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  1. There were talks a few years ago about bringing back the Clemson program, but they really wanted Sammy to coach it.
  2. Maybe some teams after WW2 with the G.I. Bill.
  3. If OU can get Howe that is what he would do. I am not sure who else is interested in him and I haven't heard of any offers to Kennedy. Maybe there is an RTC that could use him or maybe a new RTC pops up with Kennedy running it. Who knows, but I hope they both stay in our great sport.
  4. Rumor is that Howe is on his way to a spot on the OU staff. No word on Kennedy.
  5. I forgot about Chance, I was thinking more along the lines of TJ Jaworsky and Jerry Best.
  6. Would Smith make him cut so low that he transfers out?
  7. Hey Doc, I hope you're ok
  8. Maybe John didn't let him get away.....Maybe the kid wants a JOB after college! I mean it is Nerdwestern. lol
  9. It is a great wrestling area and they would be able to draw the Utah and Nevada kids. I just don't see them moving away from the club model.
  10. Can we find some numbers of how many club teams have transitioned into a school supported D1 program?
  11. If he did all of that, he would definitely be called "Grandpa" by his teammates.
  12. Slippery Rock and Miami of Ohio were also fun to root for, but I know that you were just listing current programs.
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