaranteed?
  8. Buckshot, love your Blue/White glasses, but Rasheed is not making AA because hes barely Top 10 at this weight. And, hello Plasmodium, your snarkaliciousness has been sorely missed.
  9. Has anyone seen NC St? Seriously. Not a good showing for the ACC reg season/tournament champs.
  10. So, no gymnastics this time, or maybe hoping for an extra half point from the Russian judge,
  11. Well, Ill highly recommend the salads at 54th st Grille with a side of wrestling. And, some experts somewhere were right about Steveson and some amateur sure as hell wasn't.
  12. Amar Dhesi Steveson should be a HUGE thing. Wait, it is.
  13. And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your BRIEF viewing pleasure, please welcome that long, tall, lanky, green haired, blue eyed wrassler from down Allen, TX way...MR. BO "cephus" NICKAL... SIC EM, BO!
  14. Kevin Dresser, the epitome of class and cool.
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