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  1. Because Tom applied and Terry didn't could be a starting point.
  2. The facilities are lacking and Champaign is not a special place in any way shape or form. That will be a tough sell to attract a big name. Illinois will have to really be serious about supporting the program to attract a big name. I don't see it happening. Tom Ryan would be a fool to take the Illinois job!
  3. The question would be if Illinois will really invest in the program? If the facilities are not up to snuff, and as mentioned earlier Champaign is not a destination high on anyone's list. Then I don't see Schwab getting off the Panther Train.
  4. The room is NOT a Wrestling room. UofO has lost over 50 million this school year and they will not be reinstating the Wrestling program.
  5. Justin Mejia-4X Cali State Champ. Couldn't crack the line up at Fresno State.
  6. What about the Tirapelle's coming back to Illinois? They went to UofI and could bring in those tough kids from Clovis.
  7. What about the facilities? From what I have heard that is the part of the arms race that Illinois seems to be losing, and losing badly. Regardless of what big name or up and coming name is their choice, they have to update facilities.
  8. Sorry I didn't see the other post about Campbell.
  9. We all knew that a kid or two would transfer when Kolat left, but now it seems like rats fleeing a sinking ship. They have 10 kids that have entered the portal. Those numbers are only surpassed by Fresno State and Stanford. Any insider information? Thoughts?
  10. "You mind if I take a shot at the landing?"
  11. How old is he now?!! Crap he might pop up here with the rest of us old guys before too long
  12. I am still curious what happened with UVU and Lofthouse?
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