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  1. When Cael took the PSU job I really wanted Terry to get the ISU job. Not only would we get a Brands vs. Brands match, but we would also get a another edition of Brands vs. Sanderson. We might have got a Brands vs. Schwab match as well. Oh well.
  2. Did he have a Birth Certificate that would allow him to play on the Cuban Little League World Series team?!! That's the question we need to be asking!
  3. Last year Texas Wesleyan (NAIA) in Fort Worth added a men's and women's Wrestling program. They just completed their first season, on the ladies side. They had several WCWA National placers with their highest placing being 4th. The men seem to be going along at nice pace for a 1st year program. They have beaten some established programs this season and look to have a bright future. The facilities or lack of facilities is the only drawback at this point. No other DFW area schools are talking about adding a program. It is sad for sure. If more kids were willing to move out of Texas to wrestle, then more Texas colleges/universities might be more inclined to add Wrestling.
  4. After the '60's it seemed like most of the international transfers dried up, and I am not sure why. Okie State use to get some great guys from Japan. In fact Walt Garrison of the Dallas Cowboys had one of these wrestlers as a roommate at Okie State. There have been some guys come over from Tickytackystan and landed at an NAIA (No Academic Investigation Allowed) school. They were able to receive some athletic scholarship money too.
  5. We already do not have enough Officials for the duals & tournaments that we have now. It is hard to find FS Officials for women's duals in all of these nooks and crannies where a women's program has popped up, nonetheless on short notice. Force 118 since your an Iowa guy we may ask you to take off your Kum & Go hat and "call a dual" for us.
  6. They seem to be recruiting really good kids from other states as well. Not sure where the disconnect is. Are they fully funded by the school?
  7. You are right steamboat_charlie v2, they are cool again. There are kids of all shapes and sizes that love their singlets and have said that if their coach goes to a 2 piece uniform, they will change clubs or transfer schools. LOL I know kids that are not happy that the "Low Cut" singlet has been banned with USA Wrestling. What's up with banning one of our most iconic singlets? If a kid doesn't want to wear a low cut, they don't have to, but they should not have banned it. Or was it that the gear company that USAW endorses/shoves down our throat now doesn't make a low cut? Since there is no money in it for USAW they will just ban it?
  8. goheels1812 You are exactly right! If we just look at NC and the fact that they benefited from an Okie State transfer in the form of TJ Jaworsky. Word on the street was that TJ wasn't interested in cutting as much as Smith wanted him to cut. Turned out to be a good move for TJ and NC.
  9. Texas has some MS Wrestling, but it is terrible. There are not a lot of MS programs either. The competition for those MS kids is at the USA tournaments, but the MS coaches put a lot of pressure on them to go to these MS Scrub Fests.
  10. I was surprised to see those.
  11. Was that when it was still VPI?
  12. ionel There are over 5,000 girls that wrestle at the HS level in Texas. I think there are about 270 girls HS programs and there are about 280 boys HS programs. I am not exact on these numbers, but they are close.
  13. So maybe they should change the name of the tournament to Snowflake Duals!
  14. TCU had the chance to gain a lot of free publicity, but they chose not too. They chose NOT to be the first Big 12 school to add women's wrestling. Instead they chose to be the first Big 12 school to add women's........Triathlon. That's right ladies and gentlemen! TCU will add Women's Triathlon to it's varsity sports list. WTF?!! The Fort Worth Star-Telegram ran the story and here is the link https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article239065823.html Here is a small portion that I found interesting "The college season includes three regional qualifiers followed by the national championships. As of today, 34 colleges sponsor triathlon programs with Arizona State winning the last four national titles." Just another missed opportunity for Texas to get wrestling at one of our big D1 schools.
  15. Coach _J A lot of the same is now also being said about a lot of women's college teams. The market is flooded. "we often forfeited three, sometimes four weights--there just weren't enough bodies. Even then, we would have to bump girls around just to fill out the remaining weights (we had no one at 101, a kid who had never wrestled before at 109, and no one at heavyweight (191), and we were thin at other weights where we often had to bump a slightly bigger girl."
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