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  1. So it appears that this guy needs to watch and root for BYU?! If he donates enough money maybe they will bring back the program.
  2. Yeah and I bet there was a high D1 seed that got bumped to the backside of the bracket too
  3. Same thing on the ladies side as well.
  4. I would like to see the other divisions (JUCO, NAIA, D3, & D2) Champions or maybe even top 3 per weight added to the D1 brackets. I am not sure if it will grow wrestling, but it would be good watching.
  5. IronChef-That is interesting and thank you for the info!
  6. I am confused. Can you have 2 teams at the same college where one team competes at the D1 level and the other at the D2 level?
  7. If I am not mistaken, aren't there only 2 or 3 D1 Women's programs? Presbyterian College in South Carolina and Lock Haven in Pennsylvania are the only D1 schools that I can think of that have women's wrestling.
  8. Katie-I just don't think the NCAA will be forced to allow the payments. There have been proposals in the past for NCAA Athletes to make some income without putting their eligibility at risk. I think now would be a good time for a good proposal to be put in front of the NCAA. I think that we can all agree that we have seen the NCAA act like they ARE the highest power, and I just don't think they will be able to swallow the pill of California changing the rules.
  9. Sublime607 is spot on! They don't care about College Wrestling and they really don't want those Cali kids leaving the state to attend college. I have heard stories of HS Guidance Counselors advising kids that they don't need to take the SAT/ACT tests. With the high number of HS Wrestlers being the first in their family to go to college, this is very disturbing. Are there a bunch of schools out there that will accept a kid without an ACT/SAT score? a JUCO doesn't count either. Will those bigger Cali schools accept a Cali kid without an ACT/SAT score? WIN did an article several years ago about all of the discontinued California College mat programs since the 1960's (not sure what the exact title of the article was, but it was mentioned on the front cover). It was a great article and there were a bunch of talented kids & coaches that were willing to stay in Cali or willing to move to Cali for top competition at the college level. I don't see the NCAA giving into this but it will be interesting what Cali will do next.
  10. It also appeared that the official wanted to give the coach a yellow card for sticking up for his kid. SamStall365247 He didn't tell the kid to cut his hair matside, so he will be back again.
  11. Keep in mind that these school Presidents are being told that they can add a wrestling program and in 3 years have 60 additional kids on campus, 30 ladies and 30 men. Then they can get 1 coach for both programs and only pay him/her $40,000-$50,000 a year. MAYBE they will get a full time Assistant Coach too. From a business aspect that does sound nice. Some of these schools have a hard time finding a coach that wants to be in nowhereville, USA where the population is less than 20K and the nearest major airport is 2 hours away. In a lot of states a HS Coach will not give up their nice paying job to take a pay cut AND run 2 programs mostly full of 18 & 19 year olds on their first time away from home. Oh and don't forget about the parent "involvement" and I am not referring to parents writing donation checks or finding new recruiting prospects. Then there is the aspect of the teams that are already established not following the rules, i.e. At the recent WCWA Nationals it was brought to light that a coach that did not get his girls team weight certified. ALL SEASON LONG. That is a total violation of the WCWA, NAIA, & NCAA. At an NCAA institution the coaching staff would have been released of their duties. With the WCWA, the girls were allowed to compete, no sanctions/fines on the school, and no sanctions/fines to the coaching staff as well. Right now the college women's wrestling scene is literally the Wild Wild West! Now there are so many small colleges that are going to offer Women's Wrestling that the market is flooded, similar to Women's Rowing/Crew. There are schools out there offering a great financial aid package to ladies that have NEVER wrestled a Freestyle match. WOW!
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