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  1. Rooster you are certain he is leaving Harvard?
  2. Thanks, WKN. Do you have any knowledge of why the Monday-UNC thing went sour?
  3. Understanding was he only sees 149 ever again with a time machine!
  4. Any number of schools could benefit from his skill set. Have never heard specifically why it did not work at UNC. Perhaps too personal. To ASU would be big. Staying in conference does not seem to be a fit.
  5. NC ST has been victimized 3X by bad pin calls the last 2 NCAAs. All against BIG 10 wrestlers.
  6. Not certain about 125, wish Tagg had stayed, (good luck to him at SDSU) but Heilmann, Sherman back at 141 Lachlan O'Neill, O'Connor, then some young up and comers like Sonny Santiago, then Lautt, Kane, and the younger bigger Lautt/Shaw unless one goes up to hvt. Not sure what's up there with Whitman.
  7. Howard keeps the spot at 197 and Hunter is done at 184? No chance for Smith?
  8. Yes, have heard both. The front syllable was butchered every year. Ridiculous.
  9. Just need UNC to keep growing and Pitt to shake off two finalists not placing. That hurt the conference big time.
  10. And on the ACC train, pleased with VTs 8th place showing. Myers spot goes to Latona, they have 2 good young options at 125, a healthy Smith bumps Howard out at 197 and Hunter Katka will be excellent at hvt. If only Bolen would come back. Gerardi, 141, needs to improve and Ulrey is right there.
  11. Null another NC ST "depth" guy. That would be two HQ guys who left for ? Stevo Poulin is another. Yes, I know State underperformed but Top 10 will always carry weight. They will be better next year, and next year, etc. It is fully a Top 10 program now. And WHAT is this about Kennedy Monday. This is not like the Edmond Ruth to star at Illinois story, is it?
  12. Mekhi is pronounced Meh-KY.. Hidlay is HIDE-lay..... Lautt is pronounced "3rd ACC 174 lb All American thank you very much"
  13. Not a bad idea at all! The ACC is busting moves all over the weight class landscape. For six schools they brought 40 to the dance and grabbed medals all over.
  14. 5+ years of sucking weight. I'll argue his going for 3rd/4th is easily the equal if not better than his results would have been at 165 given the weight cut for that class. a 2 weight class bump for an elite wrestler late in his career is somewhat rare but....Jordan Kutler at Lehigh, Austin Gomez, Jordan Oliver....
  15. Thank you @GoStanford18, AGAIN. Stuff- 5 All Americans off the podium at 184. App States Johnathan Millner now a 2X AA with next year to go.
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