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  1. danoftw

    Who Works Out with Steveson?

    Heard he also prefers the stress free environment of coming out to wrestle with his team down by 10,15-20 points. If he doen't want to pin some guy,he doesn't have to.
  2. danoftw

    Cassar vs Stevenson

    And Joseph will never beat IMar. Both times.
  3. danoftw

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Great memories. Same season-1st,123.5,5 finalist,2 champs. 5th,65,1 finalist,1 champ
  4. danoftw

    Cowboy Open

    Again, thank you for updates. Here and other 2 threads.
  5. danoftw

    Clarion Open

    Thanks for results
  6. danoftw

    NWCA All Star Classic

    So the guy is stupid for not calling and he's a liar? What did he think he was buying tickets for? An all-star meet with college wrestlers or something? Had women wrestle before and can't dial that back, so dial back the college all-star matches. Makes perfect sense.Better call next year to see if they're even having it
  7. danoftw

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Thought koll and ryan were going to save the sport when Brands and Cael weren't looking. They didn't get it done. Maybe make all-star points carry over to NCAAs so that it would really matter.
  8. danoftw

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Best team?
  9. danoftw

    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Agree that this kid can win some titles and I hope those guys are going to be OK.
  10. danoftw

    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Went to PSU in their robes, did some talking on the way,brought hell with them for the Nolfless Lions and proved the rankers correct.
  11. danoftw

    Micah Jordan

    Don't wait on me. You like ryan and that's fine. You don't like Cael and that's OK too. How do you feel about the healthy Fft to consultation bracket? Not to argue, I know what I think about it and won't comment on your take. Just curious.
  12. danoftw

    Micah Jordan

    Imbeciles have feelings too.I was just joking around a little. I haven't seen the rampant name calling you mention. I've seen noodle arms, gay giraffe, big head this guy, this guy needs sports bra, but that wasn't all on the same board. You never saw tom have a fit? Must I? Must I? Feel like I just got scolded by Margaret Thatcher .
  13. danoftw

    Micah Jordan

    Haven't seen him toss a marker. Have seen him throw fits. Guys missing big duals/tough match ups, I know they're hurting and feeling better for lower ranked guys and it just might help for seeding later on. Inj def. in 1st match of big 10s and come back healthy in consies is good medical staff. He has built a pretty good program. It seems like name calling isn't just for the junior high imbeciles, the sophisticated sport respecting guys name call while they're pointing out how much better they are than homer name callers.
  14. danoftw

    Favorite team moments/performances

    Nato getting taken down 3x in 1st and winning by major. Pletcher with the 1 point win. Ke-Shawn giving up the tech.Te-Shan giving up bonus.Bo loses.Martin gives up bonus in closing seconds.#1 Moore loses to back-up. #1 Snyder brings hell with him and wins by 5.